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Translational elliptical vibrating screen 1
  • Translational elliptical vibrating screen 1

Translational elliptical vibrating screen

Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Other Industrial Supplies
Label:vibrating screen , SK-8N05
Price: US $2460 / pc
Min. Order:1 pc
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Product Description

The company's translational elliptical vibrating screen uses long-tube excitation motor as the power source, with superior performance, reasonable structure, stable operation, long service life and low maintenance cost. Under the same conditions, compared with other types of vibrating screens, drilling fluid handling capacity and sand transport chip removal capacity can be greatly improved, and can effectively overcome the "sifting" and "sifting paste" phenomenon.
The translational elliptical trajectory: the unequal diameter product biaxial self-synchronizing inertial vibration, realizing the sieve box equalization translational vibration trajectory;
Large over-flow area: The total over-flow area is up to 3.5m2, which is one of the largest single-layer vibrating screens in the world;
Optimize the screen box structure: the most reasonable screen box design and screen layout to achieve the best screening performance;
Anti-splash device: from the upper part of the screen box, the side, the back, the bottom of the motor, etc., to prevent the mud from splashing;
Variable frequency speed control: Optional frequency conversion control device, adjust the exciting force without stopping;
Mechanical tilt adjustment: The mechanical ratchet mechanism adjusts the tilt angle of the screen box, the structure is reliable, the operation is convenient, and the maintenance is simple;
Rear control box: the rear of the control box, the front of the operation button, which saves the horizontal installation space and is easy to operate;
Random box: Design a random spare parts kit to ensure random spare parts tools and materials to large users;
Rubber shear spring: It uses high-quality rubber shear spring, which has excellent vibration damping effect and stable operation.

Gear assembly (7 gears) DQ70BS-JHC
90 Roller DQ70BS-JHG
Main bearing bearing W0106234
Axial cylindrical roller bearings W0103180
Cylindrical roller bearings W0101100
Cylindrical roller bearings W0101180
Cylindrical roller bearings W0101220
Back clamp positioning pin 30x146
Back Tongs Pin 38x284
Back Tongs Seal Pins 38x284
Spring Support 152x58x145
Spring guide shaft 24x343
Anti-torque pin shaft 44x261
Spindle coupling 210x131
Spindle coupling 96x77
Sealing ring 306x234x97
Sealing sleeve 180x210x78
Hook connecting screw 75
Spindle inner seal sleeve 135x96x44
Spindle coupling 210x31
Sealing ring 306x91
Anti-mud cover 265x22
Spindle coupling 96x74
Fuel tank assembly DQ70BS-YX
Lubrication pump holder 70010504

