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Double Person Ion Detox Foot Spa  with MP3 1
  • Double Person Ion Detox Foot Spa  with MP3 1

Double Person Ion Detox Foot Spa with MP3

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Label:ion foot spa , detox foot spa , ion cleanse
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Product Description

Product Description

A.   Products principle

     A water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When the molecule loses a hydrogen atom, the remaining OH molecule takes on a negative charge.Water is reso ed into a large amount of energy ion through ion cleanse device (positive and negative), make internal cell vigor strengthen, promote various enzymes live. Improve the human body organ circulating function., accelerate metabolism, make the human body get well gradually. Through the color that demonstrates, you can understand one's own health .

B、Products function
1、 Improve arranging poisonous ability oneself of the body;
2、 Relieve the burden of the body organ ;
3、 Promote metabolism and blood circulation;
4、 Increase the vigor of cells;
5C Button function of control panel (as drawn , Every figure represents a kind of function)

1 .Previous song (MP3 music control)

2 Working switch A( control A system)

3Control mode A(converse mode. Including 1,2,3mode)

4 Show density of ion and working time( system A)

5Show density of ion and working time( system B)

6Control mode B(converse mode. Including 1,2,3mode)

7Play or stop(music switch)

8Working switch B ( control B system)

9Next song (MP3 music control)

D. functions of management (as drawn , the button on the panel is numberized and marked below the button ) 1.Acquiescence password:
Press 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 sequentially.

2.work record (record number of times)

Then press 4 and 5 at the same time(press all the time) ,then open the switch(on back machine. red color),
input four passwords (2,3,4,5 )reveal working number of times A and B . Press the arbitrary key and enter normal
3、revise the password:
Firstly, turn off the power, press 4 , 5 , 6 at the same time(press all the time), then open the switch(on back machine. red color), input four old passwords 2, 3, 4, 5 , ,then input four new passwords, lastly input four new password again. New password is effect.
4、The number of times is deleted
Firstly turn off the power , press2 , 4 at the same time(press all the time), and then open the switch(on back machine. red color) , input four passwords. The number of times is deleted

Attention: If have mistakes in the course of setting up, The machine will send out the alarm automatically.

5. Operating instruction

1.before starts, The power line, Pole plate , the wrist belt plug separately inserts the host machine planting ,then Puts the pole plate in the washbasin ,puts on the wrist belt, then turns on the power source
2 .Press A or B working switch (4,5,) can begin to work
3 .the ion density in the water has differences because of regional water quality, The standard ion density is 1.0..If is insufficient, can add a small amount of salt to make the ion density rise to 1.0
4 .the ion density can't exceed 2.0 ,or the alarm will work ,it need to change the water or add water and begin again
5. If you need listen the music for reducing pressure, please insert U plate (red color spare part, mark “lenovo” ) ( The jack is by the jack of the cable behind the machine). insert earphone( the jack lies in front of machine) press “play” is ok.
E. Packages

name ion cleanse Ion probe Cable Wrist belt

U plate earphone Manual
quantity 1 pcs 2 pcs 1 pcs 2 pcs 1 pcs 2pcs 1pcs

Attention: If find that lacks the spare parts ,contact us please
F. Attention
1 When the hand has water, do not insert or pulls out the power source, pays attention to the personal safety;
2 Avoid the hard object attacking and striking as far as possible, do not use the incisive thing to scratch delimits, avoid the machine surface to suffer injury;
3 When The machine surface has the dust, with the cleaning rag polishes , does not use the chemical agent;
4 The pressed key pays attention makes an effort evenly, by guarantees the instrument the normal use;
5 When use, must support the seat frame, and hold on the seat frame with the instrument connected place, to nearby two toward the external bracing, and straightens up to front ; when close the seat frame, uses the similar method to operate then.
G. Breakdown processing
The breakdown appears Processing method
LTD no show Whether the inspection power source plug open or the fuse whether melt
The pole panel does not work
The monitoring device connects whether the spot doesn't have the contact or the replacement it
The machine no response or the pressed key are invalid After switches off the power source to 10 seconds ,restart.

