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Precise electronic cleanser

Origin:Made In United Kingdom
Category:Chemicals / Chemical Reagent
Label:EML , ECSP , Electronic contact c
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Product Description

Sales model:
SWA (security lotion original fluid), SWAJ (security lotion rust prevention), ESCP (precise electronic cleanser), FLU (line board cleansing agent), ULS (force force electron cleanser), IPA (electronic cleansing agent), MDS (metal degreaser)
* solder cleaner
* metal degreasing
* flammable and not flammable the
* big packing and the aerosol install the
* river character or resolver the
product synopsis:
The experience indicated that must guarantee the template, the printed wiring board and the electronic fitting's long-term stability, carries on the clean to them is very essential.
[collected audiences Yi Ligao] to research and develop each type cleansing agent, guaranteed that provided the extremely high reliability under the lowest unit cost. this a series of contains achieves the international cleanliness standard, to be able to remove the solder, the solder paste, the fat and the common pollutant product, may also use in the precise metal part's degreasing clean.
[collects audiences Yi Ligao] to be possible to provide flammable and not the flammable resolver cleansing agent and the river character cleansing agent. Safewash series river character cleansing agent application table [collects audiences Yi Ligao] the Safewash series is the most effective river character clean product, and many main decontaminatin unit necessary use.
 It provides the remarkable clean service for the war industry and the commercial use, and realizes the most low cost in the economic efficiency and the environment benefit aspect.
the Safewash series may use in each kind of equipment, including the ultrasonic, the same shaft type sprays the equipment, the disc clearer or manual.
Regarding certain sensitive metals, like the aluminum, the copper and the alloy, may use this series the special product, simultaneously has guaranteed with the plastic and the rubber compatibility.
uses the Safewash serial products the merit to include:
 Low smell, low toxicity, and may carry on continuously the effective clean for a long time, then obtains the extremely good clean effect under the room temperature.
is final, absorbs the solder unceasingly along with the Safewash product, its clean efficiency starts to drop.
Replaces the new cleansing agent the time to according to the solder type and quantity, waits the cleanliness which the clean the surface area and needs to decide.
May determines the Safewash product through the test conductivity or the PH value the condition.

Just like defines such, the resolver product is the organic material which easy to volatilize.In order to be advantageous said that divides into inflammable and not the inflammable two types the resolver.
on the other hand, the flammable solvent (ULC, ULS, ECSP) has the low toxicity, the material compatibility is good, evaporation rate and flash point scope wide characteristic.
the not inflammable resolver separable becomes two kinds, the traditional chloride resolver toxicity wants high somewhat, the material compatibility is bad, but the drying velocity is quick.
New not inflammable fluoride resolver (CCC, FRC, DGC, SWC) dissolving capacity is good, the toxicity is relatively low, but the rapid drying, the material compatibility is good.if in the printed wiring board or the module has the clearance leakage part or the adding water sensitive equipment, must use the resolver cleansing agent.
the batch use these two types the resolver cleansing agent to need to have the necessary special purpose equipment, avoids their toxicity causing the harm, or the flash point brings related question.
Says compared with the river character system, this kind of special purpose equipment is expensive, the run cost is high. However, the hydrocarbon compound resolver's clean efficiency causes it to be suitable specially for the small-scale production and the experiment and the doing over part, it may remove many kinds of contaminations, and $ry quick, the use is simple, does not keep the residue.
Safewash produces many kinds of hydrocarbon compound resolver product, meets each kind of different needs. In general, the resolver volatility speed is quicker, the flash point is lower, the combustion risk is bigger.
 low VOC content:
the VOC meaning which defines by “the European resolver volatility prohibition rule” is “any in 20°C under theksteam pressure is 0.01kPa or a higher organic matter; Or any has the corresponding volatile organic matter under the special exploitation conditions.”
why can limit the resolver the volatility:
the reason that the limit volatility is because many resolvers occur in the atmosphere the chemical reaction can initiate the massive indirect influences, particularly to ozone layer formation. In the upper air the ozone content to the human body health, some building material, the forest, the vegetation and the crops has the influence. on March 11, 1999 carried out “the European resolver volatility prohibition rule” the goal was: To 2007, assigned the use resolver the industry resolver withdrawal to reduce 57% in 1999 foundation.
along with environmental consciousness's enhancement and to does not have the resolver, low VOC material transformation step quickening, the people need to seek for one kind of practical solution. As a responsible manufacturer, Electrolube invests unceasingly in the research and the development, therefore our product can satisfy and surmount consumer's expectation in this development change's time.
clean merit:
carries on the clean to the printed wiring board and the metal part not only to be possible to increase part's reliability, moreover may guarantee the spreading, seal construction smooth advance.
the clean's main profit lies in it to be possible completely except part's on contamination, guarantees the part persistent effect, the stable work. The bright and clean weld point and the non-dirt's product is helpful in enhances the manufacturer the prestige.

Model application:
for many years in the electronics industry has used the cleansing agent round trip except the PCB board on the latent corrosive solder and other residuums.
present, even if used “has exempted the clean” the solder, many electronic installation manufacturer still carried on the clean to their PCB board. Frequently the clean screen and the template may guarantee the precise soldering paste and the caking agent construction. the cleansing agent's application domain are many and varied, the following is some main application domain:
* automobile
* medicine
* aerospace
* war industry
* civil
* industrial control system the these application domain's universal demand is the high stability.
The manufacturer has devoted to provides a higher stability by the low cost.

[collects audiences Yi Ligao] small packing cleansing agent including the manual cleaning PCB board, screen, template, glass, electronic contact product and ink cleaner and general degreaser, also includes packed in bags and tube-loaded does the cloth or the wet turban.

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