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vacuum LED UV Exposure machine for printing plate 1
  • vacuum LED UV Exposure machine for printing plate 1

vacuum LED UV Exposure machine for printing plate

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Product Description

TMEP-6090 vacuum  LED UV Exposure machine for printing plate


 Technical Parameters:

TMEP-6090 Desktop vacuum  LED UV Exposure Unit For screen printing plate

TMEP-8090 Desktop medium vacuum screen printing plate  LED UV Exposure  machine / Shai Banji 

Working table type

10mm High transmittance Glass

10mm High transmittance Glass

Rubber cavity Area

600 X 900mm

800 x 900mm

Max frame  size

500 X 800mm

700 x 800mm

Lamp wattage

220V, 30W*10pcs+pump=450w

220V, 30W*12pcs+pump=510w

Vacuum degree

-0.01~ -0.08mpa

-0.01~ -0.08mpa
Illumination uniformity 100% 100%




Plate type

Pad printing plate, ZN-Plate, Cooperplate, Polymer plate, screen frame

pad printing cliche,screen printing plate 
Weight 75kg 95kg


Screen  LED UV Exposure Machine Manual

  1. Machine shape and main structures:

1. Cover plate support bar

2. Black rubber sheet

3. Locking handle

4. Operation panel

5. Door lock

6. Adjustable supporting foot

7. Casters

2. Performance characteristics

     1. Adopting imported high-quality lamp (PHILIPS), long life, high light efficiency, accurate spectral output.

2.  After power on, it can start-up instantly and also with automatic vacuum adsorption, exposing and other functions.

3. Highly vacuumed vacuum pump, high precision, stable performance, which ensures the close combination between the screen and the sample map, drying out of the screen pattern more clear and realistic.

4. Micro-motor controlled built-in exposure light shade; shading board out when exposing and shading board back when replacing screen, which can save time for replacing screen without switch exposure button.


3. Working principle

The use of vacuum pump pumping, pumping out of  the air between  glass table and the black  rubber blanket to form a negative pressure, and rubber  blankets are negative pressure will compress the screen, film, and then through the role of ultraviolet light can copy clear pictures.


4. Technical Parameters

5. Main components and functions

1. Operation panel assembly

1. Power indicator: This indicator lights when the machine is powered on.

2. Suction start button: press this button; the vacuum pump began to inhale.

3. UV lamp start indication: press the "UV light start" button this indicator light.

4. Exposure start indication: Press the "Exposure start" buttons this indicator lights.

5. Exposure time setting: Set the exposure time.

6. Exposure start button: Press this button to start the exposure.

7. UV Lamp Start button: Press this button to activate the exposure lamp.

8. Suction stop button: Press this button to stop the vacuum pump.

9. Power switch: press the machine power on and off.

2. Internal components

  1. Vacuum pump: sucking the air between the screen and the film, so that the screen and film fit tightly.

  2. Ballast: Pulse high voltage at start of exposing.

3. Internal components II

1. Exhaust fan: remove the hot air in the exposure machine.

2. Lighting neon:  Lighting when placing the film and screen.

4. Internal components III

1. Micro-motor: control the in and out of exposure lights shade board.

5. Worktable glass

1. Worktable glass: Place the film and screen

2. Exposure lights are installed: Exposure light source

6. Maintenance and precautions

1. When exposing, the glass surface must be kept clean, no scratches. Rubber blanket cannot be with the thinner, battery water and other Solvent contact.

2. Before the exposing, if the grease or tape and other stolen goods stick to the glass, can be wiped with water and alcohol to avoid the shadow affect the exposure quality.

3. In the use of UV exposure lights, should pay special attention to: each exposure is completed, should wait 15 to 50 minutes, to be purple outside the light a little cooling down in order to carry out the second exposing. Otherwise, the UV light will not start, and shortened life of UV lamps.