JZG34A.0-01 Base

JZG34A-0-02 Rope wheel

JZG34A.0-03 Shaft pin

BZ34A.0-03 Cotter pin

JZ-CG-250.0 sensor

JZG34A-0-04 axis

WG34A.0-01 Oil felt

BZ34A.0-01 Tapered Roller Bearings

JZG34A.0-05 Circlip

BZ34A.0-03 Stud

BZ34A.0-04 Nut

BZ34A.0-05 Hex Bolts

JZG34A.0-06 End cap

JZG34A.0-07 washer

BZ34A.0-06 Stop washer

BZ34A.0-07 Nut

JZG34A.0-08 Stud

BZ34A.0-08 Nut

BZ34A.0-09 Spring washer

JZG34A.0-09 Press plate

JZG34A.0-10 Rope card

Pump body SB68J0001

Wire plug SB68J0002

Bolt SB68J0003

Nut SB68J0004

Spring pad SB68J0005

Flat pad SB68J0006

Shaft bolt SB68J0007

Spring pad SB68J0008

Impeller fixing nut SB68J0009

Flat key SB68J0010

Impeller SB68J0011

O-ring SB68J0012

Sealed cavity SB68J0013

Hexagon socket head bolt SB68J0014

Spring pad SB68J0015

Flat pad SB68J0016

Seal SB68J0017

Secondary impeller SB68J0018

Flat key SB68J0019

Mechanical seal assembly SB68J0020

Rubber ring SB68J0024

Bolt SB68J0025

Spring pad SB68J0026

Flat pad SB68J0027

Oil seal cover SB68J0028

Bolt SB68J0029

Spring pad SB68J0030

Flat pad SB68J0031

Oil seal SB68J0032

Front cover SB68J0033

O-ring SB68J0034

Fasten the screw nut SB68J0035

Stop ring SB68J0036

Bearing SB68J0037

Pump shaft SB68J0038

Pump seat SB68J0039

Breathing cap SB68J0040

Cursor SB68J0041

Wire plug SB68J0042

Bearing SB68J0043

Shaft retaining ring SB68J0044

O-ring SB68J0045

Oil seal SB68J0046

Rear cover SB68J0047

Flat pad SB68J0048

Spring pad SB68J0049

Bolt SB68J0050

Flat key SB68J0051

Pump unit SB68J0052

Union SB68J0053

Flat key SB68J0054

Nut SB68J0055

Spring pad SB68J0056

Flat pad SB68J0057

Apron SB68J0058

Plastic sleeve SB68J0059

Coupling drive pin SB68J0060

Electric motor SB68J0061

Bolt SB68J0062

Spring pad SB68J0063

Flat pad SB68J0064

Passport SB68J0065

Base SB68J0066

Bolt SB68J0067

Spring pad SB68J0068

Flat pad SB68J0069

Nut SB68J0070

Type 2000 explosion-proof box 9N02X

2000 type data acquisition interface SJK-2

3056 stylus 3056 red

3056 stylus 3056 blue

3056 record pen 3056 purple

3056 recording paper 3056

ALS GFF incubator heating kit 700.BL.734

CAN bus pumping node CI-02

CAN bus sensor simulator SK-9C04

CAN bus winch node CI-01

CAN bus analog node CI-03

CMS does not adsorb sampling bags SK

CPS2000 multi-port serial card KH-CPS

CPS2000 riser pressure sensor 8Y34A

CPS2000 Suspension Sensor KH-CPS 8Y21A

CPS2000 comprehensive logging tool φ6-4 two-way quick connector φ6-4

CPS-KQ-VI CAN cable with plug 15m

CPS-KQ-VI pumping explosion-proof node SK-9N11B

CPS-KQ-VI Electric Torque Sensor SK-8N07G

CPS-KQ-VI electronic disk 3Q04 SK-02-082

CPS-KQ-VI Isolated Transformer 20KVA Three Phase

CPS-KQ-VI winch sensor proximity switch B+F

CPS-KQ-VI winch explosion-proof node SK-9N11C

CPS-KQ-VI riser sensor capsule SK

CPS-KQ-VI riser pressure sensor assembly SK-8Y24A

CPS-KQ-VI riser pressure sensor assembly SK-8Y34A

CPS-KQ-VI Vertical Pressure Sensor SK-8Y24A

CPS-KQ-VI Mud Hydrometer 1-2.5g

CPS-KQ-VI hydrogen generator type 500

CPS-KQ-VI hydrogen generator drying 700C-5

CPS-KQ-VI hydrogen flame heating rod 3Q04 SK-02-090

CPS-KQ-VI hydrogen flame chromatograph SK-3Q04 fast

CPS-KQ-VI Chromatographic Solenoid Control Va e 3Q04

CPS-KQ-VI column 3Q04 SK-02-45

CPS-KQ-VI video cable and connector SK-YJZ 350

CPS-KQ-VI casing pressure sensor SK-8Y36A

CPS-KQ-VI copper bowl copper bowl φ3/φ4\SK-02-210

CPS-KQ-VI xenon lamp OFA-III

CPS-KQ-VI Xenon lamp power supply CPS-2000-024

CPS-KQ-VI Pressure Sensor 70MPA

CPS-KQ-VI Pressure Sensor Assembly SK-8Y21A

CPS-KQ-VI level sensor SK-8C06AG

CPS-KQ-VI indicator 500.MA.304

CPS-KQ-VI refers to the heavy gauge case SK-YJZ 350

CPS-KQ-VI refers to the heavy movement sk-YJZ 350

CPS-KQ-VI refers to the weight indicator SK-YJZ 350

CPS-KQ-VI Tapered Seal F0.5 SK-02-231

CPS-KQ-VI Tapered Seal F1.5 SK-02-232

CPS-KQ-VI Conical Copper Bowl φ6 Pipeline

CPS-KQ-VI Component Hydrogen Flame Detector KSSP (2 holes)

