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  • Ionic detox foot spa cleanse machine H719 1
  • Ionic detox foot spa cleanse machine H719 2
  • Ionic detox foot spa cleanse machine H719 3

Ionic detox foot spa cleanse machine H719

Origin:Made In China
Category:Home Supplies / Massager / Foot Massager
Label:detox foot spa , detox foot bath , ion cleanse
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Guangzhou Hhoem Electric Techonology CO.,LTD

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Product Description

First free radical and health

One kind of active member which the free radical is the human

body carries on when vital activity produces (oxidized product). In normal condition, participation metabolism oxygen majority and hydrogen union production water, however will have 4 -5 G the oxygen to catalyze by the enzyme forms the ultra oxygen anion, latter might form the hydrogen peroxide, they all will belong to the free radical. The free radical has many kinds of, like the oxygen free radical and the hydroxy free radical, are refers to on these most outer-shell electron track to include does not pair electronic the atom, the ion or the member. The free radical has the adjustment cell signal transmission and the cell grows, the suppression virus and the bacterium function; At the same time the free radical has the high oxidized activeness, they are extremely unstable, activeness extremely high, if in vivo free radical excessively are many, then can attack the cell membrane, the line grain of body membrane, responded with the membrane in unsaturated fatty acid, creates the lipin peroxidation enhancement. The lipin peroxide (DMA and so on) decomposable causes the free radical chain-reaction for more free radicals. Thus, the membrane structure integrity receives the destruction, causes the muscle, the liver cell, a line grain of body, the protein, the nucleic acid (DNA), denaturation and so on RNA, causes the cell and the

organization organ widespread damage thus initiates each kind of disease, such as illness and so on inflammation, cancer, heart myopathy, senile cataract, asthma, and acceleration organism is senile. Therefore the free radical is human body disease, is senile and the disability direct participant and the manufacturer.

Two anoins the main performance which affect to the human body

  1. to nervous system influence: May cause the cerebral cortex function and the mental ability activity strengthens, causes the nerve to rouse, the work benefit enhances, can enable the sleep quality to obtainImprovement. The anoin also may cause the brain organization oxidation process dynamics to strengthen, causes the brain organization to obtain more oxygen.
  2. to cardiovascular system influence: The anoin has the obvious expansion blood vessel, in the suppression blood serum the cholesterol content, the purification blood, prevented the lipin precipitates on Vascular wall the function, may improve the blood circulation, relieves the artery vasospasm, achieved the maintenance blood pressure stable goal, the anoin also is of great advantage regarding the improvement heart function and the improvement cardic muscle nutrition, is advantageous to hypertension and as well as blood vessel illness patient’s being restored to health.
  3. systema sanguineum influence: The research confirmed that, the anoin has makes the blood to slow down, to lengthen the hemoglutination time the function, can make in the blood the oxygen content to increase, is advantageous to the blood oxygen transportation, the absorption and the use.
  4. raises high energy destruction cancer cell NK the activeness, the suppression cancer cell’s occurrence and the shift.
  5. the suppression can cause under allergic and the ignition condition achromatic color three alkene, applies in the cosmetology and the skin treatment. For example: The skin burns after the anoin treatment may rapidly convalesce. The anoin also has the analgesia function regarding the blister measles and Psoriasis treatment also in the research stage.
  6. prevented the artery influence or the liver oxygen lipin production, the cation has been high, the free radical creates the fat to oxidize, the fat oxidation process excessively quickly causes the organism rapid aging.
  7. eliminates the skin the waste, enhances the skin activeness, has the remarkable effect to the cosmetology.

Third principle

The water cell row of poisonous meter decomposes the massive energies ion through Eli an elegant SPA (namely, anoin). These active energy ions enter in vivo through the wool pore and the cell membrane

seepage, supplements in vivo deficient anoin. In the body, the anoin, after the process system complex biochemistry response, releases the high energy, makes in vivo the cell vigor to strengthen, promotes each kind of enzyme (enzyme) to activate. Enhances the human body each excretory organ metabolism function, speeds up metabolism, in 30 minutes time, along with the body fluid circulation, fast, is safe, effectively discharges the long-term accumulation and so on to poison the waste in vivo free radical unbalanced old cell, makes the human body to restore the health gradually. The different person different spot discharges the toxin, presents the color is not same, enables you to be possible to understand own state of health.

Fourth product function

Eli the elegant SPA cell row of poisonous meter use to improves the human body healthy condition to have the remarkable effect.

