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microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 1microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 2microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 3microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 4microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 5
  • microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 1
  • microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 2
  • microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 3
  • microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 4
  • microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 5

microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin

Origin:Made In China
Category:Agriculture & Foods / Processed Food / Tea
Label:Mushroom dust steri , drying/Mushroom dus , microwave drying/Mus
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Product Description

microwave drying/Mushroom  dust sterilizer machin 

The principle of microwave heating

Microwave is a sort of electromagnetic wave which frequency is 300MHz to 300GHz .The water molecule in medium materials is polar molecule,under the effect of the rapid change of electromagnetic field,its polarity orientation will alter with the changes of the external electric field with the high-speed,causing the movement and friction of molecule.so that the microwave field energy can be converted to heat energy in mudium to rise the temperature of materials.accomplishing heating ,puffing and a series of physical and chemical processes ,and so ,mircrowave heating is achieved.

The principle of microwave sterilizing

Mircowave sterilizing is the result of combined action of the thermal effect of eletromgnetic fields and the biological effect.Thermal effect of microwave on the bacteria denatures the protein of bacteria ,and make the bacteria lost the condition of nutrition,reproduction and survival so as to die .The biological effects of microwave on the bacteria is that the microwave electric field changes the potential distribution of cross-section of the bacterial cell membrane and impacts the concentration  of electron and lon around the membrane ,and changes the permeability of cell membranes ,therefore the bacterium become innutrient and lost normal metabolism.The structure and function of bacterium fall into disorder ,and theirs growth are inhibited ,as a result they are dead.Moreover ,nucleic acid genetic(RNA) and deoxyribose acid (DNA),which decide the normal growth and stability of bacterial,are curly-shaped macromolecule made of a number of linked compactly hydrongen bond .The microwave can be strong enough to make hydrogen bond stack ,rupture and recombine ,and induce intragenic mutation or chromosome aberration and even rupure.

Detailed description

1. The equipment use advantaged production technology, adopt Panasonic magnetron. Long life, best effect;

2. Adopt stainless steel, compact structure, no energy dissipation, save energy

3. Tunnel type design, fast drying, cover small area

4. Drying and sterilization simultaneously, one equipment has mang usages 

Main application

The equipments are used for the rapid drying of powder, granular, pasty materials, such as glass fiber,raw chemical materials, cellulose (eg hydroxyethyl cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose, etc.), mannitol, nickel hydroxide, lithium cobalt oxide, graphite, carbon brushes, silicon carbide, calcium chloride dihydrate(Calcium chloride two hydrate), zirconium oxychloride, zirconium oxide, copper oxide, aluminum oxide, zirconium hydroxide, zirconium carbonate, copper carbonate, manganese carbonate, zirconium sulfate,ammonium zirconium carbonate,zirconium silicate, zirconium potassium carbonate, oil-based ink, water-based ink, expandable graphite, a variety of ceramic zirconium oxide, iron oxide,cobalt oxalate,talcum powder etc.


The main drying feature:

1, the time is short and drying fast

Conventional thermal sterilization is through the heat conduction, convection and radiation way would transmit the heat from food surface to inside, to achieve the sterilization temperature, often take a long time. Microwave sterilization is microwave can and food and its bacteria such as microbial direct interaction, heating and non-thermal effect work together, to achieve rapid heating sterilization, the processing time is greatly shortened, disinfect the function of various materials in commonly 3 to 5 minutes.


2, low temperature drying keep traditional features

Microwave sterilization is through the special heat and athermal effect of sterilization, compared with conventional thermal sterilization, can be in a lower temperature and shorter time to obtain the needed disinfection sterilization effect. General sterilization temperature in 75-80 degrees Celsius, can achieve effect of microwave processing of food can keep more in addition of nutrients and flavor, such as colour, fragrance, taste and shape have swelling effect. Such as conventional thermal processing of vegetables keep vitamin C is 46% 50%, and the microwave treatment is 60% 90%; Conventional heating liver vitamin A stay at A rate of 58%, and the microwave heating is 84%.


3, to save energy

Conventional thermal sterilization often exists in the environment and equipment heat loss, and the microwave is in the food directly, so no additional heat loss. By comparison, generally can be energy-saving 30% to 30%.


4, even completely

Conventional thermal sterilization starts, material surface by heat conduction to the inside, however, there is temperature difference between inside and outside. In order to keep food flavor, shorten processing time. Is often not enough temperature within a food bactericidal effect and influence. Because the microwave penetration will have, in the food overall processing, surface and internal at the same time by role, disinfection sterilization evenly so thoroughly.


5, easy to control

Microwave drying sterilization processing, equipment can out-of-the-box, no thermal inertia of conventional thermal sterilization, convenient operation and microwave power can be adjusted, speed adjustable from scratch, ease of operation.


6, the equipment is simple, the craft is advanced

Compared with conventional methods, microwave devices do not need to boiler, complicated pipeline system, coal and transport vehicles, with water, electrical basic conditions.


7, improve labor condition, save area

Equipment working environment, low noise, greatly improve the working conditions, a complete set of microwave equipment operation only 2-3 people.

Microwave drying principle

Microwave is a sort of electromagnetic wave which frequency is 300MHz to 

300GHz .The water molecule in medium materials is polar molecule,under the effect of the rapid change of electromagnetic field,its polarity orientation will alter with 

the changes of the external electric field with the 

high-speed,causing the movement and friction of molecule. 


So that the microwave field energy can be converted to heat energy in medium to 

rise the temperature of materials.accomplishing heating ,puffing and a series of 

physical and chemical processes ,and so ,microwave drying is achieved.  

Main technical parameter

Power supply

380V±10%  50HZ±1% three-phase five-wire

Microwave Output Frequency 



Microwave input apparent power


Microwave output power


Microwave power adjustment range


Ambient temperature




Relative humidity

80%, Surrounding environment:no corrosive gas, conductive dust 

and explosive gas

Overall dimension(L*W*H)

15200*1600*1750mm, can be customized

Transmission speed


Height of the inlet and outlet 

60 mm, can be customized

Microwave leak

accord with a country GB10436-89 standards(<5 mw/cm^2)

Equipment safety

accord with GB-5226Electrical safety standard

accord with a country GB16798-1997 Food machinery health security index


microwave drying/Mushroom  dust sterilizer machin 



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microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 1
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microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 2
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microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 3
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microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 4
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microwave drying/Mushroom dust sterilizer machin 5
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