H .Operating taboo
1.Body have Electromagnetism equipment not use.
2.Has the wound the spot not to be able to soak _
3.To be pregnant or in the nursing woman not uses;
4.Below 8 years old the child not suitably uses;
5.Low blood sugars people must first eat ,then use
6.Not suitably uses after the organ transplanting surgery
7.Iimprove the sleep effectively



A water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When the molecule loses a hydrogen atom, the remaining OH molecule takes on a negative charge. As you walk along the beach, your body absorbs millions of these negatively charged ions, which alkalize the blood and tissue. Because of poor diet and high stress, we tend to accumulate and store excessive quantities of waste products, such as diacetic, lactic, pyruvic, uric, carbonic, acetic, butyric, and hepatic acids.

According to Dr. Theodore Baroody, author of Alkalize or Die, acid wastes attack joints, tissues, muscles, organs, and glands causing minor to major dysfunction. He asserts that avoiding disease and maintaining vitality, as we age, requires the maintenance of an alkaline environment throughout the body - which is virtually impossible to accomplish in our high-tech, high-stress, toxic society, unless we can walk on the beach everyday.

The IonCleanse creates precisely the same environment as the walk along the beach, only more powerfully because your feet are in direct contact with the ions being manufactured in the water. Place your feet in the water, turn on the unit and within seconds, millions of ions enter your body and begin to neutralize these tissue acid wastes.

The particles, fat, and mucous residues found in the water after bathing reflect the wastes that have left the body during the 20 to 30 minute session.

Your body will feel lighter after the first session. You will think more clearly, have more energy and enjoy a greater sense of well-being.
The human is by the cell constitution, the cell membrane is prevented the extracellular matter freely enters the cell the barrier, it had guaranteed in the cell the environment is relatively stable, causes each biochemistry to respond can have the foreword movement. But the cell must have the information, material and the energy exchange with the environment, can complete the specific physiological function. Therefore the cell must have a set of material transportations system, uses for to obtain needs the matter and discharges metabolism waste, occupies the nuclear gene code protein it is estimated the cell membrane in with the material transportation related protein 15~30%. cell to use in the material transportation aspect energy reaches the cell total expended energy 2/3.

Non- polar small molecular like O2, CO2, N2 may very quickly penetrate the fat double-decked, does not have the electric charge the polar small member, like water, urea, glycerine and so on although the speed slow also may penetrate the artificial fat double-decked, molecular weight slightly big glucose, sucrose then are very difficult to penetrate, but cell membrane to belt electric charge matter for example: H +, Na +, K +, C1 -, HCO3 - is highly not insightful. The similar truth, in the cell metabolism waste and all that toxin also must depend upon the cell membrane the transportation carrier to transport to the extracellular, the transportation process need the energy as well as the cell membrane maintain normal negative potential, but negative potential maintenance and energy origin then comes from in the cell membrane sodium potassium pumps, the sodium potassium pumps is in fact Na + K + the ATP enzyme, thought generally is 4 which by 2 Asian base, 2 small Asian base is composed gather the body. Na + K + the ATP enzyme has the conformation change through the phosphoric acid and the dephosphorization acidification process, causes Na +, the K + affinity to change. In cell membrane inside Na + with the enzyme union, activates the ATP enzyme activity, causes ATP to decompose, the enzyme by the phosphorylation, the conformation changes, thereupon changes the membrane flank with the Na + union spot; This kind of phosphorylation enzyme to Na + affinity low, is high to the K + affinity, thus releases Na in the cell membrane flank +, but and the K + union. K + urges the enzyme dephosphorization acidification after the phosphorylase union, the enzyme conformation to restore the original condition, thereupon changes the membrane inside with the K + union spot, K + reduces with the enzyme affinity, causes K + to release in the membrane, but also with Na + union. It always result is each circulation consumes ATP; Transports three Na +, changes course two K +. The sodium potassium pumps a characteristic is it to the ion transportation circulation dependence from the phosphorylation process, on a ATP pumps phosphoric acid radical transfer on an aspartic acid remnant base which to the sodium potassium, causes the conformation the change. Na + the K + pumping is: (1) pumps in the cell by the sodium potassium which the activity creates high K +, is many metabolism responded carries on essential condition; (2) if cell permission massive extracellulars Na + enters in the cell membrane, as a result of the osmotic pressure relations, can cause the juicy member inevitably to enter in the cell membrane, this will cause the cell swelling, then destruction cell structure; (3) it can establish one kind of potential energy store up. It is well known, the energy only can transform but cannot eliminate, cell energy which obtains by the material metabolism, first by chemical energy form storing in ATP high energy phosphoric acid key; When the sodium potassium pumps the protein decomposes ATP, this energy uses in causing the ion to make the counter electricity - chemistry potential cross membrane migration, thereupon the energy has the transformation, appeared take the membrane two sides had the high electricity - chemistry potential the ion (respectively as K + and Na +) but stores by the potential energy form; In other words, pumps out outside the membrane Na + but to have as a result of its high potency enters in the membrane again the tendency, in the membrane highly concentrated K +, then has emigrates again outside the membrane tendency, this is one kind of potential energy store up. Pumps the ion potential energy store up by the sodium potassium which creates, may use in cell other consuming energy the process.