4. Covering the screen with the middle hardness of rubber blanket, can extend the life of rubber blankets.

5. Half a year should check the circuit, vacuum pump once, and make the grounding resistance less than 4 ohms.

6. Lamp issued by the strong ultraviolet spectrum, the operator in the normal work, should not be directly in contact with the light, ensured safety and health of the operator.

7. When the lamp is triggered, the trigger voltage is high and should be well grounded to ensure safe operation.

8. Replace the lamp


Be sure to turn off the unit before replacing the lamp. When the lamp is used for a long time, the light effect is too low or the trigger is not lit, the new lamp should be replaced. Method is to remove the lamp from the column, hand from the light box into the lamp cover below, so flip down, loosen the fixed screw, the lamp carefully removed from the marble, and then the new lamp from the new fixed You can, the stain on the tube, cotton can be dipped in a little alcohol gently scrub clean.

7. Instructions

1. First of all, the power line drawn from the exposure machine connected to the three-phase four-wire 380V power supply, and the power (line voltage) wave cannot exceed 380V +10 V, the best of the body to a good grounding, and the grounding resistance is less than 4 ohms.

2. Wipe glass clean with water or alcohol, so as not to have the impact of product exposure quality.

3. Turn on the power; turn on the lamp under the glass, and operating the fan.

4. Place the patterned film face up in the middle of the glass, fix it with a clear tape, and apply the soaked and dried the screen on the good position, positive pressure on the film.

5. Place the end of the suction pipe fixed on the edge of the suction port in the center of the screen. The role is to screen the central air pumping, forming a vacuum, so that the screen can be evenly pressed film film, so as to clear lines out, pattern beautiful online version.

6. Close the cover

7. Exposure time generally takes more than ten or several tens of seconds. Line fine, tone level rich film, exposure time correspondingly shortened; the opposite line rough, large pattern area, exposure time corresponding to extend some. In addition, different exposure requirements, different film, different photosensitive pulp and if exposure machine suing too long, exposure time are not the same should be based on practical experience to choose.

8. After the exposure time is determined, press the "Suction Start" button to make the vacuum pump work, until the vacuum pump to completely remove the air inside the frame, check the screen has been pressed on the film, can press the "exposure start" Button, so that the UV exposure light. When the "exposure start indicator" is on, after the delay, you can press the "exposure start" button. At this time, the exposure time setting relay starts the standby work when the "exposure start" button is pressed, and the time to reach the exposure time, the exposure end, the vacuum pump and the exposure are automatically stopped.

9. Open the cover; remove the screen for rinsing, exposure process complete.


8. Fault repair

1. Turn on the power switch and the fan does not work

  1. Check if the floor fuses are loose or blown.

  2. Check whether the fan capacitor burns, fan blades are deformed, the fan is bad.

  3. Whether the plug is loose or welding is not strong.

  2. Put down the screen frame, the vacuum pump does not work

   1. Check if the wiring of the vacuum pump is off.

2. Check that the vacuum pump base switch is open.

3. Check that the delay on the panel timer is faulty or the backplane contactor is not working.

3. Vacuum pump work, vacuum cannot reach standard

   1. 1. Check that the suction pipe on the vacuum pump is pl ed in.

2. Check if the oil level of the vacuum pump is too low

3. Check the battery valve is working properly (vacuum pump open, solenoid valve closed, suction; vacuum pump, electromagnetic the valve opens and deflates.)

4. Check the rubber on the side of the tape if there are cracks, shedding and so on.

5. When printing large plate, should extend the inspiratory time.

4. Press the trigger switch, the lamp does not light

1. Check if the supply voltage is too low.

2. Check whether the ends of the lamp are black and the lamp is aged.

3. After the use of UV light, the fan cooling lamp is up to 1 to 2 minutes (due to continuous UV lamp using the cooling time is short, the lamp does not light up.)