CPS-KQ-VI Drill Floor Explosion-proof Display YHJ-151

DML touch screen fixing bracket SZFZJ-200*200*120

XLLJ-6000 sand core filter ball XL-G3

EXCELL2000 logging tool INSITE system

Logging tool SZS-2000B/C

2000 Instruments Tension Meter DTDD

Solid state relay circuit board PC08

Quick connector for dead rope sensor 38mm with tee

SK-8J06 winch sensor

SK-8Y21A pressure sensor

SK-8Y24A pressure sensor

SK-8B06F electromagnetic proximity switch sensor

SK-8N02 bridge wheel torque sensor

SK-8N09 tongs torque sensor

SK-8L03A flow sensor

SK-8C05 ultrasonic level sensor

SK-8C06AG float ball level sensor

SK-8M04 density sensor

SK-8W01A temperature sensor

SK-8N01G turntable torque sensor

SK-8D03 permittivity sensor

SK-8Y34A pressure sensor

SK-8N05 top wire torque sensor

SK-8N10 tensile force tongs torque sensor assembly

SK-8N07G point torque sensor

SK-8N08 universal joint shaft torque sensor

SK-8C05L ultrasonic level sensor

Low speed clutch airbag ZGT-07-01

Low speed clutch friction plate ZGT07-02

Low speed clutch pusher ZGT-07-03

Low speed clutch spring ZX30 43220

Low speed clutch single guide faucet ZX30 471886

Main roller braided brake block JC28A-02-07

Main drum cast brake block JC28A-02-08

Main roller shaft oil seal 220×260×18

Main roller shaft oil seal 190×225×18

Main roller brake steel belt XJ750-07-07

Main drum brake drum JC28/11-07-09

High speed clutch air bag ZJ30 LS-06-01

High speed clutch friction plate ZJ30 LS-06-02

High speed clutch pusher ZJ30 LS-06-03

High speed clutch spring ZJ30 LS-06-04

Sanding drum weaving brake block XJ40C-09-01

Sanding drum casting brake block XJ40-09-05

Brake block copper screw JC28A-03-13

Spring pad JC28A-03-14

Nut JC28A-03-15

Roller double guide faucet SD-00E

Double guide faucet mechanical alloy seal SD-00E-MF

Bearing 3536

Bearing 234

Main rope fixing splint JC28/11-07-19

Oil seal 130×160×15

Oil seal 125×150×14

Bearing JX2401 352224E

Bearing JX2401 NU2326

Bearing JX2401 352230E

Bearing JX2401 2228C/W33

Bearing JX2401 BAUM*7160×190×15

Bearing JX2401 BAUM*7145×175×15

Air filter EF 42*2

Bearing 22220C/W33

Bearing 108

Main roll 120-150-12

O-ring Φ25×3.55

air filter

Lower chain case bearing 22220C/W33

Bearing 6221

Bearing 61952

Oil seal 125-160-15

Oil seal 115-140-14

Oil seal 280-320-20

Oil seal BAU130-160-15

Turntable airbag ZX30 43118

Clutch friction plate TPQ118-08

Clutch pusher YPQ118-03

Clutch spring TPQ118-07

Sprocket shaft assembly ZX30 66798

Air filter EF

Bearing 22220C/W33

Oil seal 125-160-15

Oil seal 115-140-14

Sprocket shaft assembly ZX30 66799

Air filter EF4-50

Air filter EF2-32

O-ring 70×3.1

O-ring 24×2.4

O-ring 200×5.3

O-ring 230×7.0

Roller and dustproof oil seal YG225-06-00

Large hook main spring YG225-08/09

Large hook main bearing 9840G

Swimming block bearing 2097938E

Car big hook locking device YG135-06

Large hook lock pin assembly 103.05.19

Mud flushing tube SL135-09

Mud washing packing assembly SL225-11

Punching tube packing SL135-06

Oil seal 190×240×18

O-ring 118×5.7

O-ring 272×7

Oil seal BAUM*7 105×130×12

Oil seal BAUM*7 105×130×12

Oil seal BAUM*7 105×130×12

Oil seal BAUM*7 105×130×12

O-ring 24.7×2.65

Bearing 23126 C/W33

Bearing 23122 CC/W33

Bearing NU2220E

Bearing 32024

Bearing NU322

Bearing 6019

Bearing 6008

Bearing 2207

Air filter EF 42*2

Derrick body repair kit XJ750

Telescopic cylinder seal JJ18039-05

Hydraulic cat head repair kit Y15160-03

Hydraulic leg cylinder repair kit CO106.03.02

Steering cylinder repair kit HGS75

Hydraulic winch repair kit SN50-13 5T/-J

Gear control va e 8P-1S ZX30 48067J

Combination pressure regulator ZX30 29566J/-J

Quick release va e IA-437

Shuttle va e ZX30 OS-1/4

Mechanical anti-pump shaft va e XJ750 XJ750

Hand throttle / XJ750 H-4

Two-position three-way va e IA-191-J

Three-position four-way va e IA-298-J

Turntable clutch air guide faucet CT404103

Eight-position shift cylinder IA579-J

Relay VLO-3-1/2"-J

Relays January 4

Foot throttle controller IA 1001

Hand oil pump IO52508

Dryer IA592

Safety va e PQ-L15 Z1/4

Front and rear selection va e 5147

Rotary power booster pump 46637

Brake cylinder M9M1430182-J

Brake cylinder IA-465

Air spring 90557077

Air spring control va e CAN-5600

Air bag drain va e Q11F ZG3/4

Air pump high pressure regulator 2573826

Combination reversing va e A 348-9202-866-J

Combination reversing va e B ZX30 54089J

Combination reversing va e C WP8379-J

Liquid cylinder switch va e IA25184

Hydraulic main hydraulic pump IP25407

Hydraulic power take-off 295093XGAKP

Brake brake friction disc 224WCB/508725

Disc brake static friction disc 224WCB/508459

Eaton disc brake seals WCB324-J

Tire assembly 18-22.5

Hydraulic jack legs ZX30 67230

Through drive axle repair kit SOMA type

Rigid drive axle repair kit SOMA type

Steering axle repair kit SOMA type

Steering cylinder repair kit ZXG-00-(I)