Eli an elegant SPA cell row of poisonous meter(ION CLEANSE) through has the spot frequency biological energy, and through special pokes head in the biological energy to induct in the water, induces the water to have a series of physics, chemistry and the energy change, thus initiates the human body various effect. Front already indicated, the toxin mainly had three aspects to the human body harm, one, caused the cell membrane to destroy; Second, causes the blood incorruptible and unbending proteinase to lose activeness; Third, the damage gene causes the cell variation the appearance and stores up. The toxin toxicology mainly is because has the positive potential and the cell membrane, with DNA, robs the electron with the protein.

Eli an elegant SPA cell row of poisonous meter(ION CLEANSE) caused the water through the special biological energy to produce the negative potential field, but in the human body in each kind of body fluid included each kind of electrolyte. After in the water negative potential enhances the negative potential electric field which forms, can correspondingly initiate the human body also to present the negative potential field, this negative potential may cause outside the cell membrane the sodium, the potassium plasma rearrangement, but effectively stimulates the revolution which the sodium potassium pumps, the improvement cell membrane insight, sharpened the cell membrane transportation toxin ability. The negative potential also may hit and in vivo toxin positive potential, protects the human body to exempt the toxin attack, has avoided the toxin to the bodily injury.

At makes the human body cell to restore with the maintenance normal negative potential, suffers injury the cell membrane restores with the maintenance good insight, the human body restores and maintains the self- platoon poisonous healthy condition at the same time, arranged the poisonous meter also to carry on the energy supplement to the entire human body system. As a result of human body pore sweat gland drive pipe inside diameter 15 ~ 80nm, in the solution Na + diameter is 0.8nm but in the toxin the heavy metal diameter is smaller than diameter and so on l0nm, fat, tar is situated between between 50nm ~ several hundred nanometer, under the negative potential function, the toxin may derive in vitro through the pore. The human body discharges the toxin the response has the color change after "the water", "a row of poison can see", at the same time a row of poisonous effect passable rehearses around the poison blood to examine, the urine test contrasts judges, "the effect obtains to".

In biological energy field function under, between hydrone the hydrogen bond is opened, the original macro-molecule groups water becomes the small molecular grouping the water, its disso ing power and the penetrability remarkable enhancement, the small molecular grouping water effectively seeps into the human body after the skin, on the one hand may effectively permeate the cell, the toxin which in the disso ed cell precipitates, another reverse side insoluble fat, the toxin release which wraps the fat. And after blood circulation. . And discharges the human body the toxin belt to the foot department blood capillary through the pore. Achieves a row of poisonous effect.

