What is Biz Member Service?

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Biz member service is an exclusive online trading solution for members of DIYTrade. Besides the use of powerful builder - "BizSite", Biz members are entitled to post extra number of products, and also enjoy priority listing right on DIYTrade. It helps to attract buyers' first attention and able to generate more business opportunities.

Top priority listing

Biz Member has the highest listing right, you can draw the most buyers' attention and able to obtain more business opportunities.

Powerful BizSite

Just few steps, you can build a powerful business website instantly. Besides dozens of website templates and support customize layout, it also has a complete solution for ebusiness website. It lets you promote your company image and showcase your product all year round.

Promotion service

To enhance the effectiveness of our service, DIYTrade has released "Hot Product Promotion" service - a priority listing service to firstly showcase your product on the search result. This service can attract buyer's first attention and assist you to generate more valuable sales leads. (This feature can be ordered by BizMember only )

Mass product display

BizMembers can post up to 200 products.

Website Features

Website Edit

  • A website with English, Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese versions (Auto conversion for Simplifed & Traditional Chinese)
  • Customizable content layout
  • Display new products in an animated banner

Website Design

  • Over a hundred of website templates for your selection with unlimited change
  • 360 colors are available on each template for your choice
  • Style of the title, button, logo, etc can be customized to meet your needs

Product Catalog

  • Customizable product field that facilitates product catalog with text and photo in well order
  • Support embedded code for Paypal payment button
  • Support embedded code for multimedia (e.g. Youku, YouTube, etc.)


  • Product Group feature enables you to showcase your product systematically
  • Private Catalog feature prevents copy cat. Make possible for selected product to be viewed by authorized visitor only
  • Product Search feature allows visitor to find out product quickly on your website

Contact & Chat

  • Customizable format for contact form
  • Support QQ or Skype chat on your website

Other Features

  • Inquiry Basket feature enables visitor to make inquiry easier and faster
  • Document Upload: you can upload documents such as product specification, quotation, user manual, etc. for your customers to view or download it directly from your website
  • Website Report: clearly shows you information of visitor incl. how many are they, where they come from, source of the referrer, top searching keywords, etc.

Free Promotion

  • Your product will automatically add to both China and International sites of DIYTrade and showcase to the buyers in the world

Free Promotion

  • Employ with search engine optimization (SEO), your website can obtain a higher search engine ranking
  • Support XML Sitemap that helps Google and Yahoo to update your website fast and complete

Website Mobile Version

  • Mobile site will rank higher when a search is done via a mobile phone or tablet
  • Specially designed for mobile or tablet viewing which improve user experience
Feature for BizMember only

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