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ZS10 rotary skimmer

Origin:Made In China
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Label:ZS5 rotary skimmer
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Product Description

ZS5 turntable skimmer Technical Specifications
I. Overview
1. Principle: Carousel skimmer is a mechanical water oil spill recovery equipment, is set to use stand half submerged in the liquid continuous rotation of the turntable, the turntable will spill adhered to the surface, and then the top of the turntable scratch oil sheet scraped oil flows into the sump, pumped by the pump to achieve the objectives of the recovered oil
   2. Features
a turntable skimmer function recovered oil can flow, particularly suitable for low-viscosity oil. Film thickness of 0.5mm above the surface layer can be recovered by the oil spill skimmer turntable.
 b turntable skimmer collected oil contains less free water. When rotary speed, film thickness, and viscosity oil suitable hydrometeorological conditions, the best of up to 3%
This is the other skimmer difficult to achieve.
Dial c compact skimmer structure, small size, light weight. Skimmers available artificial lift admission, the power station installed in the wagons, easy drag.
d ZSY5 for small dial skimmer for rivers, lakes, docks oil spill recovery operations and plant sewage floating oil recovery.
    3. Structural features
    a ZSY wheel skimmer using a flanged wheel, has a higher recovery rate and smaller size and quality.
General ZS wheel skimmer with flat turntable, when oil revenues rotary speed is not too high, otherwise stick to the side of the turntable oil under centrifugal force will be thrown off the turntable. Flange flange turntable barrier thrown up oil so that the turntable can run at higher speed, the ability to collect oil would be increased so that the turntable.
b ZSY skimmer uses collecting pipe collector. Collecting pipe mouth level much higher than is possible to reduce the possibility of a wave of water into the sump, so that collected oil free water less.

II. Structure
    ZSY5 turntable by the skimmer skimmers, power station and pipeline components. When work skimming oil on the surface of the water, the power station on the shore or boat, using both pipeline linking group.
    1. skimmers
    Skimmers single row straight axis turntable set and welded aluminum chassis structure. There are six flanged aluminum turntable turntable group is driven by a hydraulic motor. Dial group two oil scraper plate will adhere to the oil spill on the turntable 7 scraped into the manifold and then flows into the collecting tank. Yield of oil pumped through the pipeline at the bottom of the sump.
Aluminum sump ends welded aluminum float around a trapezoidal shell filled with foam, since the outer periphery of the float to expand, so that skimmers have good stability in the water. Hydraulic motor attached to one end of the float housing. Root of stainless steel pipe reinforced chassis, and

Play a role in the handle. Sump side of a loose-leaf door, observed for internal use. Sump side there are the number one, used for lifting and mooring skimmer Used.
Former skimmers factory and floating in the water test, water depth and balance has been adjusted, generally should not be readjusted. Two float casing below can be re-assembled and adjusted.
2. The power station
   Including power machine, hydraulic pumps and pumping stations, installed in a
 Four on the frame. Power machine for the diesel engine. Drainage pump self-priming ability, which allows a small amount of solid particles through. Drainage pumps directly connected to the power machine.
   Hydraulic station includes a hydraulic pump, tank, manifold, connecting the three hydraulic lines. Hydraulic pump driven by power machine; the suction filter (strainer), air filter, pressure gauge switch, pressure gauge, temperature gauge, shutoff va e (diesel start with), pressure relief va e on the tank and the manifold, there skimmers and hydraulic motor in contact with hydraulic oil exports there to the hydraulic motor oil skimmers hydraulic fluid inlet manifold and back to the oil filter; control va e and return filter (fine filter) .
 3. Pipeline Group
En skimmers hydraulic motors and two power stations manifold pressure hydraulic hoses. There is a connection Drainage pump suction port and discharge port skimmers transparent wire reinforced plastic hose, can observe the internal liquid flow from the outside; tube with a float floating in the water can not affect the balance skimmers; suction pipe at both ends with quick-connector is connected to the skimmer and power stations. There is a drainage pump connected to the discharge port of the discharge pipe.





Third, the technical data
 Skimmers Wheel diameter φ300mm
              Dial Number 6
              Turntable speed 30-100r / min
              Draft 110-150mm
              The maximum yield of oil rate of 5m3 / h
              Outer shape 918 (L) × 750 (W) × 400 (H) mm
              Weight 40kg
Packing Size 1150 (L) × 950 (W) × 750 (H) mm
Package weight 75kg
     Power station
Maximum hydraulic system pressure 10MPa
              Working pressure ≤ 8MPa
              Hydraulic oil grades YA-N32 (temperature ≤30 ℃) YA-46 (temperature> 30 ℃)
              Fuel tank capacity 60L
              Hydraulic oil temperature ≤ 65 ℃
       Self-priming drainage pump suction ≥4.5m
              Maximum displacement> 6m3 / h
              Discharge head ≥12m
Diesel power machine 4kw 1500 / 3000r / min
Dimensions 1100 × 700 × 840mm
Weight 180kg
    Line DN10mm hydraulic hose length 12m 2 Gen
              DN50mm suction tube (with float) length 12m 1 Gen
             DN50mm discharge tube length 8m 1 Gen
          (When the line longer needed, the user can be separately)
Note: The maximum yield of oil skimmers rate is the best state of the oil spill, the rotary speed of the maximum total lift is small skimmer rate. The actual yield rate of oil spill affected the viscosity of the oil spill thickness, continuity of the oil spill layer, suction head temperature and climatic conditions.

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ZS10 rotary skimmer 1
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ZS10 rotary skimmer 2
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ZS10 rotary skimmer 3
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ZS10 rotary skimmer 4
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ZS10 rotary skimmer 5
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ZS10 rotary skimmer 6
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