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  • Breeding special light textile ducts  1
  • Breeding special light textile ducts  2
  • Breeding special light textile ducts  3

Breeding special light textile ducts

Brand:Shenzhen adlink
Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Machinery / Draught Fan
Label:Light textile ducts , Breeding for duct , The greenhouse venti
Price: US $10 / square
Min. Order:100 square
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Product Description

Adlink environmental protection technology co., LTD., is a professional to do the high quality special fiber duct production, design, installation and sales as one of professional manufacturer of textile ducts. Textile ducts adlink company has a large number of applications in all walks of life and is unanimously recognized across industries and determined. Since the company started in 2009, adlink breeding special fiber cloth wind system is widely used in: aquaculture, greenhouse, greenhouses, agriculture, forest, mine, mine, subway construction site and so on. 
Because the adlink breeding special fiber cloth wind system has other duct incomparable advantages and characteristics of some special industries have to choose fiber duct. As in mine mining industry, as a result of workers must enter the underground or mountain, so generally must keep you have plenty of ventilation and air vent hole, in such a special environment, the common ventilation pipe can not implement effective supply work, design, installation and so on all cannot achieve. Plus the inside hole is not a good plane, and dust in the environment have turbidity high gas content in depth. Hole inside limited space, it is easy to lead to met and damage to workers in the workplace. And the cost is expensive, so it is difficult to competent for the work in this industry. 
But the adlink textile ducts can easily accomplish this task. Because adlink breeding special fiber duct itself belongs to the flexible duct, can according to the actual situation and put in the irregular environment installation, outlet opening and closing can be any design, size, how many, pitch, etc all can according to actual needs. Because adlink fiber duct itself is made from high quality fire soft fiber cloth is made and be become, so touch is extremely not any impact on the staff. Combine with the fibre duct cloth is high nano materials, toughness than any fabrics on the market strong toughness and resistance to damage. Cloth itself no response to any acid alkali, so fear any bad environment. 
Adlink textile ducts for aquaculture, the application of greenhouses is other duct can not replace. Due to the greenhouse structure light itself, can't hang any quality heavier items, not to mention the traditional iron duct or other cloth duct. Adlink breeding special fiber duct itself quality super light, stretching out freely, any cloth and uniform wind, the crops and so on without any damage. Adlink farming special textile ducts to humidity, acidity, alkalinity, etc without any response. Heat resistance up to 50 degrees below zero 0 and 100 degrees, in agricultural farming industry besides adlink breeding special fiber duct can do no other air supply pipe can give alternative. 
1, the comprehensive system of saving cost, cost-effective 
Adlink breeding special fiber duct system set duct, air valve, in a diffuser, insulation materials, and system design are relatively traditional air supply system is simple, material consumption overall save system cost. In addition, due to its light weight (about 1/40) of traditional metal duct system weight and simple way of cleaning, the operation of the system maintenance cost is only 75% of the traditional metal pipes air supply system. 
2, in line with the fire code, safe and reliable 
All adlink breeding special fiber duct system is using phosphorus is a permanent flame retardant fiber, the series of flame retardant fiber access to the national fire protection building materials inspection center flame retardant grade 1 certification (GB20286-2006, flame retardant grade 1 in the current fiber flame retardant grade, the highest level), its oxygen index is 38.3, 32, is superior to the technique index to continue burning and flame retardant time of 0 seconds, technical indexes of better than 5 seconds, it has excellent fireproof performance. Additionally, the dimensional changes of its fracture, tear, bursting strength and physical properties such as wear resistance have been authority test fiber detection with international first-class comprehensive physical properties of the fiber material. 
3, superior overall performance air supply, uniform and comfortable 
Adlink breeding special fiber duct system through wall crack or through a specially designed to sew, the wind hole outward uniform air supply, and effectively solves the sending, summer cold winter hot air under the air conditioning design problems, to ensure uniform distribution of indoor air. After testing, application adlink cloth duct system can control indoor temperature difference in different regions of less than 1 ℃, perfect results overall uniform air supply. 
4, high-efficient air large area, saving energy and reducing consumption 
The adlink breeding special fiber duct system is a unified, all said air supply, ventilation system, different from traditional metal duct system through the way of flow unit distribution of cold and hot wind scattered, not only supply more even and comfortable, and air supply area is larger, supply more efficient, significantly reduce power consumption, conform to the requirements of the economic development of energy saving and consumption reducing. 
5, prevent condensation 
Adlink breeding special fiber duct system through the whole fiber permeability to air supply pipe wall, its special fiber properties and air distribution mode, make almost no difference in temperature inside and outside the wall, to ensure that thoroughly solve the problem of condensation, don't need to pipe insulation. 
6, flexible supply air, quiet and comfortable 
Traditional metal duct material to noise is a kind of refraction, running noise is bigger, the adlink breeding special fiber duct system made of soft flexible special fibers does not produce resonance and transmission, and runtime wind speed is low, under normal operating conditions, noise lower than 20 db. 
7, light weight, low cost transportation and installation 
Adlink breeding special fiber duct system of small volume, light weight, ultra-thin fiber, weighing about 1/70 of traditional metal duct), convenient transport, transportation cost is low. The cloth duct light weight, can greatly save installation labor and time. 
8, easy to install, save time 
Adlink breeding special fiber duct system using wire rope hoisting or suspension of aluminum rail installation, each section duct connect with zipper, simple and easy to install, setup time is greatly reduced. In addition, because the system is very light quality, greatly reduces the bearing of roof and hoisting crane equipment requirements. 
9, easy to clean, healthy environmental protection 
Adlink breeding special fiber duct system disassembling is very convenient, and its soft material use general can wash washing machine or hand washing, cleaning cost is very low. It allows users to regular cleaning, in order to maintain indoor air clean, more in line with HACCP, GMP and FDA process control of the high demand for clean, healthy and environmental protection. 
10, colour diversity, individuation 
Every adlink breeding special fiber duct system is adlink company tailored to customers design and production, the modelling of system according to the requirements of the customers supply, combined with the actual situation (fan of parameters such as air flow, static pressure and the size of the supply air space, layout, etc.) design, color can be customized according to customers' requirement, the style is to keep harmony with the surrounding environment. 


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Breeding special light textile ducts  1
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