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Ion Cleanse with Far Infrared Waistbelt  1
  • Ion Cleanse with Far Infrared Waistbelt  1

Ion Cleanse with Far Infrared Waistbelt

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Label:Ion Cleanse , Ionic Foot Bath , Ionic Detox Foot Spa
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Product Description

VOLTAGE: 110V/220V 
CURRENT: 0.5— 2.5A 
OUTER PACKING:ordinarily paper carton

Main feature:

1.far infrared waist belt. Adopt traditional bamboo carbon, combine chinese and western,can achieve physical therapy, loss weight and beauty effect.

2.luxury aluminium packge.look more Speciality, refinement

3.the brainpower code manage can help you economization manpower and cost.you can open the shop as you like.and the code is very easy to remember.

A,Products principle

 Water is resolved into a large amount of energy ion through ion cleanse device (positive and negative), make internal cell vigor strengthen, promote various enzymes live. Improve the human body organ circulating function., accelerate metabolism, make the human body get well gradually. Through the color that demonstrates, you can understand one’’s own health .

B,Products function

1. Improve arranging poisonous ability oneself of the body;
2. Relieve the burden of the body organ ;
3. Promote metabolism and blood circulation;
4. Increase the vigor of cells;
5. Iimprove the sleep effectively


1, before starts, The power line, Pole plate , the wrist belt plug separately inserts the host machine planting ,then Puts the pole plate in the washbasin ,puts on the wrist belt, then turns on the power source

2, turns on the power switch, the screen demonstration is as follows

Enter Time 10—30

Time=30 V3.0

According to (+) on key, (-) under key or use numeric keyboard input time, time is 30Minutes. After the input time presses down (ENT) button, then works.The time operation is as follows

Time=06:28 pos+

T=30 M=3 E=1.5

Time=06:28 used time, pos+ ion pole, pos+ positive pole , pos- Negative pole;
T=30 time set,M=3 third model, E=1.5 current power, When the operating time achieves the hypothesis time, instrument automatic knock off, end of job.

3.Then operation, may work under 1,2,3,model, the energy content respectively is 1.6, 1.8, 2.0. The when machine starts operation, it automatic select third pattern, the customer may choose the different pattern through "-" "+" the key. Presses down (ESC) ,will withdraws from the current operation, the machine constantly works under the corresponding energy content .The customer may act according to different local the water quality, puts in the suitable salt to adjust the work the strong and the weak .When presses down (ESC) key withdraws from the record condition, returns to wait for the condition.

4, This product is the third generation product, has the recorded time and the number of times function, When the customer needs to examine record, simultaneously presses down (1) the numeric keyboard, (ENT) the key turns on the power source, this time the screen demonstrated:

00298 Mins

93 Time

upline of demonstration total operating time, the downline of demonstration is total numbers .When The instrument work time achieve 10 minutes, namely show a time of record, when presses down (ESC) the key withdraws from the record condition, returns to the waiting status .

5, Users may input password, simultaneously eliminates already the number of times and the time which records .When operates the power source, simultaneously presses down(2 _) the numeric keyboard and (ENT) the key confirmed that, this time the screen reveals


Clear Contents

This time may input 6 figures password , Then presses down (ENT) the key ,eliminated already records, When password mistake, the system restores to the start position, when password correct ,system demonstration following _



The demonstration operates successfully, presses down (ESC) the key then to return to the start position, When the instrument leaves the plant ,the password is "666666"

6, The user also may own revise the password, when must revise the password, turns on the power source simultaneously to press down (3) the numeric keyboard and (ENT) the key, by now screen demonstration as follows


Change Password

First must input the original 6 passwords, after the password input is correct, press (ENT) the key, this time the screen reveals :


New PAS:123456

Simultaneously demonstrated new password, after inputs finished ,pressing (ESC), withdrawal revision password condition, returns to the waiting status.

7.Then machines work, in case to the below situation, will prompt the sound and the character and visual display alarm.
a)The pole plate puts out or the pole plate in the water appears breakdown N.
b)The wrist belt has not wraped in the skill or the wrist belt appears the breakdown;
c)When current power more than 2.5

8.Soaks the foot at the same time, may use the bamboo carbon remote infrared ray waistband, Connect the waistband and the main engine, with belt fix waistband, turns on the infrared power switch, according to "MODE" the working pattern "L (low), M (center), H (high)" model, carries on the far infrared massage.