LT500*125 clutch pneumatic tire LT500*125

LT500*125 clutch brake shoe LT500*125

LT500*125 clutch torsion bar LT500*125

Air source treatment assembly 394283

Gas source total pressure gauge FMA-63-16-1/4-EN

Plug-in threaded joint QS-1/4-8

Plug-in threaded connector QS-3/8-8

Plug-in threaded joint QS-1/4-12

Plug-in threaded connector QS-3/8-12

Plug-in threaded joint QS-1/2-16

Push-in fitting / CQ-12

T-type plug connector QST-8

T-type plug connector QST-12

T-type plug connector QST-16

Plug-in connector QS-8

Plug-in connector QS-12

Plug-in connector QS-16

Plug-in connector QSS-8

Plug-in connector QSS-12

Gas distribution joint QS 2-1/2-12

Gas distribution joint QS 2-3/8-8

Plastic hose PAN-8×1.25

Plastic hose PAN-12×1.75

Plastic hose PAN-16×2

Straight-through check va e DIF-L32ZI

Hydraulic torque converter oil pressure gauge ZX30 28763J

Pressure gauge PG63-A-25MPA

Check va e 4824763

Quick connector 1/4" NPT

Quick connector 3/8" NPT

Quick connector 1"NPT

Main hydraulic station oil return filter LXZS-160×10L

Main hydraulic station oil return filter LXZS-160×100L

Main hydraulic station oil return filter LXZS-400×30F

Main hydraulic station oil return filter LXZS-400×180L

Main hydraulic station oil return filter cartridge ZSX160×10

Main hydraulic station oil return filter element LXZS-160×100L

Main hydraulic station oil return filter cartridge ZSX-400×30

Main hydraulic station oil return filter cartridge ZX-400×180

Hydraulic motor YJ5T-YM-J

Main water source cooling water pump SLR47003

Heavy duty drive shaft CDZ150-400

Heavy duty drive shaft CDZ150-1110

Heavy duty drive shaft CDZ150-820

Heavy duty drive shaft CDZ150-1750

Heavy duty drive shaft CDZ150-670

Heavy duty drive shaft CDZ150-1150

Heavy duty drive shaft CDZ150-1280

Heavy duty drive shaft BHF300F-280

Heavy duty drive shaft SWC250BH-1360

Drive shaft bolt BLS-01

Drive shaft bolt BLS-02

Chain 24S-4-116

Chain 28S-3-134

Chain 32S-2-82

Chain 32S-2-100

Fuel filter 1R-0771

Fuel coarse filter 1R-0716

Oil filter 6I2509

Primary air filter 6I2510

Secondary air filter 6I2510

Fan belt 6N6798

Generator belt 6N-7135

Transmission case filter 23049373

Air compressor 304-2693 ZX30 205536-J

Derrick centralizer spring JJ18036-14A-04

Derrick centralizer spring JJ18039-05

Mud high pressure riser pressure gauge 35MPA

Guide pulley assembly H200-00

Crane dust seal TC180-05-00

Fast rope wheel dust seal TC180-14-00

Crane bearing 2097936

Crane bearing 2097938E

Headlight bulb 24V/100W/90W

Headlight bulb 24/10W

Front fog light reinforced light bulb 24V/100W

Wide light bulb 24V/-10W

Instrument light, indicator light bulb QT24-5

Backup light bulb 24V/15W

Rear tail light bulb 24V/21W/8W

Photo light bulb 24V/10W

Fuse box BX510

Single hole connector assembly DJ7011-7.8