  1. use electrolysis pole plate and water electrolytic dissociation,penetration ion osmosis enhancement cell vigor;
  2. may clear know own state of health.
  3. enhances the liver disintoxicating function, improves dropsy, arthritis, malaria and so on rheumatism.
  4. pure hydrotherapy non-toxic side effect, physical row of poison, effective quick, is safer;
  5. fast reduces the blood sugar, the blood fats, the blood pressure, recuperates the inflammation extravasated blood, the strain of lumbar muscles, the injury from fractures, the elimination is weary, glows the spirit, enhances the immunity;
  6. the deep level nurses, from in to outside, effectively removes in
  7. vivo toxin and poisons the matter, but also your health pure body, the depth recuperates the gynecology department symptom, prevented the flesh is senile, beautiful Bai Yangyan;
  8. recuperates the body endocrine system through the anoin, the well distributed masculine and feminine elements, the balanced in vivo PH value, guarantees various systems and the organization organ normal work, maintains your health.
  9. promotion metabolism, activates in vivo enzyme, the enhancement physique, prevents each kind of pathological change, relieves the Asian healthy condition, restores the health and the youth vigor!

 Fifth before use preparation

  1. takes out the equipment from the packing, the detachment possesses on the instrument and the assistance components plastic
  2. protective layer.
  3. before the use, please carefully reads Eli the elegant SPA cell row of poisonous meter operating instructions. If you have any question or want further the detailed understanding related information please to contact the dealer, or manufacturer.
  4. chooses the place which suits the use book to install. The place choice, should by the well lit, ventilate good, approaches the water source, dirty drainage opening and power source primarily.
  5. chooses enough to put in your both feet and the ion biochemistry head vessel.
  6. acks the enough lukewarm water by to guarantee pokes head in with the both feet complete immerse.
  7. please avoid the power source and the processing controller is soaked by the water, and avoids the overflow and the liquid as far as possible sprinkles sprinkles, by prevented receives an electric shock and short-circuits.
  8. will process the controller, will place stable also the dry and clear place, best will place to the ground has the certainly high place, on the one hand convenience operation, on the other hand might prevent will process the controller to soak by the water.


  • If this local water quality is soft, may use judgment to put in 1 gram -2 gram ordinary table salt, fully stirs by disso es. By increases the acid the energy conduction.
  • For avoids the liquid sprinkling the hydration overflow, must fully consider the user puts in both feet the heading.  

Sixth operation use

1st starts before the use the power line, the ion biochemistry, the skill belt plug inserts separately the engine case jack, puts in ion biochemistry abundantly has the water in the trough, takes to bring with the skill belt, then turns on the power source.

Entire machine connection schematic drawing


The withdrawal / stops

The key which the machine reports to the police or is stops when operation uses

Time / pattern

Adjusts time or pattern


Confirms instrument moves

Product back

2nd turns on the power switch as follows, the screen demonstration:

Enter time 10-30Time=30 This time through (+) surrenders to the state the key, (-) declines the key or needs to arrange the poisonous time through the numeric keyboard input, current tacitly approves a row of poisonous time is 30 minutes. After an input row of poisonous time presses down (ENT) to confirm the key then enters a row of poisonous stage, starts when a row of poisonous operation demonstrates as follows: Time=08:26 pos+T= 30 M =3 E=2.0 Time=0.8:26 was already arranges the poisonous time, pos+ was the row of poisonous ion polarity, pos+ is the positive electrode, NEG- is a cathode; T=30 is the hypothesis platoon poisonous time, M=3 is for the work in the third pattern, E=2.0 is a row of poisonous energy, when a row of poisonous time achieved when hypothesis time, the instrument automatically stops a row of poison, a platoon poisonous conclusion.

3rd row of poisonous meter when row of poisonous operation, may under 1, 2, 3 patterns work, the energy content controls separately in 1.6,1.8, 2.0. Arranges the poisonous meter starts when a row of poisonous

operation tacitly approves the third pattern, the user may through + - the keychoose the different pattern, presses down when a row of poisonous process (ESC) withdraws from the key, then withdraws works as the front-row poisonous operation under some pattern, arranges the poisonous meter constantly to work under the corresponding energy content, the user may act according to different local the water quality, puts in the suitable salty quantity to adjust the row of poisonous strong and the weak, when presses down (ESC) withdraws from the key withdraws demonstrated the record condition, returns to wait for starts a row of poisonous condition.

Seventh, use matters needing attention

  1. in the hand has when the water do not have to insert pulls out the power source, pays attention to the personal safety;
  2. when use should avoid the hard object attacking and striking as far as possible, do not have to use the incisive thing to scratch delimits, by guards against the tool housing to suffer injury;
  3. the tool housing surface moistens when has the dust, with the cleaning rag polishes then, does not have to use the chemical agent;
  4. uses when the pressed key pays attention makes an effort evenly, by guarantees the instrument the normal use;
  5. before the use, like must support the seat frame, but both hands hold on the seat frame and the instrument are connected place, to about nearby two toward the external bracing, and straightens up to front then, like must receive the seat frame, uses the similar method to operate then.