D, Attention

1 When the hand has water, do not insert or pulls out the power source, pays attention to the personal safety;

2 Avoid the hard object attacking and striking as far as possible, do not use the incisive thing to scratch delimits, avoid the machine surface to suffer injury;

3 When The machine surface has the dust, with the cleaning rag polishes , does not use the chemical agent;

4 The pressed key pays attention makes an effort evenly, by guarantees the instrument the normal use;

5 When use, must support the seat frame, and hold on the seat frame with the instrument connected place, to nearby two toward the external bracing, and straightens up to front ; when close the seat frame, uses the similar method to operate then.

E, Breakdown processing

The breakdown appears: Processing method.
LTD no show: Whether the inspection power source plug open or the fuse whether melt.
The pole panel does not work: The monitoring device connects whether the spot doesn’’t have the contact or the replacement it.
The machine no response or the pressed key are invalid: After switches off the power source to 10 seconds ,restart.

F, Packing module

Ion Detoxification


Power Cord

Wrist strap


Storage Box

Far Infrared Waist Belt












Attention: if you scarcity discreteness, please contact supplier in time.

G, Operating instructions

1.The product use ordinary running water, well water and water seepage, because the different local water quality has differently, leads passes the speed different, when the demonstration water intermediate ion density and activeness are insufficient, may in the water the suitable dot ordinary refined salt, strengthens leads passes the ability, causes in the water the ion concentration and activeness achieved the optimum condition

2.Adults each time period of 30 minutes

3.8-15 year old child must use under the guardianship, the period of revolution generally is 15 minutes

4.Frequencies of use and the time (14times is a treatment course) below 50 years old, Every two days use a time, complete a treatment course after the request, rest for half month to carry on the next treatment course again; Above 50 years old, the day uses a time, completes a treatment course after the request, rests for half month to carry on the next treatment course

5.It is the healthy messenger again, but is not a more frequent use is better, should according to the request use, ?if a person use a time every day, then cannot continuously surpass three days; Forbids a person same day to use two times

H. 0perating taboo

1, Body have Electromagnetism equipment not use.
2, Has the wound the spot not to be able to soak _
3, To be pregnant or in the nursing woman not uses;
4, Below 8 years old the child not suitably uses;
5, Low blood sugars people must first eat ,then use
6, Not suitably uses after the organ transplanting surgery

I, Suitable the crowd

1, The long lasting work pressure high, the mental ability is weary, treats with courtesy, the tobacco and liquor much for the partner;
2, Crowd which chromatophilic illness, immunity low
3, Crowd which works under quite serious environment
4, Patient which happy cooking oil fats
5, Diabetes, hypertension, high blood fats, perspiration foot, foot gas, rheumatism, arthritis, injury from fractures,

                         The far infrared ray the charcoal of bamboo
                                     waistband instructions

The reseach of the charcoal yarn of bamboo is a great good news of the common people’’s Bamboo charcoal yarn we use born the above-mentioned maturity bamboo timber as raw materials with four year, the traditional soil kiln is with charing of 1200 degrees Centigrade After activation refines, grind the bamboo charcoal powder of 100 nanometers in diameter. And then spin and make the fabrics with special technology. The backs and abdominal cavities are the place where the health forms a connecting link.It is the position that is most afraid of catching cold too .Human body’’s most important organ concentrate on this . Protect the waist is first choice to our health product. Bamboo carbon promotes the blood circulation , relieve fatigue .In addition getting porous structure its, to benzene, phenol, methanol, sulphide, nitrogen thing harmful substance can absorb , decompose and disappear the bad smell function. It can adjust , drench angry and restraining the water-proof result of fungus, And the bamboo charcoal yarn makes the far infrared ray in the fiber release heat because of the resonance of the human body, make the blood capillary expand , and make the internal moisture something small and hard activate, reach thermal storage and keep the efficiency of blood circulation and metabolism. And can releive an uncomfortable symptom of aching , timid and cold and women’’s physiology and improve the efficiency of the circulation obstacle.

