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  • leaf vacuum air exhuast high pressure pump blowers	 1
  • leaf vacuum air exhuast high pressure pump blowers	 2
  • leaf vacuum air exhuast high pressure pump blowers	 3
  • leaf vacuum air exhuast high pressure pump blowers	 4
  • leaf vacuum air exhuast high pressure pump blowers	 5

leaf vacuum air exhuast high pressure pump blowers

Origin:Made In China
Category:Electronics & Electricity / Other Electrical & Electronic
Label:air blower for infla , air blower , electric blower
Price: US $242 / pc
Min. Order:1 pc
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Dongguan SOP Mechanical&Electric co.,ltd

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Product Description

About the Origin of the Air blower

 World’s Vacuum Hero-Wolfgang Gaede


 1938 was born in Munich German

 1956 Graduated for University of Freiburg majored in Physics

 1962 Obtained a patent for his rotary mercury(high vacuum)pump

 1965 Invented oil diffusion pump

 1970 Was awarded Gaed Award and Gaede-Langmuir Award by Germany Vacuum Physical Association and American Vacuum Association respectively.

1974 Developed an exclusive blower for Heidelberg printer CD102 Series

1976Joint Germany vacuum physical association for researches on water ring vacuum pumps and turbo,molecule pumps and made great achievements.

1980 Went to American vacuum association researched institution for researches on more advanced vacuum fluid technology.

1988 Served as committee chairman of the institution

1995 Was invited to be the adviser of Liongoal Global R&D Center.


The Factors to Achievement blower brand:”Liongoal

Advanced blower manufacturing equipment achieves the classic qualities of Liongoal blower.


Advanced blower manufacturing equipment secures the production of high quality blowers.Liongoal,as always committed to technological innovation and classic qualities,knows it clearly.

Liongoal international blower boasts the currently leading vacuum fluid design and equipment in the world,and continuously upgrades the manufacturing equipment.

It is well-equipped with globally advanced precision inspection machines,and pursues blower art with all perfect details.

It is also boasts powerful production equipment capable of satisfying customer’s ordering demands to ensure efficient production.


Senior R&D Team helps create Liongoal classic qualities

Based on the employment idea of putting right person in right position to vallue,care exploit and promote talents appropriately,Liongoal International attaches great importance to absorption and training of R&D personnel.The R&D team is mainly composed of experts highly reputed in vacuum field.they all are outstanding in industry and have made great achievement.Liongoal is also devoted to expanding R&D power by introducing fresh blood every year,to bravely give full play to young R&D personnel with excellent potentials and to perfect the talent layer structure of R&D team.

The R&D team is assessed by Mr.Gaede in person every year.Its members are assigned to participate global technological public relations and academic exchanges held by Global R&D Center in Munich ,German.

This outstanding R&D team has made many breakthroughs in various vacuum research technologies and product application tests.It boasts many patent technologies that lead in the industry.


Performance PK between Liongoal blowers and traditional blowers

Well-selected materials:Liongoal boasts 3 advantages in materials


The traditional of excellent quality,exquisite techniques,and selected materials make Liongoal products more valuable.

Advantage 1:the blower’s crust and blades are all made of the world’s top quality aluminum alloys,characterized with high density,effective radiation,small volume,light weight,low noise,better energy-saving and longer longevity.

Advantage 2:the motor coil,rotor and silicon steel sheet all adopt globally well-know products,featuring lower temperature more energy-saving,and ensuring product quality.

Advantage 3:the bearing is directly supplied by famous enterprises like NSK and TPI from japan,NSK and TPI are long-term partners of Liongoal and customize professional bearing for Liongoal.


Color for yourself:the color customization well displays personalized services provided by Liongoal.


Liongoal is able to customize the crust color as you like and require to fully match your working and help you achieve career success,At present four colors are available for customization,including Gaede Gold ,shark silver,Raccoon brown and rabbit gray.


The Classification for Blower

Roots Blower(Vacuum)

Roots Blower(Compressor)

Double-stage High Pressure Blower

HTB Turbo Blower

HTB Multi-stage Turbo Blower

High Pressure Blower

Single-stage High Blower

Double-stage High Pressure Blower

TB Turbo Blower

CX Turbo Blower

4LG Double-stage Blower


Features of Air blower:

1.Stable air flow and less pressure variation

2.Clean air not with oil moist

3.Construction simple and easy maintenance

4.Bearing are all lubricated bt oil moist

5.Lower energy consumption

6.Lower Noise and libration.

7.made of die-cast aluminum ADC12.

8.LIONGOAL Blower’s Bearing: continuously works 130000 hours without any lubricating and maintenance.

9.Die-cast aluminum alloy housing.

10.Both 50Hz and 60Hz available.

11.Dual-usage: Compressor and Vacuum (suction and blow).

12Electronic motor with IP54 protection and Insulation class F.

13.No oily odors.

14 Maintenance-free.

15.Easy installation.


