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Vacuum tubes and Sockets 1
  • Vacuum tubes and Sockets 1

Vacuum tubes and Sockets

Origin:Made In Russian Federation
Category:Electronics & Electricity / Electronic Components / Electronic Tube
Label:electronic component , russian electronic , tubes
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Vacuum tubes

12K3 (12SK7), 12K4 (12SG7), 12N10S (12SC7), 12N11S (12AH7), 12P17L, 12S3S, 12ZH1L, 12ZH8 (12SJ7), 1A1P, 1A2P, 1C11P, 1C1S, 1C20B, 1C21P (1S2A / DY86), 1C7S, 1P24B-V, 1S1A, 1ZH17B, 1ZH18B, 1ZH24B, 1ZH29B, 1ZH29B-V, 2C2P (2X2), 2C2S (2X2 / 879), 2D1S, 2D2S, 2D3B, 2P1P (2L32), 2P2P (2L34), 2P5B, 2ZH27L, 3C16S (3A3 / 3B2), 3C18P, 3C22S, 4D5S, 4P1L, 5C12P, 5C21P, 5C3S (5U4G / 5AS4), 5C4M (5Z4), 5C4S (5Z4G), 5C5S (6X5GT / EZ35 ), 5C8S, 6A10S (6SA7), 6A2P (EK90 / 6BE6), 6A3P (6BN6), 6A8, 6C10P, 6C13P, 6C17S (6AU4GTA), 6C19P, 6C4P, 6C4P-EV, 6C4P-V, 6C5S (6X5GT / EZ35), 6D13D, 6D14P, 6D16D, 6D16D-R, 6D20P (6V3A), 6D22S (EY500), 6D24N, 6D3D, 6D4ZH, 6D6A-V, 6D8D, 6E12N-V, 6E15P, 6E1P (EM80 / 6BR5), 6E5P, 6E5P-I, 6E5S, 6E6P-DR, 6E6P-E, 6F12P, 6F1P (ECF80), 6F3P (ECL82 / 6BM8), 6F4P (ECL84 / 6DQ8), 6F5P (ECL85), 6F5S (6F5-GT), 6F6S (6F6-GT), 6H2P (EAA91 / 6AL5), 6H2P-EV, 6H6S (6H6GT), 6H7B, 6H7B-V, 6H7B-VR, 6I1P (ECH81 / 6AJ8), 6I1P-EV, 6I1P-K, 6I4P, 6K13P (EF85 / 6BY7), 6K14B-V, 6K1B-V, 6K1B-V, 6K1P (9003), 6K1ZH (956), 6K3, 6K4, 6K4P (EF93 / 6BA6), 6K4P-ER, 6K4P-ER, 6K4P-EV (6BA6W / 5376), 6K7 (6K7 / 6U7G), 6K8P (EF97), 6N10S (6SC7), 6N13S (6AS7G), 6N14P (ECC84 / 6CW7), 6N14P-EV, 6N15P (ECC91 / 6J6 / 6CC31), 6N16B, 6N16B-V, 6N16G-VIR, 6N17B-V, 6N18B-V, 6N18P, 6N1P (approx. ECC85), 6N1P-EV, 6N1P-VI, 6N21B, 6N23P (ECC88 / 6DJ8 / 6922), 6N23P-EV, 6N24P (ECC89 / 6FC7), 6N25G-V, 6N26P, 6N27P (ECC86), 6N28B-V, 6N2P (6CC41), 6N2P-E, 6N2P-ER, 6N2P-EV, 6N2P-V, 6N30P-DR, 6N3P (2C51 / 6CC42 / 6385), 6N3P-E (2C51L / 5670), 6N3P-EV, 6N3P-I, 6N4P, 6N5P, 6N5S (ECC230 / 6AS7G), 6N6P (6SN7-G), 6N6P-I, 6N7S, 6N8S (6SN7-GT), 6N9S (6SL7-GT), 6P10C, 6P13S, 6P14P (EL84 / 6BQ5), 6P14P-E., 6P14P-ER, 6P14P-EV (EL84M / 7189A), 6P15P, 6P15P-ER, 6P15P-EV, 6P18P (EL82), 6P1P, 6P1P-E, 6P1P-EV, 6P20S (6GB5A), 6P23P, 6P25B, 6P25B-V, 6P27S (EL34), 6P30B-R, 6P31S (EL36 / 6CM5), 6P36S (EL500 / 6GB5), 6P3S (6L6), 6P3S-E (6L6WGB / 5881), 6P41S, 6P42S, 6P43P-E, 6P44S, 6P45S (EL509 / 6KG6), 6P5P, 6P6S (6V6-GT), 6P7S (6BG6-G), 6P9 (6AG7), 6R3S-1, 6R4P, 6S15P, 6S17KV, 6S18S, 6S19P, 6S19P-V, 6S19P-VR, 6S1P (9002), 6S1ZH (995), 6S20S (6BK4), 6S23P, 6S2P (EC98), 6S2S (6J5GT), 6S31P, 6S32B, 6S33S, 6S33S-V, 6S3B, 6S3B-V, 6S3P, 6S3P-DR, 6S3P-E, 6S3P-EV, 6S40P, 6S40P, 6S41S, 6S41S, 6S45K, 6S45P-E, 6S45P-E (approx.WE437, EC8020), 6S4P, 6S4P-EV, 6S4S (6B4G / 2A3), 6S51N-V (7586), 6S52N-V (7895), 6S53N-V (EC1010), 6S5D, 6S5D-I, 6S5S (6C5GT), 6S6B-V, 6S7B-V, 6S8S, 6S9D, 6V1P, 6V2P, 6ZH10B-V, 6ZH10P, 6ZH11P (approx. E280F), 6ZH11P-E, 6ZH1B-V (5702), 6ZH1B-VR, 6ZH1P (EF95 / 6AK5), 6ZH1P-EV, 6ZH1ZH, 6ZH20P, 6ZH21P, 6ZH22P, 6ZH23P, 6ZH27L, 6ZH2B-V, 6ZH2B-V, 6ZH2P (6AS6 / 6F33), 6ZH2P-EV, 6ZH3 (6SH7), 6ZH32B, 6ZH32B-V, 6ZH32P (EF86), 6ZH38P, 6ZH38P-EV, 6ZH3P, 6ZH3P-E, 6ZH3P-EV, 6ZH4 (6AJ7), 6ZH43P, 6ZH43P-E, 6ZH45B-V, 6ZH49P-DR, 6ZH4P (EF94 / 6AU6), 6ZH51P, 6ZH52P, 6ZH54N, 6ZH5B-V, 6ZH5P, 6ZH5P (6AH6), 6ZH7 (6J7), 6ZH8 (6SJ7), 6ZH9P (E180F), 6ZH9P-E, 6ZH9P-EV,

