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SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 1SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 2SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 3SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 4SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 5
  • SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 1
  • SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 2
  • SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 3
  • SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 4
  • SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 5

SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16

Origin:Made In Japan
Category:Electronics & Electricity / Other Electrical & Electronic
Label:SUNX sensor CX/NA2/ , NX5/EX/FT/FX/VF/EX/F , PM/CY/GX/GL/FV/PM
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Min. Order:1 pc
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Dongguan Tongxin Mechanical&Electrical CO.,LTD.

Free MemberGuang Dong - China
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Product Description

Dongguan Tongxin Mechanical and Electrical CO.,LTD. , established in 2005,is a high new technology enterprise which specializes in selling industrial automation products for many years.
At present we mostly focus on the following products range :
1)Mitsubishi A,Q,FX series PLC & CPU, servo motor(MR/HC), HMI ,servo amplifier (J2S,J3)etc;
2)Omron CPM1A.CP1H .CP1L. CP1E. CJ1W. CS1W .C200H .CQM1 etc.series PLC & CPU & HMI & Switch
3)Rockwell Allen-Bradley SLC500 series PLC
4)Siemens 6ES7 series PLC and LOGO
5)Keyence / Panasonic(SUNX)/Yaskawa : PLC ,sensor, Inverter 
all brands battery and cable is available .
Condition: Original new ones with original packing.
Warranty:   all of our products in one year quality warranty .
CX-21 NA2-N16 PM-K54 FT-FM2S   FX-101   FD-F4   FV-BR1  
CX-21-J NX5-D700A PM-K44 FT-FM2S4   FX-101_CN-14A   FD-F41   FV-LE1  
CX-22 NX5-D700B PM-K24 FT-H13-FM2   FX-101_FC-FX-1   FD-F8Y   FV-SV2  
CX-22-J NX5-M10RA PM-K44-C3 FT-H20-   FX-101_MS-DIN-4   FD-FM2   FX-AJ1  
CX-22-PN NX5-M10RB PM-K44P FT-H20-J□-S   MS-DIN-4   FD-FM2S   FX-AT10  
CX-23 NX5-M30A PM-K54P FT-H20-M1   FX-300 SERIES   FD-FM2S4   FX-AT13  
CX-23-PN NX5-PRVM5A PM-L24 FT-H20-VJ□-S   FX-300   FD-G4   FX-AT15  
CX-24 NX5-PRVM5B PM-L23-C3 FT-H20W-M1   FX-301   FD-G500   FX-AT2  
CX-24-PN NX5-M30A PM-L44 FT-H20W-M2   FX-301(P)-C1   FD-H13-FM2   FX-AT3  
CX-28 NX5-M30B PM-L54 FT-H30-M1V   FX-301G(P)   FD-H20-   FX-AT4  
CX-28-PN NX5-RM7A PM-54P FT-H35-   FX-301H(P)    FD-H20-21   FX-AT5  
CX-29 NX5-RM7B PM-R24 FT-H35-M2   FX-301-HS   FD-H20-M1   FX-AT6  
CX-29-PN PM-L44 PM-24-C3 FT-H35-M2S6   FX-301P   FD-H35-   FX-LE1  
CX-411 PM-L54 PM-R44 FT-J8   FX-302(P)   FD-H35-20S   FX-LE2  
CX-411-P PM-R24 PM-R44P FT-K8   FX-305   FD-H35-M2   FX-LE2  
CX-412 PM-R44 PM-R54 FT-KV1   FX-400   FD-H35-M2S6   FX-MR1  
CX-412-P PM-R54 PM-R54P FT-KV8   FX-410   FD-NFM2   FX-MR2  
CX-421 PM-T44 PM-T44 FT-KV8   FX-411   FD-NFM2S   FX-MR3  
CX-421-P PM-U24 PM-T44P FT-L80Y   FX-411-C2   FD-NFM2S4   FX-MR5  
CX-422 PM-T54 PM-T54 FT-L80Y   FX-412    FD-NFM2SS(4)   FX-MR6  
CX-422-P PM-Y44 PM-T54P FT-L8Y   FX-311   FD-P2   FX-SV1   