A, The eight magical efficiency of the charcoal of bamboo

1, It makes the microorganism nonpoisonous and decomposes to absorb the harmful substance
2, Supply with abundant natural mineral
3, Enable the infrared ray far warm-heat
4, Supply of the positive energy
5, Release anion prevent wearing out and purifying air
6, Covering harmful electromagnetic wave
7, It makes water soft to narrow the water Molecule
8, Deodorize and adjust the wet result

B, What is the far infrared ray

1, Biological light that can promote health

 According to the life scientific research of developing rapidly in recent years, find the wavelength lies between far infrared ray and biological bearing close relation of 4- 1 microns . Form the cells of the biological organism, the principal ingredients are water and macromolecule, So it is all certain attractive to make up among molecule and molecule , atom and atom of cells, in order to reach mutual equilibrium combine , and like between the ball with the double hit of spring. And it is (such as flexible , corner , twists ) to move each other with a certain fixed frequency, show the vigor of the biological life.

When the movement frequency among molecule , atom that frequency and cell of the far infrared ray form is identical , energy will be absorbed by organism cells immediately , cause and shake the sympathetic response together , increase the vibrations in the molecule, activate and organize cells, accelerate the enzyme vigor and supply of the nutrient , promote the metabolism and health.

2, The characteristic of the far infrared ray and healthy relation

1) Promote the reduction reaction of the biochemistry : Reduce and corner the surplus fat, improve the physique.
2 )Keep warm: Save the consumption of energy, keep the nutrition state of the body.
3) Promote the perspiration and get rid of the lower fat of skin: Reach sports , improve looks with the healthy result, but must pay attention to supplementing the moisture .
4) Activate physiological function and function: Activate hormone and enzyme, remove internal heavy metal , toxin ,etc. and precipitate the wastes.
5) Invigorate: Promote the metabolism , sufficient use of nutrient component and dispel fatigue.
6) Physiotherapy muscles and nerve disease: Produce the positive function to the creatine , lactic acid and liver, dispel the tense and not bright stuffy pain .
7) Inhibit the cancer cell from spreading : Reduce the destruction strength of the bad protein.
8) Stop the pain and diminish inflammation: Activate the immunological function.

3, Application on medical science

 At present, the application in medical treatment of far infrared ray , is based on collateral channels theory of traditional medical science. And is thought to have something in common with the qigong So China’’s Mainland has already raised the clinical trial of the infrared ray far, the ones that were participated in are mostly Chinese medicine doctors, in physical treatment , ache application it only as for Western medicine , blood circulation not good , edema,, urine sour and higher .
It is more than one inch in depth that the far infrared ray energy can permeate in the body , its energy outputted will be transformed , make it similar to radiation energy of the body itself. So health organization can absorb , close to 93% with infrared ray that skin keep in touch , while seeing through the sleep, the far infrared ray is on the amazing function that the point gives play to of bottom of foot, promote the blood circulation of the body, this has used the concept of reflecting the treatment, so can releive the pain muscles that the blood circulation causes.

4, The human body was made up by 70% of the moisture Molecule, and the moisture Molecule that the plant includes is up to 90- 95% , The far infrared ray can make the moisture Molecule, often keep the resonance , sympathetic response state, produced fierce striking each other among the moisture Molecule can make volume big moisture viscount change into the very small moisture Molecule , can promote the cell activity , strengthen metabolism , achieve the goal that the human body prevents disease , even can treat persistent ailment not healed for many years . Promote the plant growing.
The far infrared ray electromagnetic wave has certain results to human health care, the following are impacts on most systems of the human body:
1)Blood circulatory system: If anaemia, it is the high /hypotension, last apoplexy, blood obstacles competent, blood circulations angry is the bad.
2)Immune system: Such as pathological change of the lymphocytic system , immune system being routed. 3)Nerve system: Such as contain nerve lack proper care , neuralgia , have a headache , shoulder pain , pain in the back , have a backache by oneself, insomnia , physiological pain nervous all sorts of caused ache.

C, Bamboo carbon far infrared ray waistband characteristic

1, Causes the waistband to give off heat through the instrument in the DC voltage output
2, On the board is equipped with three button(low ,middle ,high) to control the waistband the temperature
3, Uses the release far infrared ray the activated carbon textile fiber for the heating element;
4, The lining has used the far infrared ray spinning and weaving product;
5, The waistband uses the high carbonization the bamboo carbon
6, Not only may warm up waist in the winter, but also has the remarkable health care function.

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Ion Cleanse with Far Infrared Waistbelt  1
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