Generator & modulator tubes

G-807, G-807 (807), G-80E, G-811 (811), GI-11B, GI-12B, GI-13BM, GI-14B, GI-150, GI-15B, GI-17, GI-19B, GI-21B, GI-22, GI-23B, GI-25, GI-29, GI-30, GI-31, GI-39B, GI-41, GI-41-1, GI-44B, GI-45, GI-46B, GI-48, GI-49B, GI-58A, GI-5B, GI-6B, GI-70BT, GI-7B, GI-7BT, GK12A, GK71, GK71, GK9P, GM-100, GM-2A, GM-2B, GM-3A, GM-3B, GM-4B, GM-5B, GM-70 ( approx. 845), GMI10, GMI11, GMI14B, GMI16R, GMI19B, GMI2, GMI26B, GMI27A, GMI27B, GMI2B, GMI32B, GMI32B-1, GMI32B-1-K, GMI38, GMI42B, GMI46B, GMI47, GMI5, GMI5B, GMI6, GMI6-1, GMI6V, GMI7, GMI7-1, GMI83V, GMI90, GP15K, GP3, GP5, GP8, GS11, GS11 9, GS13, GS13-1, GS14, GS15B, GS17B, GS21, GS23B (4CX1600U), GS2-3-P-1, GS24B, GS30, GS31B, GS34, GS34-1, GS35B, GS36B (4CX400A), GS43B, GS4V, GS90B, GS9B, GU100A, GU100B, GU10A, GU10B, GU13 (813), GU13 (813), GU15, GU17, GU18-1, GU19-1, GU21B, GU22A, GU22B, GU23A, GU23B, GU29 (829), GU32 (832), GU33A, GU33B, GU33B-1, GU33P, GU34B, GU34B-1, GU35B, GU36B-1, GU37B, GU39A, GU39A-1, GU39B-1, GU40B, GU42, GU43A, GU43B, GU45A, GU46, GU46M, GU47A, GU47B, GU49A, GU49B, GU50 (LS50), GU53A, GU56, GU58B, GU59A, GU5A, GU5B, GU61A, GU61B, GU61P, GU62A, GU62B, GU62P, GU66A, GU66B, GU68A, GU68B, GU68P, GU70B, GU71B, GU72, GU73B, GU74B (4CX800A), GU78B, GU80, GU81, GU81M, GU84B, GU88A, GU91B (4CX1600A), GU94A, GU96A, GU96B,