Eighth the use taboo, the change for the better responds and the safe matters needing attention

* If has the following situation not to suit the use.

  1. in the body has the pulse adjuster or the electromagnetism equipment is durable;
  2. has the wound the spot not to be able to soak;
  3. is pregnant or in the nursing woman death anniversary uses;
  4. below 8 years old the child not suitably uses;
  5. not suitably uses after the organ transplanting surgery;
  6. takes heart disease medicine for a long time;
  7. accepts the medicine treatment or the mental healing regularly;
  8. epilepsy patient.

* Change for the better response

1st uses Eli an elegant SPA cell row of poisonous meter, the user possibly will feel immediately weary. This is because the toxin removes, the cell is restored to health as well as metabolism is exuberant, causes the Vitamin and mineral substance lacking. Therefore recommends time a row of poison, please prompt supplement Vitamin and mineral substance.

2nd if you when use Eli an elegant SPA cell row of poisonous meter has other feeling, please consult doctor or the service business.

* Safe matters needing attention

1st for yours safety, s ested you as far as possible each time are using Eli in front of an elegant SPA cell row of poisonous meter, inspects the wire, the forked connection situation, if the instrument movement is not normal, or the main line, the instrument discovery damage should the power failure, be sure not immediately voluntarily opening machine, should carry on the inspection, the service, the examination and the replacement fitting by the


2nd, does not use, should close the main switch, and dials the power source plug.

Ninth, is clean and the maintenance

  1. like must cell row of poisonous meter carry on cleanly to Eli an elegant SPA, may use the soft wet cloth and the ordinary home use cleanser. Is sure not to use the gasoline, the soda water and so on the intense so ent or the corrosive, in order to avoid damage operation kneading board.
  2. ion biochemistry each time uses, should by the clear water or the running water flushing, and the use special-purpose ion, this may cell row of poisonous meter dealer purchase to Eli the elegant SPA.
  3. ion biochemistry should soak after the cleaning solution 5 – 20 minutes, by clear water flushing. The cleaning solution might use several times, when you discarded the cleaning solution should consider processing the environment and the security, were sure not to fall at will.
  4. ion biochemistry acts according to each place water quality the difference, may use generally 50 time. After pokes head in the life end, should replace the ion head, ion purchases to the dealer.

Tenth, common breakdown and processing

The breakdown

appears the processing method

LTD does not have the demonstration

Whether the inspection power source plug does become less crowded orthe fuse whether blows a fuse

The merit energy level does not work

Inspection and instrument connected place whether contacts is not good
or the replacement function pole plate

Dying machine or the pressed key are invalid

After switches off the power switch 10 seconds kinds reto start

11th, use notice

1st, Eli elegant SPA cell row of poisonous meter use ordinary running water, well water and water seepage, because the different local water quality has differently, leads passes the speed speed to have leaves, when the demonstration water intermediate ion density and activeness are insufficient, may in the water the suitable dot ordinary refined salt, by strengthens leads passes the ability, causes in the water the ion concentration and activeness achieves the optimum condition.

2nd, the adult each time period of revolution is 30 minutes.

3rd, 8-15 year old child must use under the guardianship, the period of revolution is 15 minutes generally.

4th, the frequency of use and the time (14 are a treatment course) below the adult 50 years old: Separates one day to use a time, completes a treatment course after the request, rests for half month to carry on the next treatment course again; Above 50 years old, separates 2 day to use a time, completes a treatment course after the request, rests for half month to carry on the next treatment course again.

5th, Eli an elegant SPA cell row of poisonous meter is the healthy messenger, but is not a more frequent use is better, should according to the request use, a person like use 1 time every day, then cannot surpass continuously 3 day; Forbids a person to use 2 above time (the note with 1 day: The adult integrity soaks suffices 30 minute, the child integrity soaks suffices 15 minutes is 1)

12th, quality pledge

○ the manufacturer pledged that, This manufacturer cell row of poisonous meter main engine gets up in for 2 years to Eli the elegant SPA from the purchase date to be responsible to maintain and to avoid any fitting expense (consumption to be an exception).

○ this company does not undertake the responsibility to the

following behavior:

  • Because not when operates the harm which but creates
  • Outside wrapping damaging
  • Not after authorized disassemblage
  • Or uses damaging of no account for the equipment value, according to or wire tarnish and so on.
  • The consumables, like pokes head in, to poke head in the cleaning liquid.

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Ionic detox foot spa cleanse machine H719 1
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Ionic detox foot spa cleanse machine H719 2
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Ionic detox foot spa cleanse machine H719 3
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