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ZEROSPAN FF42100 FG32100 KF42100 VG32100 HEATSOFTZEROSPAN FF42100 FG32100 KF42100 VG32100 HEATSOFTZEROSPAN FF42100 FG32100 KF42100 VG32100 HEATSOFTZEROSPAN FF42100 FG32100 KF42100 VG32100 HEATSOFT
  • ZEROSPAN FF42100 FG32100 KF42100 VG32100 HEATSOFT
  • ZEROSPAN FF42100 FG32100 KF42100 VG32100 HEATSOFT
  • ZEROSPAN FF42100 FG32100 KF42100 VG32100 HEATSOFT
  • ZEROSPAN FF42100 FG32100 KF42100 VG32100 HEATSOFT

TAIWAN ZEROSPAN FFC42100 Heatsoft SCR Power Regulator

Origin:Made In Taiwan, China
Category:Electronics & Electricity / Electric Control System
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Chiahang Automation Co.,LTD

Biz MemberFu Jian - China
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Product Description

Taiwan SCR first brand ZEROSPAN  from the beginning of 1986 since the specialty is engaged in the SCR electric regulator (power regulator, shift phase modulation indicator. "Heatsoft", SSR solid state relay, Motosoft motor soft start, and other related product development and production, concentrated the most advanced microcomputer chip and superb software technology function, make accuracy, quality and product stability were improved significantly.

The appearance of the original patent HOM structure and excellent design, with the highest safety.

Heatsoft - - - - - - - (Series)

1, linear phase control;

2, the distribution type zero control;

3, phase start zero operation (the world's first);

4, 50-480 vac 15-750 a;

5, F, K, V three types of optional;

6, product two years warranty (except Fuse);

7, 6 kinds of signal free switch DC4 to 20 ma, DC0 to 20 ma, DC1-5 v, DC2-10 v, DC0-5 v, DC0-10 v;

8, DIGITAL high linear CPU control plus or minus 1%, resolution 0.4%; 
3φ3w    Power:330-530VAC    Current:100A 

FBC10025 FBC20025 FBC40025 KBC10025 KBC20025 KBC40025 
FDC10025 FDC20025 FDC40025 KDC10025 KDC20025 KDC40025 
FFC10025 FFC20025 FFC40025 KFC10025 KFC20025 KFC40025 
FGC10025 FGC20025 FGC30025 FGC40025 
FBC10035 FBC20035 FBC40035 KBC10035 KBC20035 KBC40035 
FDC10035 FDC20035 FDC40035 KDC10035 KDC20035 KDC40035 
FFC10035 FFC20035 FFC40035 KFC10035 KFC20035 KFC40035 
FGC10035 FGC20035 FGC30035 FGC40035 
FBC10045 FBC20045 FBC40045 KBC10045 KBC20045 KBC40045 
FDC10045 FDC20045 FDC40045 KDC10045 KDC20045 KDC40045 
FFC10045 FFC20045 FFC40045 KFC10045 KFC20045 KFC40045 
FGC10045 FGC20045 FGC30045 FGC40045 
FBC10060 FBC20060 FBC40060 KBC10060 KBC20060 KBC40060 
FDC10060 FDC20060 FDC30060 FDC40060 KDC10060 KDC20060 
KDC40060 FFC10060 FFC20060 FFC42060 KFC10060 KFC20060 
KFC42060 FGC10060 FGC20060 FGC32060 FGC42060 
FBC10080 FBC20080 FBC40080 KBC10080 KBC20080 KBC40080 
FDC10080 FDC20080 FDC30080 FDC40080 KDC10080 KDC20080 
KDC40080 FFC10080 FFC20080 FFC42080 KFC10080 KFC20080 
KFC42080 FGC10080 FGC20080 FGC32080 FGC42080 
FBC10100 FBC20100 FBC40100 KBC10100 KBC20100 KBC40100 
FDC10100 FDC20100 FDC42100 KDC10100 KDC20100 KDC42100 
FFC10100 FFC20100 FFC42100 KFC10100 KFC20100 KFC42100 
FGC10100 FGC20100 FGC32100 FGC42100 
FBC10125 FBC20125 FBC40125 KBC10125 KBC20125 KBC40125 
FDC10125 FDC20125 FDC42125 KDC10125 KDC20125 KDC42125 
FFC10125 FFC20125 FFC42125 KFC10125 KFC20125 KFC42125 
FGC10125 FGC20125 FGC32125 FGC42125 
FBC10160 FBC20160 FBC30160 FBC40160 KBC10160 KBC20160 
KBC40160 FDC10160 FDC20160 FDC42160 KDC10160 KDC20160 
KDC42160 FFC10160 FFC20160 FFC42160 KFC10160 KFC20160 
KFC42160 FGC10160 FGC20160 FGC32160 FGC42160 KBC30160 
FBC10225 FBC20225 FBC42225 KBC10225 KBC20225 KBC42225 
FDC10225 FDC20225 FDC42225 KDC10225 KDC20225 KDC42225 
FFC10225 FFC20225 FFC42225 KFC10225 KFC20225 KFC42225 
FGC10225 FGC20225 FGC32225 FGC42225 
FBC10300 FBC20300 FBC42300 KBC10300 KBC20300 KBC42300 
FDC10300 FDC20300 FDC42300 KDC10300 KDC20300 KDC42300 
FFC10300 FFC20300 FFC42300 KFC10300 KFC20300 KFC42300 
FGC10300 FGC20300 FGC32300 FGC42300 
FBC10400 FBC20400 FBC42400 KBC10400 KBC20400 KBC42400 
FDC10400 FDC20400 FDC42400 KDC10400 KDC20400 KDC42400 
FFC10400 FFC20400 FFC42400 KFC10400 KFC20400 KFC42400 
FGC10400 FGC20400 FGC32400 FGC42400 
FBC10560 FBC20560 FBC42560 KBC10560 KBC20560 KBC42560 
FDC10560 FDC20560 FDC42560 KDC10560 KDC20560 KDC42560 
FFC10560 FFC20560 FFC42560 KFC10560 KFC20560 KFC42560 
FGC10560 FGC20560 FGC32560 
FBC10750 FBC20750 FBC42750 KBC10750 KBC20750 KBC42750 
FDC10750 FDC20750 FDC42750 KDC10750 KDC20750 KDC42750 
FFC10750 FFC20750 FFC42750 KFC10750 KFC20750 KFC42750 
FGC10750 FGC20750 FGC32750 



Product Image

ZEROSPAN FF42100 FG32100 KF42100 VG32100 HEATSOFT
Img 1
ZEROSPAN FF42100 FG32100 KF42100 VG32100 HEATSOFT
Img 2
ZEROSPAN FF42100 FG32100 KF42100 VG32100 HEATSOFT
Img 3
ZEROSPAN FF42100 FG32100 KF42100 VG32100 HEATSOFT
Img 4

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