Travelling Wave Tubes

UV-1001, UV-1002, UV-1004, UV-1005, UV-1006, UV-1007, UV-1008, UV-1009, UV-1010, UV-1011, UV-1012, UV-1017, UV-1019, UV-1020, UV-1024, UV-1026A, UV-1026B, UV-1033L, UV-104, UV-104A, UV-111, UV-115A, UV-121, UV-122B, UV-125, UV-125A, UV-125B, UV-125V, UV-128, UV-128V, UV-12B, UV-13, UV-131, UV-134, UV-137, UV-139, UV-14, UV-142, UV-144, UV-145, UV-149, UV-149A, UV-152, UV-153, UV-154, UV-156, UV-157, UV-158, UV-159, UV-15A, UV-15N, UV-15N1, UV-16, UV-160, UV-16B, UV-1A, UV-1B, UV-1BSH, UV-201, UV-202, UV-204, UV-205, UV-210, UV-211, UV-22, UV-227A, UV-229-1, UV-23, UV-232, UV-233B, UV-23A, UV-24, UV-243B, UV-248B, UV-252, UV-255, UV-255B, UV-261, UV-261A, UV-262A, UV-268V, UV-278, UV-278A, UV-284, UV-284B, UV-3, UV-302, UV-305, UV-309, UV-310, UV-321, UV-332, UV-333, UV-344, UV-345, UV-346, UV-347, UV-349, UV-35, UV-36, UV-37, UV-37, UV-39, UV-4, UV-40, UV-401, UV-41, UV-411, UV-414, UV-415, UV-42, UV-420, UV-428, UV-43, UV-433, UV-433B, UV-436, UV-43B, UV-44, UV-444A, UV-444B, UV-444G, UV-444V, UV-45, UV-450, UV-455, UV-460, UV-47, UV-482B, UV-5, UV-51A, UV-51B, UV-52, UV-53, UV-53A, UV-55, UV-67, UV-67B, UV-69, UV-74E, UV-74I, UV-74ZH, UV-75G, UV-75L, UV-75N, UV-76, UV-9,

Backward Wave Tubes

OV-231, OV-24, OV-30, OV-32, OV-33, OV-37, OV-38, OV-41, OV-47, OV-51, OV-52, OV-58, OV-64, OV-65, OV-66, OV-67, OV-68, OV-69, OV-70, OV-71, OV-75, OV-76, OV-80, OV-81, OV-82, OV-83, OV-84, OV-85, OV-86, OV-88, OVS-25, OVS-25A, OVS-27A, OVS-27B, OVS-28, OVS-5A, OVS-5B, OVU-3-1,


K-100E, K-100G, K-100V, K-11, K-113GE, K-113V, K-113VE, K-114, K-114R, K-117B, K-12, K-122, K-132, K-147, K-15, K-150, K-154, K-155, K-155R, K-156, K-156R, K-157R, K-162, K-164, K-166GE, K-166VZ, K-170, K-177, K-177A, K-177B, K-178AR, K-178BR, K-178V, K-179R, K-18, K-180, K-180R, K-181, K-182R, K-184-1, K-187, K-19, K-194A, K-194B, K-198, K-20, K-205A, K-205B, K-209, K-26, K-27, K-27A, K-28, K-29, K-30, K-306, K-308, K-30A, K-30M, K-31, K-311A, K-311B, K-311V, K-314, K-314A, K-315, K-315A, K-316, K-316A, K-33, K-351, K-352, K-38, K-48, K-50, K-53, K-54, K-54-1, K-54-1B, K-54A-1, K-55, K-60, K-61, K-61R, K-62, K-62BR, K-65-1, K-66-1, K-67-1, K-68-1, K-69-1, K-700, K-700-1, K-701, K-70-1, K-704, K-705, K-706, K-707, K-708, K-709, K-709, K-711, K-71-1, K-716, K-717, K-719, K-72, K-720, K-721, K-743, K-744, K-747, K-75, K-78AR, K-78BR, K-80, K-806, K-85A, K-85D, K-86A, K-86A-G, K-86BR, K-94, K-97R, K-98A, K-98G, KG-33, KG-7, KS-11A, KS-13, KU-175, KU-176, KU-179, KU-318, KU-319 D4, KU-352, KU-359V-2, KU-364, KU-368A, KU-368B, KU-370, KU-371, KU-380, KU-722A, KU-723A,