General rule not pain, pain then does not pass." The Chinese tradition medicine is fastidious the vitality circulation, the channels and collaterals is unobstructed. The Chinese medicine "dispels the poison" to want Passes after is detachable, must make a connection the pipeline, this excretion all lets it overflow, Eli an elegant SPA cell row of poisonous meter(ION CLEANSE) may make the cell electric potential to restore normally, reduces the partial organization resistance, makes a connection the electric current, therefore can achieve Passes after is detachable, ventilates to invigorate the blood, the elimination indisposition. Therefore used Eli an elegant SPA cell row of poisonous meter(ION CLEANSE) to be equal in has carried on a systematic clean for the human body cell, has taken a bath to the cell. Fundamentally restores human body own row of poisonous ability.



According to an overseas human body row of poisonous practice, its medical health care effect may the basis for following 5 aspects:

1. extraordinary preventions diseases effect
Said according to the ancient Indian medical book that, uses the simple cleaning up large intestine method. to be possible merely to cause the humanity to avoid suffering from 80% human body organ disease. The overseas name calls the saw wood you medicine doctor said that, "We believe firmly do not doubt suffer humanitys 90% serious illness, its main reason is the constipation and the detention bowel movement". Wave assorted Egypt doctor "Cures Own Art in Natural Method" in a book to say: "My oneself clarifies, the woman which contracts breast cancer, in 10 people has 9 people is because the intestinal tract wriggles slowly, if carries on the corresponding prevention work in the before this 10 year ~ 15 years. that. not to be able to contract breast cancer and other any cancers."

2. unbelievable " Not medicine but more "
In country and so on the Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, folk on popularly cleaned the large intestine and the clean liver therapy since old times. In 1984 author when Kiev study, the local resident on stressed to the author that, the clear liver time is of great advantage every year. In recent years, in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) country, one batch of introductions human bodies row of poisonous medical service health care method books successively was published. Somewhat writes a book and establish a theory a human body row of poisonous expert which and practices medicine, like Xie Miaonuo the baby, the horse pulled hoves, human and so on Anders row Ye Fu because of has cured very many incurable diseases but The fame is big to flap, some astronauts and medical departments officials also looked for the expert clear poison, according to a Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) country human body row of poisonous expert to the massive patients medical practice, they used merely simply, might achieve the clear intestines and the clear liver method under the family condition has cured the tens of thousands of each kind of disease patient, many patients often were in the hospital felt was at a loss when only then looked for them. After earnest comprehensive platoon poison, although the useless any medicine, can Admirable skill, make the patient actually to be delighted. If we realized to cleans up in vivo toxin the medical principle, then, right " Not medicine but more " is also indubitable. In 1993, the German Munich published "Has gotten sick, How Helped oneself" a book, the author, professor of medicine the Fritz -bess is triumphant and Claus -Yorick said: "Each kind of disease, including the flesh wound, 60% ~ 80% does not need the hospital treatment, they or cure voluntarily, or cures with the family treatment method or the natural therapy. Regarding can on own initiative handle kindly myself healthy question the civilized person to say that, does this is normal."

To treats disease about a row of poison the effect, once composed the excessively many this healthy question monograph Russian health care expert Anders row Ye Fu has made such summary: "If can frequently carry on the self- platoon poison in every sense of the term, specially can carry on including a human body aspects synthesis row of poison, then, cured the majority disease simple to be many, even could not appear these diseases." Russian another famous doctor scientist - tile row in -Ji Xin Ke said that, From in vivo elimination trash, the toxin and the radioactive substance nuclein, may eliminate 80% each kind of disease.

3. for under treatment various illnesses and stubborn illness shop good cornerstone
Doctor runs into Problem the patient, all feels the helpless generally, but It is long to cure not more the patient, after experiences the misery exhausts the large sum of money, painstakingly from prays for rescue does not have the gate. Stubborn illness is obstinate, all because cannot find copes with their method. In vivo toxin except, the toxin does not have when does not live, are 100.01 million cells metabolism unbalanced, considers, what good medicine takes to be able to achieve the expectation the function? Just like the harmful insect in underground eats the crops the root, how do you water in the ground apply fertilizer can be effective with the leaf surface spraying?Otherwise, eliminates in vivo trash and the toxin, can rapidly be restored to health for the human body establishes the foundation. If the trouble is stubborn illness and Problem, after organism row of poison, even if cannot cure immediately, but this time or executes other medical methods for the medicine, the situation also can entirely different, the picture has killed the underground harmful insects crops, again served with other measures to be much longer. Looking from the overseas human body row of poisonous medical service practice that, many is resisted by the big hospital this outside to be difficult to govern sickness the patient, after is comprehensively is cleaning up the organism only then obtains cures.