4. Check whether the trigger is aging, with or without high pressure.

5. Check whether the 60A solvent is blown.

6. Check whether the two thick wires of the connector are off

5. Lamp light, vacuum pump work, but the PS version cannot work properly.

  1. Check the lamp is full power work (current is generally between 8 ~ 12A normal)

2. Check the vacuum pump trachea can reach 0.08Mpa below, if not reached should be checked according to Article 3 above.

3. Check that the lamp is in its lifetime or no UV spectrum.

4. Check whether the exposure time is accurate, the quality of the media, the concentration of the developer is met.

6. Leakage

First check whether there is obvious ground o phenomenon, the fan is leakage, the capacitor is breakdown, and then check the light box flip lamp cover (that is, light cover), when Turn on or off whether it touches the leads at both ends of the lamp.

7. Please refer to the electrical schematics for each unit code.

8. Exposure Machine should be installed in a well ventilated place to keep the machine clean and operated by special personnel.


9 Features:

1. Easy and convenient to operate as the cycle of vacuuming, exposing and air exhausting are 2.automatically completed with one single control.

3. Air cooling for the lamp and the system

4. Automatic operating way

5. Clear digital display time setting, precise automatic exposure time control


Operation steps

  1. Turn on the power
  2. Turn on the “power” of this unit.
  3. Set the vacuum time
    1. Pressing ”vacuum” button, the left indicator light is on
    2. Pressing”TIME CONTROL” button to adjust and set vacuum time.

Using the machine first time, place the blank screen in the middle of the rubber lumen, set the time to 40 seconds to test, the vacuum gauge pointer reaches the left side of the green area, indicating that the vacuum effect meets the requirements, otherwise it is necessary to extend the

time and then test.

4. Set the exposure time

  1. 1. Pressing ”Exposure ” button, the left indicator light is on
  2. Pressing “TIME CONTROL” button to adjust and set exposure time.

Using different Sensitive adhesive, exposure time is different. You can set the first 300 seconds to test the exposure effect, by resetting the time, extended or shortened, to achieve the best exposure time.

  1. After the above settings are complete, then start actual operation
    1. Put the screen with Sensitive adhesive and Film on the glass worktable.
    2. Place the suction tube on the edge of the frame
    3. Close the cover, press “STATE” button; it will finish according to vacuum and exposure time setting.
    4. After finish plate exposure, vacuum pump is automatically deflated; open the cover, complete plate making.


1,”RESET” Cancel the original settings: if need reset the vacuum or exposure time, first press “vacuum” then press “RESET” the original set to zero; then can reset. Exposure time setting is the same.

2,”BACK” stop button: during the vacuum or exposure process, it can stop when press this button.

  1. Fault repair
    1. Turn on the power, digital is wrong.
      1. Check if the bottom fuse is damaged or blown.
      2. Check if the power plug is pl ed in

2. Lock the drying frame, press the "START" button, the vacuum pump does not work

    Check if the lead of the vacuum pump is connected

3. Vacuum pump work, vacuum cannot reach standard

   1. Check if the suction pipe of the vacuum pump is connected

   2. Check the blanket side of the rubber is crack, degumming and hole phenomenon, of this phenomenon, with a seal glue to repair.

4. The lamp does not light

 1. Check if the supply voltage is too low.

2. Check whether the ends of the lamp are black and the lamp is aged.

 3. Check the exposure time is more than 000 seconds

 4. Check the ballast for damage



  1. To replace the lamp or ballast, be sure to turn off the unit
  2. Exposure machine glass to avoid contact with hard objects, so as not to scratch.
  3. The number of cleaning times the exposure machine depends on the number of times of use and the use of the environment.

Regularly clean parts: the exposure machine glass, Suction silicone blanket and Sidebar.

Application & Features:


A low cost and convenient exposure unit for pad stencil exposure. It can be applied for thick steel plate, thin steel plate and photo-polymer plate image, screen frame, etc. The built-in digital timer provides excellent exposure timing control. With vacuum and rubber to ensure well exposure condition. 

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vacuum LED UV Exposure machine for printing plate 1
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