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Ultra wide view night vision telescope panoramic night vision telescope YJN-1

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Product Description

Ultra wide view night vision telescope panoramic night vision telescope YJN-1

Night vision telescope provides an incredible advantage for the user in the modern battlefield. For those who do not have such equipment and can not be aware of the presence of your enemies, it is a terrible weapon to observe and engage with them. The global war on terror has accelerated the development and application of night vision technology. Open desert areas, high-altitude mountainous areas, urban areas, and even tropical areas, different combat areas of the soldiers of the observation equipment put forward different challenges. Hundreds of thousands of national soldiers equipped with various advanced night vision equipment. The enemy now quickly adapts to the more advanced technology. We also need the appropriate equipment to destroy them with the development of enemy tactics. For the night vision goggles on the market today, like the enhancer in the dark environment provides almost the same daytime scene for the user, but the most obvious limitation is that the available field of view (FOV) is relatively small. Regardless of single tube or double tube, it is still limited by 40 ° viewing angle. Although after effectively training, the device can be used effectively at a 40 ° field of view, but in some specific cases it is still not ideal. It's like looking through a toilet cup, the operator must keep the head around, through the night vision of the mirror constantly scanning, in order to obtain more environmental information, this scan must be slow and smooth to avoid missing any information.

Yuanjin Optical has developed a panoramic night vision telescope YJN-1, which can provide 90 ° (horizontal) x 22 ° (vertical) wide field of view, shows a very important field of view information for the user. The purpose of the YJN-1 Panoramic Night Vision Telescope is to present more environmental information to the user, allowing the user to take ODDA (observation, adaptation, decision, action) action more quickly when performing the task, which for the special operations sector is definitely changing the rules of the game. The use of YJN-1 panoramic night vision telescope will be a unique experience. For those who have been accustomed to the standard narrow-view night vision, the evening looks completely different in the 90°field of view. Because there is no loss of field of view outside the channel, so the outer field of view looks as refreshing as the central field of view.

The role of night vision telescope is to let you see at night, very simple, the more you see, the more beneficial to you. The YJN-1 panoramic night vision telescope can provide the operator with the same field of view as the daytime at night, so that they can do more. The YJN-1 panoramic night vision telescope provides more combat options for modern warriors and enhances their combat capability. In the indoor special operations, you need not keep scanning as before, greatly enhance the speed and efficiency to complete the task, so as to protect the operator and securer. Outdoors, visibility can greatly improve the use of night vision goggles, it is clear that in the open terrain under the panoramic effect can provide more information for the operator, which makes terrain navigation easier. Because the attention of the people at night will be unconsciously attracted by moving objects, so YJN-1 panoramic night vision telescope can make the operator in the observation without having to frequently turn his head, this advantage can greatly improve the safety of the operator.

The YJN-1 panoramic night vision telescope is powered by a separate power supply box and is connected by cable. The power box accommodates two pieces of 3.75V 18650 batteries for approximately 6 hours of continuous use. Considering that the weight of the night vision goggles is about 375 grams, the separate power box is used as the counterweight.

Case 1: the use of night vision goggles is not like in some movies, a person equipped a high-tech equipment with a night vision goggles, sees the outside world as the general scene, he break into the door, or using a rope get into the window and clear enemies very quickly in the internal or external. The fact is that when you wear a traditional night vision, the narrow space is not a good place to fight. Wearing night vision goggles is enable the operator to understand the details of the house as quickly as possible, to reach the control points in the house in order to cover teammates, identify all possible threats, identify their threats, and take appropriate action. The dominant idea is to allow as many weapons as possible to enter the house, with overwhelming power to completely dominate the situation. Moreover, the operator has to do is to get the most information in the shortest possible time, usually just a few seconds. The bottom line of the action is that it is almost impossible to clean up the enemy in a few seconds after entering the room, and it is almost impossible to safely complete it in the case of wearing traditional glasses because the amount of information obtained through the 40 ° field of view is too small and too slow.

With the YJN-1 panoramic night view telescope, the indoor cleanup work becomes better. When the door is broken, the battle begins, and every detail in the room, no matter how subtle it is, will be noticed and processed immediately. Of course, the soldiers need to find the threat and give priority to it, so the threat is quickly dealt with. Quote the word "You must first find the enemy, and shot before enemy", the soldiers must be in a very short period of time to filter the situation he saw the back of the door, and to ensure that the enemy can be found before the shot and kill him. In the special forces, everyone is the sniper, the speed is the most important. If you can not deal with the threat immediately, then you get in trouble. Obviously, seeing as much capacity as possible is crucial. This is exactly what the YJN-1 panoramic night vision telescope can do. Through the door, before you may only see one through the toilet paper tube, and now you can see as many threats as possible. Traditional night vision goggles need a large number of scans to observe. You should fully think and plan before getting into a room that may be crowded with people who want to kill you. And so frequently turning of the head may cause something to be missed. After all, the world under the night vision is green, distinguish things must be contrasted. The real world is not like the firing training house, the room is usually filled with scattered debris, garbage, furniture, and other kinds of waste, which will be mixed into one in the night vision goggles, especially if you can not see clearly and need to focus on night vision goggles. It may be necessary to turn the head in the range of 90 ° to scan the fan-shaped area in front of me and find some possible threats, and I may not even see a person, but this time someone shot me. This is really a bad thing. However, wearing YJN-1 panoramic night vision telescope, you can enter the room and you do not need to turn the head and can also see a wide field of view. You can immediately find interested people, and immediately determine whether they are threatening.

Case 2: Driving is another highlight of this night vision goggles. The YJN-1 panoramic night vision telescope provides more front information while the driver is running, and the driver does not need to turn the head as usual. Wearing the YJN-1 panoramic night view telescope, driver can see as wide as the range of full car windshields and see the reverse mirror without head turning. The driver can also see the dashboard through the night vision(like wearing a traditional night vision goggles).


Main technical parameters of YJN-1 panoramic night vision telescope



Technical Parameters

Mainframe Dimensions

120 (length)x145 (width)x45 (high) mm

Mainframe weight


Power box weight


Helmet connection part weight



black (or according to user requirements)

Power supply

2 pieces of 18650 rechargeable lithium battery

Working hours


Operating temperature


Low light device

Core P2050, P0431 solid-state low light optical devices

Gain control




Field of view

 90°(width)x 22°(high)

Exit pupil diameter


Exit pupil distance


Diopter adjustment


Focusing range

250mm ~ infinity


Hand-held, or you can also use the bracket to fix on the helmet.

Product Image

Night vision telescope
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Night vision telescope
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Night vision telescope
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Night vision telescope
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