CX-423 PM-Y54 PM-U24 FT-NFM2   FX-311(P)   FD-P40   FD-L4 8  
CX-423-P VF-D500 PM-U24P FT-NFM2S   FX-311B(P)   FD-P50   FD-L4 11  
CX-424 VF-D500T PM-Y44 FT-NFM2S4   FX-311G(P)   FDP-500   FD-L4 22  
CX-424-P VF-D1000 PM-Y44P FTP/FDP   FX-350(P)   FD-P60   FD-L4 46  
CX-441 VF-D1000T PM-Y54 FT-P2   CN-73-C2  FD-P80   FD-L41 5  
CX-441-P VF-M10 PM-Y54P FT-P40   CN-73-C5   FD-P81X   FD-L41 19  
CX-491 VF-M10T PM-F24 FTP-500   FX-301(P)-F   FDP-N500   FD-L41 34  
CX-491-J VF-PRM3 PM-F24R FT-P60   FX-301B(P)   FD-R80   FD-L41 50  
CX-493  VF-RM5 PM-F44 FT-P80   FX-301-F   FD-SFM2SV   FD-L43 8  
CX-442 VF-RM5T PM-F44P FT-P81X   CN-70   FD-SNFM2   FD-L43 7  
CX-491 PM-54 FTP-N500   SC-MIL   FD-T40   FD-L43 14  
CX-482 GXL-8F PM-54P FT-PS1   SC-MIL-S   FD-T80   FD-L43 35  
CX-RVM5 GXL-8FB PM-K24 FT-R80   SC-T1J   FD-V41   FD-L44 13  
CX-ND300R GXL-8FBI PM-K24R  FT-SFM2   SC-T8J   FD-W44   FD-L44 23  
CY-11A GXL-8F-R FT-SFM2L   SC-TP8J   FD-W8   FD-L44 52  
CY-11A-J GXL-8H FT-A30   FT-SFM2SV2   FD-WG4   FD-L44S 16  
CY-11B GXL-8HU FT-A8   FT-SNFM2   FX-CH   FD-WL   FD-L44S 13  
CY-12A GXL-8HUI FT-AFM2   FX-CH(-P)   FD-WL41   FD-L44S 22  
CY-17A GXL-8FU FT-AFM2E   FT-T80   FD-A15   FD-WL48   FD-L44S 52  
CY-19A GXL-8HUI-R FT-AM2E   FT-V10   FD-WS8   FD-L45 7  
CY-21 GL-6F FT-B8   FT-V22   FD-AFM2   FD-WSG4   FD-L45 7  
CY-22 GL-6FB FT-E12   FT-V41   FD-AFM2E   FD-WSG4   FD-L45 15  
CY-27 GL-6FI FT-E22   FT-V80Y   FD-B8   FD-WT4   FD-L45 39  
CY-29 GL-8F FT-F902   FT-W4   FD-E12   FD-WT8   FD-L45A 10  
CY-29-PN GL-8FB FT-FD-FR   FT-W8   FD-E13   FD-WV42   FD-L45A 14  
EX-11A GL-8FU FT-FM10L   FT-WA30   FD-E22   FD-WZ   FD-L45A 23  
EX-11B GL-8FUI FT-FM2   FT-WA8   FD-EG1   FD-WZ4   FD-L45A 27  
EX-11EA GL-8H FT-WKV8   FD-EG2   FD-WZ4HB   FD-L46 18  
EX-11EB GL-8HB FD-F705 16   FT-WR80   FD-EG3   FD-WZ7   FD-L46 7  
EX-13A GL-8HU FD-F705 17   FT-WR80L   FD-EN500S   FD-WZ7HB   FD-L46 14  
EX-13B GL-12F FD-F705 35   FT-WS3   FD-EN500S1   FD-L46 39  
EX-13EA GL-N12F MS-FD-F7-1 6   FT-WS4 3   FD-ENM1S1   FR-KV1   FD-L51 4  
EX-13EB GL-N12FB MS-FD-F7-1 10   FT-WS8   FR-KZ21   FD-L51 15  
EX-14A GL-N12FBP MS-FD-F7-1 11   FT-WS8L   FD- 236   FR-KZ21E   FD-L51 31  
EX-17 GL-N12H MS-FD-F7-1 20   FT-WV42   FD-A15 8   FR-WKZ11   FD-L51 74  
EX-19A GL-18H MS-FD-F7-2 10   FT-WZ   FD-A15 8   FD-L52 4  
EX-21A GL-18HL MS-FD-F7-2 7   FT-WZ4   FD-A15 8   FD-L52 15  
EX-22A MS-FD-F7-2 7   FT-WZ4HB   FD-A15 14   FD-L52 29  
EX-26A MS-FD-F7-2 9    FT-WZ7   FD-A15 14   FD-L52 72  
EX-28A  FT-F902 16   FT-WZ8   FD-A15 36   FD-L53 4  
EX-29 FT-F902 12   FT-WZ8   FD-AFM2 3   FD-L53 17  
EX42 FT-F902 14   FT-WZ8E   FD-AFM2 6   FD-L53 32  
EX-4 FT-F902 30    FT-WZ8H   FD-AFM2 13   FD-L53 80  
EQ-22 FT-Z   FT-Z8   FD-AFM2 33   FD-L54 7  
EQ-23 FT-Z802Y   FD-AFM2E 3   FD-L54 20  
EQ-24 FT-Z8H   FD-AFM2E 6   FD-L54 34  
EQ-34 FD-AFM2E 10   FD-L54 81   
FD-AFM2E 24   

Payment Terms:negotiable

Product Image

SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 1
Img 1
SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 2
Img 2
SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 3
Img 3
SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 4
Img 4
SUNX PLC and sensor NA2-N16 5
Img 5

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