Applications for high pressure blower:                                                                               

Electric air blowers are widely used in metallurgical, chemical, food, electronic coating, etc

More usage of high pressure electric blowers as below:


 1.Blowing and Suction

 2.Pneumatic conveying system

 3.Spa Facilities

 4.Vacuum lifting and clamping system

 5.Plating Equipment

 6.Packaging and printing equipment

 7.Filling Equipment

 8.Bag/bottle/hopper filling system

 9.Water/Sewage Treatment

 10.Soil improvement


 12.Foam molding system


 14.Food processing system

 15.Automation Technology

 16.Plastic and rubber industry

 17.Handling Technology

 18.Beverage industry

 19.Clamping Technology

 20.Timber industry

 21.Vacuum Workholding Technology

 22.Environmental engineering

 23.Electrical Component Manufacturer

 24.Electronics/semiconductor industry

 25.UV Flatbed Printer

 26.Pharmaceutical industry

 27.Large Format Printing

 28.Hospital and laboratory equipment

 29.CNC Equipment

 30.Textile Industry

 31.CNC Engraving Machine

 32.Car Wash Coin-operated Vacuum Systems

 33.CNC Cutting Machine

 34.Commerical Ducted Vacuum Systems

 35.CNC Laser Engraving Machine

 36.Industrial Ducted Vacuum Systems

 37.CNC Woodworking Machine

 38.Bio-medical Transfer Facilities

 39.Plasma Cutting Machine

 40.Dental Equipment

 41.Feeding Equipment

 42.Textile Industry


SOP Liongoal blower attention for use:


1.Liongoal blower will have a high temperature, you should avoid touching the casing so as not to burn.

2.motor load current will change as blower uses air pressure. wiring should be installed when this kind of overload protection switch, and rated full load current (A) used to avoid motor burn. (Please refer to the nameplate on the motor rated full load current)

3.regularly clean up Liongoal blower inside and outside (especially the cooling blower air pathway), remove the surface dust. If the accumulated dust, poor cooling effect will result in rising temperatures, air flow decreases vibrations caused increased failures.

4. bearing oil seal and a silencer belonging to consumables, so have a certain life span and need to be replaced periodically, and leaves the shell mesh, also comply with the use of the environment to be replaced periodically.

5.Liongoal blower running in bad or abnormal noise occurs, turn off the power supply repair.

6.the blower continuously running scope refer to the directory of the air flow-static pressure curve, and used within the scope of the curve, but when approaching high pressure, do not exceed the scope of, and if necessary to use close to close pressure, it is better to set pressure relief valve in the piping, when using the pipe closed, pressure relief valve will release the adjusting of the air inlet and outlet to ensure that the blower ,If pipelines operate closed, the blower temperature is rising sharply, continued operation should be avoided, otherwise deformation or damage can occur, while in the closed position, or range of continuous air flow is restricted. If intermittent operation, it is best to air switching valve operation.

7.Liongoal blower air temperature change: when the flow of air when close to the closed state, the temperature will rise sharply, it should pay particular attention to this situation. If the temperature rises, do not use high pressure air in confined indoor use.

8.Rigid objects dust powder fiber and water droplets should be moved before entering the high pressure blower.you can used dust bag or any other means. If device filters in the middle line, in order to avoid pressure loss, use a large area filter, and regularly cleaning the filter pollutants.


Six most common problems for high pressure air blower:


Blower does not turn

1, does not power up-power up   

2, the motor does not work--check the motor wiring or replace the motor

3, wind head of blower was damage--repair or replace

4, a foreign body stuck in the blower--remove foreign body


Noise increasing

1, axle bearing lubrication-added bearing grease  

2, bearing was damaged – replace bearings  

3, impeller was worn – replace the impeller the impeller or pump head  

4, solid pieces of loose or have fallen off – and tighten firmware   

5, there is a foreign body in the blower- removal of foreign body inside of blower or replacement pump heads


Noise increased

1, bearing was damaged – replace bearings  

2, unbalanced impeller--removal of foreign bodies in impeller or static and dynamic balance  

3 main axle was out off shape-replace the spindle, spindle deformation or pump head  

4, into turbulent Quake--adjustment work, avoiding turbulence earthquake  

5, in and out of air intake filter blocked – clean the filter   

 Temperature increased 

1, inlet temperature too high--reduce air intake temperature   

2.Dry lubrication bearing- add bearing grease

3, blower efficiency was reduce-clears Yip Road dust or replace the pump head  

4, work status changes--adjustment of status   

5, environmental temperature increases-increased ventilation cooling   

 Airflow decreased

1, inlet and outlet filters blocked – clean the filter  

2, pump head speed reduced--low power supply voltage or motor fault

3, pipe network resistance increase--reduce the resistance of pipe network  

4, working State increased--adjustment of status  

5: motor steering reverse – electrical rewiring

Pressure reduced

1.Rpm of pump head was reduced--Low power supply voltage or motor fault   

2, pipe network resistance--reduce the resistance of pipe network   

3, work status changes--adjustment of status  

4: motor steering reverse – electrical rewiring



Normally we will use UPS, DHL, FEDEX or EMS express. It usually takes 3-5 working days depending on the countries.