Double hole connector assembly DJ2022-7.8

Three-hole connector assembly DJ7033-7.8

10399-46-1 648403012 Gasket, casing

3932-61 648402014 Nut, casing

3862-76 648401115 Stud, casing

8505/4/1 86485503 Plug, Casing Drain

8505/4/1 646400507 Plug, flush line

19110-72 648405082 Seal, impeller

7300239 Washer, impeller

7415648 Bolt, impeler lock

22223-01-30 641116157 Stuffing box, mech.seal

20614-01-30 643365042 Stuffing box, packed

3861-117 648401016 Bolt, stuffing box

19368-01 601499403 Grease fitting

20622A 641103338 Gland assy, packing

22451-1 648414308 Seal, mechanical

25014-04M-B 661007005 Packing, Shaft - M.S. Backup

B3701A 601102494 Bolt assy, gland

20612-02-33 646490557 Shaft

20943-04A 641103437 Sleeve, shaft

4371/5/21 601212392 Key, shaft

23444-01-72 648415156 Seal, shaft sleeve

22210-1A 641116108 Deflector assembly

20618-12-1 644302499 Frame, grease lubricated

601474737 Plug, Frame Drain

601473689 Breather

2538-1H Bolt, casing jack

20626A 641103361 Cover, inboard bearing

20625 648408706 Gasket, I.B.Brg.Cover

20619-01 648408300 Oil seal, I.B.Brg.Cover

Jan-61 601407505 Bolt, I.B.Brg.Cover

Feb-32 601408560 Nut, I.B.Brg.Cover

19368-01 648411908 Grease fitting

20615-1 648408102 Bearing, inboard

20624-01-01 644308504 Housing, O.B.bearing

7496-253 648402295 Seal, O.B.Brg.housing

3861-138 648401057 Bolts, O.B.Brg.housing

3932-62 658404702 Nut, O.B.Brg. housing jam

20617A 641103296 Cover, O.B.Bearing

19368-01 661010020 Grease zerk, O.B.Brg.Cover

7496-26 72200017 O-ring, O.B.Brg.Cover

20619-02 648408359 Oil seal, O.B.Brg.Cover

3861-139 648401081 Bolt, O.B.Brg.Cover

20616-1 648408201 S Bearing, O.B.

24-Apr 648402105 Lockwasher, O.B.Bearing

23-Apr 648402055 Locknut, O.B.Bearing

19203-01-30A 641101753 Casing, 3×2×13

19205-01-30A 641101902 Casing, 4×3×13

19222-01-30A 641102058 Casing, 5×4×14

19122-01-30A 641101456 Casing, 6× 5×11

19123-01-30A 641101605 Casing, 6× 5×14

19763-01-30A 641102157 Casing, 8× 6×11

19117-01-30A 641101308 Casing, 8× 6×14

20937-01-30A 641102322 Casing, 10×8 ×14

19204-XX-30 641215603 Impeller, 3×2×13

19206-XX-30 641217005 Impeller, 4×3×13

19224-XX-30 641217831 Impeller, 5×4×14

19121-XX-30 641211602 Impeller, 6×5×11

19121-XX-30 641212105 Impeller, 6×5×14

19121-XX-30 641211602 Impeller, 8×6×11

19116-XX-30 641209903 Impeller, 8×6×14

21867-XX-30 641221007 Impeller, 10×8×14

10399-46-1 Gasket, casing

3932-61 Nut, casing

H2507-3 Stud, casing

8505-2H Plug, Casing Drain

See below Impeller

H19110-72 Seal, impeller

H22223-01-30 Stuffing box, mech.seal

H20614-01-30 Stuffing box, packed

H3861-117 Bolt, stuffing box

19368-1H Grease fitting

H20622AH Gland assy packing

H22451-1A Seal, mechanical

8264-24-0B Packing, Shaft

20629 Bolt assy, gland

H20612-02-33 Shaft

H20613-21A Sleeve, Shaft

H20613-21G-7A Sleeve, Shaft (Ceramic)

