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3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 13PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 23PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 33PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 43PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 53PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 63PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 73PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 83PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 93PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 103PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 113PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 123PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 133PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 143PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 153PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 163PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 173PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 183PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 193PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 20
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 1
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 2
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 3
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 4
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 5
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 6
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 7
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 8
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 9
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 10
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 11
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 12
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 13
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 14
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 15
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 16
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 17
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 18
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 19
  • 3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 20

3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe

Origin:Made In China
Category:Metallurgy , Mining & Energy / Metallurgy & Mining / Piping Tubing
Label:3PE FBE pipe , MAPEC pie , SY/T0413 pipe
Price: US $467 / ton
Min. Order:1 ton
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Product Description

3 PE anticorrosive steel pipe
3 PE anticorrosive pipe parent metal include seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe and straight seam steel pipe.Three layers structure of polyethylene (PE) anticorrosive coatings with good corrosion resistance, resistance to moisture permeability and mechanical properties, is widely used in the oil pipeline industry.3 PE anticorrosive steel pipe anticorrosion layer for the life of the buried pipeline is vital, and the same material of pipes, some buried decades not corrosion, some leak in a few years.Outside is because they have adopted different anticorrosion layer.
3 PE anticorrosive steel pipe refers to the three layers structure of polyolefin coating (MAPEC) anti-corrosion steel pipe, is commonly used one kind of anticorrosive pipe in China.There are other IPN8710, FBE epoxy powder, such as epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion way.

For 3 PE anticorrosion pipe USES a lot of people are just a man who knows one second, the effect is really coverage is very wide, it is suitable for the coal mine underground drainage, shotcrete, positive negative pressure ventilation, drainage, gas, such as fire sprinkler pipe network.Thermal power plant process water waste residues, backwater pipeline.To prevent spray, feed line has excellent adaptability of sprinkler system.Power, communication, highway and other cable protection sleeve.For high-rise buildings water supply, heat supply network heating, water engineering, gas supply, such as underground water pipeline.Oil pipelines, chemical pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing industries of process piping for the transmission of corrosive media.Sewage discharge pipe, sewage pipe and biological pond anti-corrosion engineering.Agricultural irrigation pipe, deep well pipe, drainage pipe network and so on use, say 3 PE anticorrosive steel pipe in the current construction is indispensable, and believe that through the extension of science and technology, it still has more brilliant achievements in the future.

3 PE anticorrosive steel tube made of the main equipment: pipe buffer platform, dial, puller, wear pipe machinery, high pressure first stone machine, repair platform, transmission line, steel pipe preheating furnace, shot blasting machine host overhaul and divided lattice steel pipe to return to the transmission line, fast into the roller group, fast roller, maintenance platform, etc.Anti-corrosion of steel pipe anticorrosion production line can be applied to steel tube single FBE, double FBE, double deck PE, PP and 3 PE anticorrosion.Minimum processing diameter Φ 104 mm (4 "), the largest processing diameter Φ 1600 mm (63 "), the biggest processing capacity of 350 m2 / h above, this production line includes steel pipe transmission system, the surface treatment system, the tube body dust removal system, steel pipe heating system, electrostatic spraying system, coating system, water cooling system, cutting system, hydraulic and pneumatic system, testing system and electric control system, etc.

Ordinary steel pipe in the use of harsh conditions, can appear serious corrosion, which will reduce the service life of steel pipe, anti-corrosion insulation pipe service life is longer, generally is 30 to 50 years or so, you can use and correct installation and use is also can make the network maintenance costs low, anti-corrosion insulation pipe also can set the alarm system, automatic detection of pipeline leakage fault, the knowledge of the accurate fault location and alarm automatically.

3 PE anticorrosion insulation pipe heat preservation performance is good, heat loss is only twenty-five percent of the traditional pipe, long running or can save more resources, significantly lower energy costs, and has the stronger ability of water resistant and corrosion resistant, and also do not need to attached pipe trench, can be directly buried underground or in the water, on the construction is simple rapid, comprehensive cost is low, under the condition of low temperature and has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance, and in a certain environment can directly buried permafrost.
[1] 3 PE anticorrosive pipe parent metal before do anticorrosive processing need to enter into GuanPing steel pipe inspection, record, on the outside surface of steel pipe shot blasting derusting, then on the depth of the cleanliness of the surface outside steel pipe and anchor lines check whether meet the requirements, does not conform to the requirements of qualified with the hand wheel grinding, and in the pipe wrapping tape paper, dust processing, medium frequency heating to the required temperature, oxygen ring powder spray coating, adhesive side of extruder, PE extruder side bound to burn, anticorrosive pipe for water cooling, spray identification for the qualified products, under GuanPing, stacking momentum.

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Product Image

3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 1
Img 1
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 2
Img 2
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 3
Img 3
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 4
Img 4
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 5
Img 5
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 6
Img 6
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 7
Img 7
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 8
Img 8
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 9
Img 9
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 10
Img 10
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 11
Img 11
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 12
Img 12
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 13
Img 13
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 14
Img 14
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 15
Img 15
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 16
Img 16
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 17
Img 17
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 18
Img 18
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 19
Img 19
3PE ,FBE, API PLS1 ,PLS2 ,SSAW,ERW,seamless pipe 20
Img 20

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