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Switch contact lubrication

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Label:SOA05L , SGA01K , SGB
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SGB (2GX electronic contact improvement fat), SOB (2GX electronic contact improvement oil), CG53A (contact lubricant), CG60 (low temperature electronic contact lubricant), SGA (2G electronic contact improvement fat), SOA (2G electronic contact improvement oil), EML (clean and electronic contact lubricant) characteristic: * lengthens switch's service life * to enhance signal quality * to reduce operating temperature * to improve switch's touch ' * antipollution * not to contain silicon the product synopsis: the electronic contact lubricant may enhance all metals to carry the class contact surface the reliability and the service life, including switch, coupling and bus bar. “collected many kinds of products which audiences Yi Ligao the company” provided to cover each kind of application domain, at the same time, developed continually the specialized product might satisfy the request which the user changed unceasingly. the production's lubricant and the lubricating oil have the outstanding adhesion, may work continually under the violent temperature, simultaneously is suitable Yu Min to feel the plastic plastic, but the traditional lubricant will usually create the harm to the sensitive plastic. uses the appropriate electronic contact lubricant to be possible to solve wears, the signal quality badly, the continuous working and so on each kind of question, moreover may use the cheap material, the electronic contact lubricant use may also improve switch's touch effectively.
The electronic contact lubricant is undergoes the special configuration the lubricant or the lubricating oil, it may reduce the friction, simultaneously enhances the switch and the coupling metal carries the flow surface the electrical specification. Time the heavy film electronic contact lubricant is the insulation, prevents the leakage; But ultra thin film, if forms in the closed metal electronic contact lubricant film, because “the quantum tunnel effect” is the electric conduction. The lubricant film PH value is a neutrality, avoids the surface corrosion. the experiment indicated that the electronic contact lubricant may lengthen switch's service life to reach above 300%, simultaneously displays the extremely good performance under each kind of environment, has omitted the expensive maintenance cost. The electronic contact lubricant is also helpful in enhancing the manufacturer the prestige, reduces even avoids maintaining the claim, simultaneously reduces the commercial cost which the product recalls needs.even if designs the perfect switch also to be possible to raise the efficiency through the use electronic contact lubricant, moreover, if considered in the product design stage the use electronic contact lubricant, may not use the expensive raw material as far as possible (including plastic and electronic contact metal), thus saves the massive production cost. model application: the application scope is widespread, including PC edge coupling, washer, electricity canteen, air blower and electric blanket's switch and so on. Regarding these important, needs the long-term stability work the switch and the electronic contact, the electronic contact lubricant may bring the huge profit. in the automobile industry, the electronic contact lubricant's use scope is widespread, with guaranteed that switch contact reliable, safe, effective work, simultaneously improves the switching arrangement the touch. these lubricants may also use in the electric motor and the galvanization. May also use in the low electric current installment and the traditional switch electric current. electronic contact lubricant principle of work: along with new alloy and plastic appearance and customer request, electronic contact technology also in unceasing development. However, was still at present impossible to solve completely causes the subject matter which the switch expires, if is unable to produce the completely smooth metallic contact surface, has caused the following question:
Giving off heat: inspects under the microscope, may discover on the faying surface to have many " to break out " and " the scoop channel ", when electronic contact closed, actually only then the prominent spot is the true contact in one. Therefore, true carries the class surface the area which looks like to be much smaller.because the electric current comes the load bearing merely by the design surface area's very small part, therefore produces the quantity of heat concentrates on the outshot, thus causes the high resistance oxide layer the formation. Along with resistance increase, more electrical energies will transform as the quantity of heat, thus causes the polyoxide formation. this kind of spiral effect will produce “the hot spot”, cuts switch's efficiency, moreover, when two superficial fusions when one will cause the switch thorough expiration. the use “collects audiences Yi Ligao the company” the electronic contact lubricant may solve this problem. The lubricant lubricant film may large scale increase the effective contacted area, because the lubricant forms the thin film permission electric current passes. As the matter stands, the switch had the contact surface area which the designer conceives at first. “the hot spot” was eliminated, moreover the contact resistance maintains low and the steady state. electric arc: has not lubricated the electronic contact opens and closes when will produce the electric arc frequently (minimum electric spark). The electric arc has destructiveness extremely, because it will have the quantity of heat, will cause the oxide compound the formation, moreover, because the electric arc energy will be very big, possibly will produce the corrosive, will cause the surface corrosion or destruction electronic contact coating. the air's electrolytic dissociation as well as is related temperature increment possibly causes the metal in the electronic contact surface migration, thus forms the new bulge and the scoop channel--This is in the high efficiency electronic contact the common question. the electric arc question appears frequently in “the closed & separation” when in switching gear, each time electronic contact closed, the electronic contact possibly must beat several times before final closing. This intensified the question which front discussed that in line's electric current has not decided repeatedly, the noise caused the signal the quality to be very bad.
Used the lubricant switch not to have this problem, because the lubricant might fill between the electronic contact air gap, thus prevented the electric arc, corresponding temperature increment, and corrosive chemical material formation. Discharges the air from the metal contact face, may avoid in the air the pollutant forming the insulation barrier on the metal. The electronic contact lubricant may form one between the electronic contact “the cushioning”, thus reduced the beat phenomenon. machinery attrition: the machinery wears two contact face each other friction to form, possibly appears on all metal contact surface, regardless of being static or the migration, static electronic contact (coupling) the machinery attrition phenomenon not easily was usually realized. But the fact is: The vibration and the temperature change can cause the coupling and the closed electronic contact small scale migration, namely often said “the fretting corrosion”. along with the contact face attrition, the friction can cause the metal pellet from to protrude the spot to run out to the galvanization surface, thus causes the surface layer and the following metal oxidation or the attrition. In addition the dissociation metal pellet can cause not the continual signaling, and causes the switch expiration finally. the machinery which withstands after the lubrication switch wears must be much smaller, because the lubricant is helpful to moves smoothly, thus the greatest degree reduction rubs and wears, lengthens switch's service life. touch: the switch works the time touch to become one performance index, particularly in automobile industry. The electronic contact lubricant's technical superiority enables its to be possible to decide that some kind of switch's touch, will possibly display on the commercial automobile's display board is powerful and is decisive, but will display regarding the luxury car is smooth and is peaceful. silicon pollution: the silicon pollution causes the special question may also overcome through the use electronic contact lubricant. In the mechanical lubricant, the aquaseal, the polishing compound and the release agent contain the silicon.
Because silicon possible wide range migration, therefore cannot use including the silicon product in the switching gear. If the silicon exists in motion or in the vibration electronic contact, when will produce the electric arc will have the response, will form the silicon carbide. These crystal grains will wear the electronic contact surface, possibly and will cause the electric breakdown.if before using the silane product uses the electronic contact lubricant, may avoid these questions.

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Switch contact lubrication  1
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