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Ningbo fancheng excavator Track Bolt & Nut 6V1792/CR4440 1Ningbo fancheng excavator Track Bolt & Nut 6V1792/CR4440 2Ningbo fancheng excavator Track Bolt & Nut 6V1792/CR4440 3Ningbo fancheng excavator Track Bolt & Nut 6V1792/CR4440 4
  • Ningbo fancheng excavator Track Bolt & Nut 6V1792/CR4440 1
  • Ningbo fancheng excavator Track Bolt & Nut 6V1792/CR4440 2
  • Ningbo fancheng excavator Track Bolt & Nut 6V1792/CR4440 3
  • Ningbo fancheng excavator Track Bolt & Nut 6V1792/CR4440 4

Ningbo fancheng excavator Track Bolt & Nut 6V1792/CR4440

Brand: Track Bolt & Nut
Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Mining Machine
Label:Track Bolt & Nut , 6V1792/CR4440 , fancheng bolt nut
Price: US $1 / pc
Min. Order:500 pc
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Ningbo Fancheng Machinery Parts Manufacturer

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Product Description

Ningbo Fancheng Machinery Parts Manufacturer(Fancheng for short)is located in Ningbo,a well-konwn port city of China.Fancheng is an export-oriented enterprise,specializing in producing  engineering machinery parts which include excavator bucket tooth pins and fasteners like bolts and nuts.it was established in 2002 and covers an area of 8000 sq.m. with a building area of 5000 sq.m.Fancheng has total 100 staffs.including 15 technical persons and 2 senior engineers. Our Products are exported to dozens of countries and areas such as North America,South America,Europe,Middle East and Australia.

Mainly include:

1. Track Bolt & Nut:

Part No                      Dimension                         Wgt. (kgs)