4. causes the health standard to mount the new stair
In the overwhelming majority human body all the degree differently has trash, therefore, in the middle of us the bodily true health person are not many. Many people thought any sickness, has not thought oneself infallible " Health person ", the common young people thought oneself is " Health person ". Actually, in the middle of them the majority person is at the Asian healthy condition, is not in true significance Health person. The true health person, should include the spirit and the bodily two aspects. In the energetic aspect, should be full of vigor, thought agile, state of mind joyful, willpower, near changes the response to be normal; On the bodily aspect, should the body weight normal, has a ruddy complexion. the physical strength to full, spirit abundant, response keen, is not easy to be weary, endurance, immunity, to environmental variation adaptive faculty. In fact, in the middle of us many from thought "health" the human, compares with the above condition has the distance, are most only can say is the general health standard.
It can be said that, every is earnest, comprehensively does rehearses the poisonous person, the health standard is the high level, pulls according to the Russian human body row of poisonous expert horse hoves and so on the human self- platoon poisonous and arranges the conclusion to other people which the poisonous practice obtains, every from thought the health person after has made a whole body row of poison, all sigh with emotion said: "Now only then feels to any is the true health!" They Start to anticipate the can not compare with felt resembled has traded a person. After the comprehensive platoon poison soon, then felt body condition lithe, the energy glows, the glowing countenance full surface, the work is not aware of fatigue, from head to foot has cannot cause the vigor, the mood serene also always faintly has some kind of pleasant sensation, has filled the compassion to the human, is better, the sexual desire also strengthened, are very few gets sick, moreover eats the thing not to be many, the sleep also reduced. It can be said that, they have been separated from the Asian healthy condition, raised the health standard to the new altitude. They were many people not once feel to the health new feeling to. Possible we to be in when the childhood only then has that kind of feeling, but this and the age and does not have the direct relations, because, joyfully discusses the above that kind of health new feeling human, mostly already above 40 years old.

5. has raises the face to improve looks and to prolong life the function
After eliminates in vivo toxin, if can persist the science eats food, then, after reduced weight lost weight cannot appear "returns the ball", potbellied, general outside the stomach hung, the fat buttocks dragged, walk the image which limped also thoroughly to have a new look. After thorough elimination in vivo toxin, not only the facial color can transfer the ruddy gloss, the skin also can change delicately, certain skins are superfluous also can vanish. Former U.S.S.R academy of science academician, the renowned Ukraine scientist abundant Lotto husband through eliminates myself in vivo senile cell, in a month makes in the body the young cell quantity to increase 10%, after half year, the young cell quantity increases to 90%, the senile cell proportion is only left over 10%, this proportion already and young boy similar, the result was on the face wrinkle has vanished, changed the cheek ruddily, skin delicate, the spirit was healthy.

Strictly cleans up in vivo toxin throughout, persisted the science eats food, to avoid the human which produces new trash and on own initiative exercises the body, can benefit long-lived prolongs the life. For example, persisted above method American Paul -Blake, the family and does not have the longevity history, young when also once disease was encumbered, but he when year exceed 90 years old, energy exuberant, working ability high, memory good, was unbelievable, when he lived to 95 years old, because came across the accident to die, to his autopsy indicated. his heart and two, 30 year-old young people were same! Moreover, the American natural health care special father Cordeaus year firmly holds for use the vegetables, the water, in the fruit juice cleaning up body the cell colloid matter and other internal organs, and strictly eats food according to the scientific method, finally lives to 110 years old.

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Lead Time:15 days
Standards Certificate:CE
Export Markets︰:worldwide

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Double Person Ion Detox Foot Spa  with MP3 1
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