H4372-5-21 Key, Shaft

23444-01-72 Seal, Shaft Sleeve

22210-1A Deflector, Assembly

H17444 Frame, Grease Lubricated

H8267-1 Breather

H2538-1 Bolt, Casing Jack

H17950 Cover, Inboard Bearing

H20625 Gasket, Inboard Bearing Cover

H2564-4 Labyrinth Seal, IB Brg Cvr

H3861-1 Bolt, I.B.Brg.Cover

H20624-01-01 Houding, O.B.Bearing

H7496-253 Seal, O.B.Brg Housing

H3861-138 Bolts, O.B.Brg.Housing

H3932-62 Nut, O.B.Brg.Housing

20617A Cover, O.B.Bearing

H7496-26 O-ring, O.B.Bearing Cover

H2564-3 Labyrinth Seal, O.B. Brg Cvr.

H3861-139 Bolt, O.B.Brg.Cover

H20616-1S Bearing, O.B. (2 Req’d)

H6124-4 Lockwasher, O.B.Bearing

H6123-4 Locknut, O.B.Bearing

H19203-01-30A Casing, 3×2×13

H19205-01-30A Casing, 4×3×13, w/wear pad

H19222-01-30A Casing, 5×4×14 w/wear pad

H19122-01-30A Casing, 6×5×11 w/wear pad

H19123-01-30A Casing, 6×5×14 w/wear pad

H19763-01-30A Casing, 8×6×11 w/wear pad

H19117-01-30A Casing, 8×6×14 w/wear pad

H20937-01-30A Casing, 10×8×14 w/wear pad

H19204-XX-30 Impeller, 3×2×13 Open

H19206-XX-30 Impeller, 4×3×13 Open

H2523-XX-30 Impeller, 5×4×14 Semi Open

H2523-XX-30 Impeller, 6×5×11 Semi Open

H2523-XX-30 Impeller, 6×5×14 Semi Open

H2524-XX-30 Impeller, 8×6×11 Semi Open

H2524-XX-30 Impeller, 8×6×14 Semi Open

H2526-XX-30 Impeller, 10×8×14 Semi Open

H2501-01-30A Wear Pad, 4×3×13 Casing

H2502-01-30A Wear Pad, 5×4×14 Casing

H2503-01-30A Wear Pad, 6×5×11 Casing

H2504-01-30A Wear Pad, 6×5×14 Casing

H2505-01-30A Wear Pad, 8×6×11 Casing

H2506-01-30A Wear Pad, 8×6×14 Casing

H2507-01-30A Wear Pad, 10×8×14 Casing

Ring 11168.01

Pin 11168.04

Cotter pin 8 GB91-86

Top cover 11827.02

Nut 11143.13

Bolt 11168.06

Ring rubber core 11168.07.00

Support ring O-ring seal 11168.08

Support circle 11168.09.00

Support for O-ring seals outside the ring 11168.10

Support ring seal 11168.11

Support ring wear ring 111168.09.01

Housing seals 11168.12

Wear ring for housing 11168.13.01

Wear ring for pistons 11168.14

Piston wear ring 11168.15.01

Piston 11168.15.00

Housing 11827.04.00

Wire plug NPT1 9301.29

Ring 9303.05

Pin 9303.06

Cotter pin 8 GB91-86

Top cover 11150.02

Nut 11150.03

Bolt 11150.04

Ring rubber core 11150.10.00

Support O-ring seal in the ring 11150.11

Support circle 11150.12.00

Support O-ring seals outside the ring 11150.13

Support ring seal ring 11150.15.01

Support ring wear ring 11150.12.01

Housing seals 11150-14.00

Wear ring for housing 11150.01.01

Wear ring for pistons 11150.16.00

Piston wear ring 11150.17.01

Piston 11150.17.00

Housing 11150.01.00

Wire plug NPT1 9301.29

Connector 11705.46A

Ring F35.05

Pin F35.07

Cotter pin 8 GB91-86

Top cover RS11186.02

Nut F35-04

Bolt F35-03

Ring rubber core F35-11

Support ring O-ring F751A.13.03

Support ring F35-12

Support for O-ring seals outside the ring F35-13

Support ring seal F35-14

Support ring wear ring F35-15

Housing seal F35-16

Wear ring for housing F35-17

Wear ring for piston F35-19

Piston wear ring F35-18

Piston F35-20

Housing 11186.01

Wire plug NPT1 9301.29

Connector 11705.46A

RS11801.01 housing

RS11801.03 piston

031024 outer seal for piston

RJ11705.46 adapter NPT1-NPT1 1/2

F9301.29 wire plug NPT1

031018 Sealing ring for housing (bottom)

031088 Sealing ring for housing (top)

031025 Inner seal ring for dust seal (bottom)

031087 inner seal ring for dust seal (top)

RS11801.04 dust ring

150853 spherical rubber core

RS11801.13 O-ring seal φ1138×8.6

031026 O-ring seal φ1464×9.5

RS11801.05 claw plate

GB3452.1 O-ring seal φ53×5.3

RS11801.06 claw disk screw

GB3452.1-92 O-ring seal φ53×5.3

RS11801.07 claw plate support screw

RS11801.08 top cover

RS11801.09 O-ring seal φ1490×9.5

RJ11185.07 Top cover chuck

RJ11185.06 adjusting screw

GB10603-89 shackle S-BW32

Gate assembly RAM3570/35A.00