8H7504                      1/2"UNF-20X38"                     0.06KG

R24688                      1/2"UNF-20X40 W                    0.07KG

Ac231/70097287              1/2"UNF-20X48 B                    0.07KG

In2760/616191C              1/2"UNF-20X48"                     0.07KG

2A3223                       2"UNF-20X47"                       0.08KG

AC1119/70644688             1/2"UNF-20X49 B                    0.4KG

6S3419/Ft888                 1/2UNF-20NUT(19z15)               0.04KG

4K7038                       1/26"UNF-18X42                     0.1KG

Ac82/R15309                  9/16"UNF-18UNFx49 B                0.11KG

7H3596/CR429                 9/16"UNF-18X51                     0.11KG

I N1199/61699C1               9/16"UNF-18X51                     0.12KG

5P4684/CR3623                9/16"UNF-18X73                     0.14KG

5A3187                        9/16"unf-18X76                      0.15KG

F T2728/76015987              9/16"unf-18X85 B                    0.16KG

7K2017/CR1968                 9/16"unf-18muT(22X18)             0.05KG

CR3707/8U2703                 5/8"UNF-18x46                     0.13KG

7H3597                         5/8"unf-18x51                      0.14KG

Cr1251                          5/8"unf-18x547                    0.15KG

5H8756/616207C1                5/8"unf-18x57                     0.16KG

9G3110/AC226                    5/8"unfx57B                      0.16KG

3T8601/CR4357                   5/8"UNF-18x67 B                  0.17KG

9G8592/CR5573                   5/8"unf-18x83 B                   0.2KG

5A4104/3P2274                   5/8"unf-18x89                     0.2KG

3T8580                           5/8"unf-18x91 B                   0.21KG

1M1408/CR1250                  5/8"UNF-18nuT(25X18)             0.06KG

1S1859/CR1105                   9/4"UNF-16X55                    0.23KG

Yh3598                          5/8"unf-18x61                      0.24KG

6V1792/CR4441                  3/4"UNF-18X81  B                  0.26KG

8S8804                          3/4"UNF-16x63                     0.25KG

7F8619/CR331                    3/4"UNF-16x70                    0.265KG

1061642                         3/4"UNF-16X75  B                 0.29KG

Cr3842/311345R2                 3/4"UNF-16X76                    0.28KG

6V1792/CR4440                   3/4"UNF-16X81  B                 0.3KG

Cr5444/1070719                  3/4"UNF-16X99   B                0.34KG

5A7524   1D1295                 3/4"UNF-16X702                   0.35KG

9S1838/CR3326                   3/4"UNF-16X105 B                 0.36KG

2P9670/CR3119                   3/4"UNF-16X112                   0.35KG

6T1441/CR4699                   3/4"UNF-16X124.5  B              0.41KG

1S1860/CR1967                   3/4UNF-16NUT(28x19)              0.08KG

7H3599/9M7444                  7/8"UNF-14x67  B                  0.37KG

316910R1                        7/8"UNF-14x76                     0.4KG

7T2748                          7/8"unf-14x85  B                   0.43KG

6V1723/CR4135                   7/8"UNF-14x89  B                 0.44KG

6V1724/CR4132                   7/8"UNF-14x95  B                 0.46KG

9W9058/CR4789                  7/8"UNF-14x115  B                 0.53KG

8S0395/CR2709                   7/8"UNF-14x121 B                  0.54KG

6V1725/CR4133                   7/8"UNF-14x127 B                  0.56KG

2S2140/CR1969                    7/8UNF-14NUT(33x22.5)            0.12KG

7G6442/CR4136                   7/8unf-14nut(33x33.5)B             0.15KG

2M5657/9M7445                   1"UNF-14X75  B                   0.55KG

3T6308/CR4029                    1"UNF-14X84  B                   0.57KG

6T2638/CR4670                    1"UNF-14X90  B                   0.6KG

6V1726/CR4036                    1"UNF-14X101 B                    0.65KG

6V1727/CR3858                    1"UNF-14x110 B                    0.68KG

7T2283/CR4669                    1"UNF-14x123 B                    0.74KG

8S1723/CR2669                     1"UNF-14x141 B                    0.81KG

6V1728/CR3859                    1"UNF-14X148 B                    0.84KG

1S6421/CR1970                     1"UNF-14NUT(38x25)               0.2KG

7G0343/CR4037                    1"UNF-14NUT(38x39)B              0.23KG

7T1000                            1-1/8"UNF-12X96  B                0.85KG

5p3968                            1-1/8"unf-12X107 B                 0.88KG

7T0999/CR5258                     1-1/8"UNF-12x134 B               1.1KG

7T0998/CR5257                     1-1/8"UNF-12x164 B               1.2KG

9W4480                            1-1/8"UNC-7x139.5                 1.1KG

5P8221/CR3835                     1-1/8"UNF-12NUT(42x44)B          0.3KG

6T8853                             1-3/8"UNF-12x110                 1.5KG

6I8648                              1-3/8"unf-12X121                  1.6KG

6T8521/CR5640                     1-3/8"unf-12x153                   1.8KG

6T8520/CR5639                      1-3/8"unf-12x184                  2KG

3T6292/CR5638                 1-3/8"unf-12nut(54X45)B           0.7KG

101-32-11210                        M12X1.5X40                       0.07KG

Ft887/571946                       M12x1.25unt(19x15)                0.03KG

205-32-21210                       M14X1.5X45                        0.1KG

203-32-21220                       M14X1.5X56                        0.11KG

OK21K                              M14X1.5NUT(22X15)                0.04KG

205-32-51120                       M16X1.5X50                        0.14KG

130-32-21252E                      M16X1.5X82                        0.2KG

516125                             M16X1.5NUT(24X16)                0.06KG

79039443                           M18X1.5X55F                       0.19KG

79004259                          M18X1.5X60                        0.2KG

79039445/FT982                   M18X1.5NUT(27X18)                 0.08KG

20Y-32-11210                      M20X1.5X53F                        0.23KG

9W3619                           M20X1.5X55D                       0.25KG

79035814-FT2110/154-32-211323    M20X1.5X62F                       0.26KG

6Y0846                            M20X1.5X63                        0.27KG

14Y-32-11210/71401192            M20X1.5X65F                       0.27KG

Ft1100                            M20X1.5X68                        0.27KG

9W3361/FT2111                   M20X1.5NUT(28X22)                 0.08KG

207-32-51210                      M22X1.5X56F                       0.3KG

71428357                         M22X1.5X62F                       0.32KG

6Y9024                           M22X1.5X67D                       0.33KG

76007851/FT2205                 M22X1.5X70F                       0.35KG

9W4381/CR5923                  M22X1.5NUT(32X22)                 0.13KG

208-32-51210                     M24X1.5X65F                       0.38KG

21M-32-11260                    M24X1.5X72                        0.42KG

175-35-11210/KM378             M24X1.5X76                         0.46KG

178-32-11220                    M24X1.5UNT(35X24)                 0.15KG

195-32-11210/KM263             M27X1.5X82                         0.62KG

6Y7432                          M27X1.5X90                         0.66KG

195-32-41210/KM6361            M27x2.8X93                         0.68KG

195-32-11221                    M27X1.5NUT(41X27)                  0.23KG

195-32-41220/KM1151            M27X2.0NUT(41X35)B                 0.27KG

195-32-61210                    M30X2.0X96                          0.85KG

pc1250/KM2348                  M30X2.0X102                         1.1KG

195-32-61220                    M30X2.0NUT(46X38)B                 0.46KG

198-32-41330/KM3193            M33X2.0X114                         1.3KG

198-32-31340                    M33X2.0X185                         1.8KG

198-32-31220                    M33X2.0NUT(50X42)B                  0.5KG


Minimum Order Quantity: 500 PCS



 Place of Origin: Ningbo,China

Certification: ISO9001:2000

Packaging Details: Carton box + Wooden case

Delivery Time: 25-30 days after confirmation of the order

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 500 tons per month


We Possesses with advanced production facilities,heat treatment facilities and testing equipments, And,we have strict production management system in place,as well years of experience on engineering machinery production.All these above explain is why we enjoy recognition of peers,popularity and trust of customers in respect of our service in supplying various excavator bucket teeth pins.

We have been witnessing solid business growth year by year since our inception,Now,we are buying in automated machinery facilities and enlarging our production scale, in a bid to become the bellwether in the industry.Looking ahead,we have confidence in building a glorious future.

Product Image

Ningbo fancheng excavator Track Bolt & Nut 6V1792/CR4440 1
Img 1
Ningbo fancheng excavator Track Bolt & Nut 6V1792/CR4440 2
Img 2
Ningbo fancheng excavator Track Bolt & Nut 6V1792/CR4440 3
Img 3
Ningbo fancheng excavator Track Bolt & Nut 6V1792/CR4440 4
Img 4

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