We can arrange other shipment way according to your requirement and instruction, such as sea shipment, air shipment, etc.


Warranty for one years, maintenance forever,


1. We can accept different payment terms such as TT , WESTERN UNION,  PAYPAL.

2. Goods should be send on time after receiving total amount.

3. Big quantity goods that loaded by container need 30% down payment, balance 70% before shipment.for the small quantity,goods will be loaded by air shipment.payment should be 100% payment with TT at one time before loading.


About our service

Liongoal Services,Fast and Convenient

Liongoal boasts ma fast and non-stop connection between pre-sale and after-sale services,It is a choice that deserves youyr trust!

Within 24 hours-Your technical problems will be provided with solutions within 24 hours after Liongoal technical engineers answer or carry out on-site inspection

Within 6 hours-Your complaints will be accepted directly by Liongoal headquarters in Asian-Pacific-Hong Kong,and the feedback will be forwarded to customers within 6 hours.

Once a month-Liongoal carries out the collection of information about customer satisfaction and customer’s evaluation on agencies once a month,to provide you with a more professional and detailed personalized services.


Q: Are you manufacturer?

A: Yes, we are manufacture.

Q: Do I get guarantee of products?

A: Yes, every product is 1 year quality warranty under customer correct using the products.

Q: How to buy 1 pcs to test quality?

A: Please contact us, we have our express agent can choosing the cheapest and fastest way to delivery.

Q: I only want to buy 10pcs, but express is too high cost, what can I do?

A: Please contact us and provide destination port details. We have own forwarder. Working term is very fexible in our company, FOB or C&F are no problem for us

Q: How can I pay to you?

A: We accept , T/T,L/C or you any other payment terms for your convenience.

Q:Why choose us?

A:1.Competitive price&Best service(factory aera:26640m2)

2.Strong sales team

3.OEM manufacturer (we can offer OEM service,including we can help to use your own logo for our air blower)

4.Strong supply ability(productivity:5000units/Month)

5.IP 55 grade

6.insulation degree:H degree.



Brief Introduction about SOP Mechanical&Electric co.,ltd


Donguan SOP specializing in the production and sales of high pressure air (Liongoal, Sheng Hong), vacuum pumps, Vortex pumps, SOP high temperature long axis motors, companies adhering to the "preferred quality, spread reputation to the all over the world" idea, stick to themselves, in order to provide customers with safe and excellent products and services to maximize customer satisfaction, rapid and extensive in the market occupies a place. At present, the products are exported to Singapore, and New Zealand, and India, and Vietnam, Myanmar and the Middle East, Europe and the United States, throughout the Chinese mainland, and many well-known enterprises to establish a strategic partnership! Is the preferred supplier of machinery and equipment manufacturer!


General Electric Co, Dongguan city, Dongguan city, Guangdong Province, is located in the reform and opening up and developed. Do solid backing for the machinery manufacturer in southern China, is also a leader in the electronic mechanical industry in South China.


Jiangxi SOP company specializing in the production of high pressure air (Liongoal), vacuum pumps, Vortex pumps and other mechanical and electrical products and accessories, covers 60 acres and goals before 2020 and its annual output value of 300 million RMB, annual tax of 50 million RMB.


SOP with today's advanced technology and management of the world's most cutting-edge concepts, tried to create a "perseverance, initiative, responsibility, gratitude" for the values of characteristic enterprise culture, effort to construct the efficient operation of the top team, led to extraordinary leap-style development of enterprises. Create more reform era of the "first people" spirit and influence to create the full three-dimensional network marketing services team.


SOP uphold the principle of "stable and efficient leading technology" strategy, "customer-oriented, and customer win-win" business philosophy to "details determine success or failure" attitude towards everything, a "results-oriented" thinking mode requires every employee, Allow customers to share scientific and technological progress and international brands of the sense of accomplishment and pride!


"Working in partnership, rising tide" is the first company of the entrepreneurial spirit and values, the "SOP people" more than 10 years of dedication to win a good reputation in the market today and let the customer "buy the rest assured, with the comfortable" with customers into new glory!!!, Choose SOP Company, to help you succeed!


Enterprise culture of Dongguan SOP Mechanical&Electric co.ltd.

Mission: to build a win-win with customers, staff development, to contribute to the social enterprise platform.

Vision: to promote the development of mechanical and electrical industry, to give staff a happy life.

Values: charity: water, water of life

Business philosophy: the preferred quality, spread the reputation all over the world

Core competency: learning power and executive power, detail and innovation


Contact Information as below:


Contact person:Linda Gao

Contact e-mail:iris at liongoal.com(“at”means”@”).

Mobile:00 17702689550 or 17180420055

Skype :sop22335055

Whatsapp:00 86 17702689550



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