Gate assembly RAM3570/35B.00

Gate assembly RAM3570/35C.00

Gate assembly RAM3570/35D.00

Gate assembly RAM3570/35E.00

Gate assembly RAM3570/35F.00

Gate assembly RAM3570/35H.00

Gate assembly RAM3570/35I.00

Gate assembly RAM3570/35N.00

Gate assembly RAM3570/35O.00

Gate assembly RAM3570/35S.00

Gate assembly RAM3570/35T.00

Top rubber core 2FZ35105A.02A.03-00

Front view core RAM 3570 / 35A.01

Front view core RAM 3570 / 35B.01

Front view core RAM 3570 / 35C.01

Front view core RAM 3570 / 35D.01

Front view core RAM 3570 / 35E.01

Front view core RAM 3570 / 35F.01

Front side core RAM 3570 / 35H.01

Front view core RAM 3570 / 35I.01

Front side core RAM 3570/35 N. 01

Front view core RAM 3570 / 35O.01

Front view core RAM 3570 / 35S.01

Front view core RAM 3570 / 35T.01

Gate body 2FZ35105A.02I.01-00

Gate body 2FZ35105A.02A.01-00

Gate body 2FZ35105A.02B.01-00

Gate body 2FZ35105A.02C.01-00

Gate body 2FZ35105A.02L.01-00

Gate body 2FZ35105A.02D.01-00

Gate body 2FZ35105A.02E.01-00

Gate body 2FZ35105A.02F.01-00

Gate body 2FZ35105A.02G.01-00

Gate body 2FZ35105A.02J.01-00

Gate body 2FZ35105A.02H.01-00

Gate body 2FZ35105A.02K.01-00

Gate assembly RAM35105SI.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SB.00

Gate assembly RAM35105ST.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SC.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SL.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SD.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SM.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SE.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SF.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SP.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SQ.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SR.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SG.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SJ.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SS.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SH.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SU.00

Gate assembly RAM35105SK.00

Top rubber core RAM35105SA.03.00

Front side core RAM35105SI.02.00

Front side core RAM35105SA.02.00

Front side core RAM35105SB.02.00

Front side core RAM35105ST.02.00

Front side core RAM35105SC.02.00

Front side core RAM35105SL.02.00

Front side core RAM 35105SD.02.00

Front core RAM 35105SM.02.00

Front side core RAM35105SE.02.00

Front side core RAM35105SF.02.00

Front side core RAM35105SP.02.00

Front side core RAM35105SQ.02.00

Front side core RAM35105SR.02.00

Front side core RAM35105SG.02.00

Front side core RAM35105SJ.02.00

Front side core RAM 35105 SS.02.00

Front side core RAM35105SU.02.00

Front side core RAM35105SK.02.00

Gate body RAM35105SI.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SA.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SB.01.00

Gate body RAM35105ST.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SC.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SL.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SD.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SM.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SE.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SE.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SF.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SP.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SQ.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SR.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SG.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SJ.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SH.01.00

Gate body RAM35105SK.01.00

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Translational elliptical vibrating screen 1
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