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Wire Rods 10B21 15B25 EN-31 SAE52100 1
  • Wire Rods 10B21 15B25 EN-31 SAE52100 1

Wire Rods 10B21 15B25 EN-31 SAE52100

Model:EN-31 SAE52100
Brand:Wire Rods 10B21 15B25 EN-31 SAE52100
Origin:Made In Germany
Category:Transportation / Car Parts & Components
Label:EN-31 Wire Rod , SAE 52100 Wire Rod , SAE 1018 Wire Rod
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Product Description

Wire Rods 10B21 15B25 EN-31 SAE52100 

We are Stockholder & Distributors of Hot Rolled Steel Wire Rods, Low Carbon Steel Wire Rods, Medium Carbon Steel Wire Rods, High Carbon Steel Wire Rods, Cold Heading Quality Wire Rods, CHQ Wire Rods, Wire Rods for Ball Bearing, Alloy Steel Wire Rods, Electrode Steel Wire Rods, Jindal make Wire Rod, JSW Make Wire Rod, VSP Make Wire Rod, Mukand Make Wire Rod, Sunflag Make Wire Rod, Bhushan Make Wire Rod, Usha Martin Make Wire Rod


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SAE1025 Wire Rods, SAE 1025 Wire Rods

C18MMn Wire Rods


Medium Carbon Steel Wire Rod

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Wire Rod for Ball Bearing

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Cold Heading Quality Wire Rod, Wire Rod for Fastener, Wire Rod for Nut, Bolt, Screw

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SWRH 82A Wire Rods, SWRH 82-A Wire Rods, SWRH82-A Wire Rods

SWRH 82B Wire Rods, SWRH 82-B Wire Rods, SWRH82-B Wire Rods

SAE9254 Wire Rods, SAE 9254 Wire Rods, AISI 9254 Wire Rods for Suspension Springs

FZ-RA Wire Rods, FZ - RA Wire Rods, FZ -RA Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Wire Rods

EN47 Wire Rods, EN-47 Wire Rods, 50CrV4 Wire Rods, 51CrV4 Wire Rods for Springs

File Steel Wire Rods


Premium quality steel wire rods  
Dia 5.5-20mm 
Grade: 35-90# 
Standard: GB, JIS, ASTM, DIN 
EAF, LRF & VD Route

Low carbon steel wire rod SAE1006B, SAE1008B, SAE1018B 
Coil weight:1.8-2.1ton 
Applicant: wire drawing,welding electrode, nail 
EAF, LRF & VD Route

PC Strand Steel Wire Rod Under the standard of GB/T 24238-2009 and 
strict enterprise internal control standard, the main grade of the  
hot rolled wire coil for prestressing steel wire and steel strands  
is SWRH42B-82B, with the diameters from5.5-13mm. It has become one  
of the competitive products with the advantages of high quality of  
raw material, pure steel quality and strict rolling control process

Wire rod for steel cord  
Dia 5.5,6.5 mm  
Grade WG72LX, WG82LX  
EAF, LRF & VD Route

Steel wire rod for welding wire 
Grade: H08A H08E H08MnA ER50-6E  
Dia.: 5.50mm 6.50mm  
EAF, LRF & VD Route

Cold Heading Steel Wire  
Grade: SWRCH22A,SWRCK35K,ML08AL,ML40Cr  
Dia: 6.5-20mm  
EAF, LRF & VD Route

Wire rod for tyre bead wire 
Under the standard of GB/T24242.2-2009 and enterprise inside control  
standard, the main grades of wire coil for tyre bead wire are C72DA  
and C82DA.Because of the large deformation in the process of stretching  
for the tire bead wire of common and high strength, it is required to  
have less contents of S and P, less impurity and accurate rolling tolerance.  
We had become the supplier of some main domestic tyre bead wire producers  
with large quantities of production of hot rolled wire coil of tyre bead wire

Welding wire 
Coper Welding Wire for ER50-6E  
Dia 0.8-5.0mm  
Grade ER50-6& H08A  
1) The welding wire is used for welding low carbon structural steel and low alloy steel.Such as ships, heavy-duty machines, pressure vessel etc 
2) ER70s-6 can be used for CO2 shielded welding wire or CO2 solid welding wire 
3) With excellent welding technological properties, stable arc, less spatter, a higher deposition efficiency. 
1. mineral machine, engineering machinery, shipping building , oil pipeline equipment, pressure vessels, steel constructions; 
2. welding of other 500Mpa level carbon steel and low alloy steel 
3. high-speed welding of light gauge plate and pipe line steel. 
Diameters:0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm 
Standards: GB/AWS 
Packing:15KG(20KG)/spool/carton, 72 cartons per pallet


Inspection & Approval Certificates : C/W Certificate (Calibration Works Certificate) EN 10204 3.1 / DIN 50049 3.1 / ISO 10474 3.1 Mill Test Certificate, NACE MR-0103 / NACE MR-0175 / ISO 15156, CE Marked, European Pressure Equipment Directive PED-97/23/EC, AD-2000-WO, ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code Sec.II Part A Ed. 2008, API 6A (American Petroleum Institute), with 3.2 certificate duly Certified & Approved by LRS (Lloyd's Register), GL (Germanischer Lloyd), BV (Bureau Veritas), DNV (Det Norske Veritas), ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), SGS, TUV, RINA, IRS, NORSOK Approved Standard M-630, M-650 Rev.3     

If you have any requirement of above items, please feel free to contact us




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Wire Rods 10B21 15B25 EN-31 SAE52100 1
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