M-100A, M-100B, M-104, M-105, M-105-1, M-107, M-111, M-112-1, M-117, M-134, M-136, M-136-1, M-140, M-141, M-143, M-147, M-310, M-311, M-532, M-544, M-545, M-571, M-62, M-81, M-857, M-93, M-95, M-96, M-99, MI-119, MI-12-1, MI-125, MI-126A, MI-137, MI-146-1, MI146-1, MI-147, MI-148, MI-158, MI-164, MI-168, MI-17, MI-18, MI-184, MI-184 A, MI-189B, MI-189V, MI-19, MI-20, MI-201A, MI-207, MI-207A, MI-21, MI-215, MI-22, MI-23, MI-24, MI-25, MI-26, MI-263, MI-264, MI-268, MI-285D, MI-285G, MI-29, MI-296B, MI-297, MI-29A, MI-29B, MI-29B1, MI-29D, MI-29E, MI-29G, MI-29V, MI-29ZH, MI-30, MI-312, MI-314, MI-316, MI-320, MI-322, MI-325, MI-326, MI-334, MI-335, MI-338, MI-341, MI-348, MI-350A, MI-351, MI-351A, MI-353, MI-354, MI-354ZH, MI-354ZH1, MI-359, MI-361, MI-366, MI-367A, MI-377B, MI-380, MI-380, MI-385, MI-386, MI-387, MI-389, MI-390, MI-391, MI-392, MI-393, MI-394, MI-398, MI-400E, MI-402, MI-403, MI-411, MI-423, MI-445, MI-446, MI-447, MI-448, MI-502, MI-505, MI-506, MI-507, MI-510, MI-513, MI-514-M1, MI-515, MI-517, MI-518, MI-519, MI-521A, MI-521B, MI-521D, MI-521G, MI-521V, MI-523, MI-523A, MI-523M, MI-525, MI-527, MI-528, MI-530, MI-531, MI-533, MI-534, MI-602, MI-71, MI-735, MI-89, MI-90, MI-93, MI-99A, MI-99N, MIS-2, MIS-4, MIS-6, MIU-49, MIU-51, MIU-52, MIU-79, MIU-79-1, MT-10A, MT-14, MT-2A, MT-307A, MT-3B, MU4, MU5, MU5A-1,

Cathode Ray Tubes

11LM5I, 11LO2I, 11LO3I, 11LO7I, 11LO7I, 13LM31V, 13LM56I, 13LN8, 13LO105M, 13LO12V, 13LO36V, 13LO37I, 13LO6I, 14LM1N, 15LO1I, 16LM2I, 16LM2N, 16LM2V, 16LM7I, 16LO2A, 16LO2I, 16LO3I, 16LO4U, 16LO4V, 17LO1I, 17LO2H, 17LO2I, 17LO4I-1, 18LM35V, 23LM34V, 23LM4I, 23LM4V, 25LM1V, 25LM2I, 31LM32V, 31LM411V, 31LM4I, 31LM4V, 31LM5V, 3LO1I, 40LK10I, 43LM2I, 43LM3I, 43LM3N, 45LM1V, 45LM5V, 5LO38I, 6LO1I, 6LO3I, 8LO29I, 8LO39V, 8LO39V, 8LO4I, 8LO4V, LN5, LN7, LN8M, LO-247,


LI421-1, LI422, LI426-1, LI441, LI441-1, LI475, LI483,

X-ray Tubes

0.7BSV-2, 1.2-3BPM5-300, 4 BPM8-250,

Gas-discharge Devices

BSV-27 111, BSV-28 111, BSV-29, GG1-2/5, MTH-90, SG13P (OA2), SG15P-2, SG16P, SG1P, SG1P-EV, SG201, SG201S, SG202B, SG204K, SG206B, SG20G, SG20G 9, SG2P (OB2), SG2S, SG2S (OA3), SG301S-1, SG302S-1, SG303S-1, SG306K, SG307K, SG308K, SG3P, SG3S (OC3), SG4S (OD3), SG5B, SG6S, TG1-0.02/0.5, TG1-0.1/0.3 (884), TG1-0.1/1.3 (2050/EN32), TG1-2.5/4, TG1B-V, TG2-0.1/0.1 (1050), TG3-0.1/1.3, TGI1-100/8, TGI1-1000/25, TGI1-1000/25-1, TGI1-2000/35, TGI1-2500/50, TGI1-270/12, TGI1-3/1, TGI1-35/3 (3C45), TGI1-500/16, TGI1-500/5, TGI1-5000/50A, TGI1-700/25, TGI2-260/12, TGI2-400/16, TGR1-2.5/2, TH-11G, TH-4B, TH-5B, TH6G, TH-8G, TR1-15/20, TR1-5/2, TR1-6/15, V1-0.02/20, V1-0.03/13, V1-0.1/30, V1-0.1/40, V1-0.15/55, VI1-15/32, VI1-30/25, VI1-5/20, VI1-50/25, VI3-18/32, VI3-70/32, VI4-100/50,

