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Three-phase AC voltage stabilizer

Origin:Made In China
Category:Electronics & Electricity / Power Supply & Distribution / Voltage Regulator
Price: ¥4000 / pc
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Product Description

+ Product main parameters and characteristics:
Isolating transformers to create a new middle - grounding grid will be the lifting of the CPC central line mode interference and other problems, isolation transformer will be three-wire cable △ Yo converted to four-wire systems, to further remove additional shielding from the high-frequency transformer-coupled pulse interference and noise, although there are shielded isolation transformers to the various NG interference (pulse and high frequency noise) are effective in preventing, but the proper grounding transformer must be very strict, anti-common-mode interference otherwise there will be no effect. The company can provide customers high-quality design and production of the isolation transformer.
+ Characteristics of advantages:
Ø a high degree of isolation
Ø NG good
Ø a high common-mode interference suppression
△ Ø will be converted to Y or Y to △
Ø easy tap-voltage conversion
Ø by the user's specific performance requirements of the design
+ Technical Specifications
1 Enter the rated voltage: Three-phase 380V or 380V single-phase or 220V single-phase
2 Frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
3 Efficiency: ≥ 95%
4 Temperature Rise: <60
5 Waveform distortion: <0.1%
6 high-pressure test: 2500V, 1 minutes at zero breakdown
+ Conditions

1 applies to the altitude: ≤ 5000m
2 ambient temperature: -15 ℃ ~ +45 ℃
3 Relative humidity: ≤ 90%
4 installation sites should not be severely affected by the strength of transformer insulation gas, steam, chemical deposition, dirt, dust and no other conductive flammable explosive corrosive substances.
5 who do not meet these conditions should be determined in consultation with us.
Note: The principle of three-phase transformer isolation, structure, advantages of
Three-phase separation using three-phase two-winding transformer structure, with anti-lightning, anti-interference characteristics. Both sides of the original is divided into two coils of each winding, the two coils each with two layers of metal foil and insulation around them. So between the two coils on the existence of capacitance C (ie capacitive isolation transformer). And then take the following can be any combination of two types of connection mode:
1. A voltage transformation function (such as: △ / Yo or Yo / △ connection)
2. There is interference filter functions (such as: You can remove the third harmonic interference function. Can be removed several odd harmonic interference.)
3. Can effectively inhibit the introduction of the power cord from the harassment of Harmonics and lightning electromagnetic pulse interference of the system;
4. Can effectively inhibit the system from the harassment of electronic equipment into the power distribution network harmonic of the other equipment (devices and systems) interfere with;
5. Can fundamentally prevent, potential disturbance to the system caused by disorders, data loss or error;
6. To effectively prevent the structure from lightning protection devices due to flash of steel as a reference potential to lead to a sharp increase in hardware systems destroyed by counter-attack.
7. Isolation transformer in the AC power input characteristics:
a, if the power grid and the third harmonic signal a more serious interference, the use of isolation transformers, you can remove the third harmonic and reduce signal interference.
b, the use of isolation transformers can produce a new neutral, neutral to avoid grid lines as a result of the adverse result of abnormal operation of equipment.
c, caused by non-linear load current waveform distortion (such as third harmonic) can be isolated without contamination grid.
8. Isolation transformer in the AC power output characteristics:
a, to prevent the non-linear load current distortion affects the normal AC power and pollution of the power grid, the grid plays the role of purification.
b, the isolation transformer in the input sample, the non-linear load current distortion does not affect the accuracy of sampling, to be able to respond to the actual situation of the control signal.
c, if the load imbalance does not affect the normal operation of power supply.

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Three-phase AC voltage stabilizer 1
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Three-phase AC voltage stabilizer 2
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Three-phase AC voltage stabilizer 3
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