Noise source tubes

GSH-1, GSH-10, GSH-11, GSH-2, GSH-3, GSH-5, GSH-6, GSHP-3A, GSHP-3A-1, GSHP-3B, GSHP-3G-1, GSHP-4A, GSHP-4B,

Photoelectrons Multiplier

FEU1, FEU11, FEU110-1, FEU115, FEU118, FEU125, FEU127-2, FEU136, FEU142, FEU148-1, FEU16V, FEU17A, FEU19A, FEU19M, FEU22, FEU28, FEU29, FEU30, FEU31, FEU31A, FEU35, FEU35-1, FEU35A-1, FEU37, FEU39A, FEU55, FEU6, FEU60, FEU62, FEU67A, FEU67B, FEU68, FEU69, FEU69B, FEU71, FEU74, FEU77, FEU82, FEU83, FEU84, FEU84-3, FEU85, FEU86, FEU87, FEU9, FEU92, FEU93,

Spark-gap tubes

R-1, R-10, R-27, R-28, R-29, R-2M, R-3, R-34, R-35, R-350, R-37, R-4, R-45, R-46, R-460, R-46V, R-5, R-52, R-54, R-56, R-63, R-64, R-64, R-7, R-73, R-8, R-9, RB-2, RB-3, RB-5, RR-1, RR-109, RR-110, RR-121, RR-165, RR-173, RR-2, RR-2, RR-20, RR-21-1, RR-22, RR-22M, RR-3, RR-317, RR-31B, RR-32, RR-324, RR-4, RR-4, RR-46, RR-49M, RR-5, RR-57, RR-6, RR-60, RR-61, RR-64, RR-65, RR-66, RR-7, RR-78, RR-79, RR-80, RR-83A, RR-83A-1, RR-86,


0.3B 65-135, 0.425B.5-12, 0.85B.5-12, 1GI03-1-02-2, 1GI03-1-03-2, 1GI03-2-03-2, 1GS01, 1UI01-02-1, 1UI01-1-02-2, 1US07-1, 4378D, 4BPM8-250, 6MH1S, 6MH3B-V, 6MH8B, A101, A102, A6-6, B-89, C215-225-10, C215-225-25, CG-3, CRT-2500, D12TF, EM-12, EM-4, EM-6, EM-8, EM-9, F-18, F-5, F-9, GKD1-500/20, GLPD-1, GLS-6, INP3-7/120, INP3-7/80A, INP3-7/80A, IRT-6, IZ-70/0.8A, KDNP-6/90A-1M, KDV-21-1, KINP2-3/35, KINP3-7/80A-M, KRM-110, LF8, LG-56, LUF-4, MT-6, OG-3, PMI-2, PMM-46, PMT-2, PMT-6-3M-1, PP1-05/10, PP3-05/10, PP3-05/20, RN 127H86 15mm, RN 12V 100W, RN 8H30, RN-110-8, ST-2SV, TP2/0.5, VN-2,


for 6P45S,6D22S (SK509), For 811,572 (SK4A), for GMI-6, for GMI-7, for GMI-83, For GS36 (SK2A), for GU34, for GU43, for GU46, for GU50 (for LS50), for GU73B, for GU74B (SK1A), for GU84B, for GU91B (SK3A), for LI441, PL 10-PSH, PL 21A-1P, PL 21V-1, PL 21V-1T, PL 21V-1V, PL 26-1PD, PL 27-1PD, PL 31A-P, PL 31B-2, PL 31B-P, PL 3-5-16, PL 6-1T, PL 7-1P, PL 7-1PD45, PL 7-2KE-55, PL 7-2P-E46, PL 7-3P, PL 7-3PD40, PL 7-3P-E64, PL 8-2K, PL 9-11D60, PL 9-1KD60, PL 9-1P, PLK-50M, PLK-50MD, PLK7-D-31, PLK8-1, PLK9-E550,

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