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beautiful wire mesh

Origin:Made In China
Category:Metallurgy , Mining & Energy / Metallurgy & Mining / Wire Mesh
Label:slope net , filed fence , TemporaryFenceNettin
Price: ¥1 / pc
Min. Order:100 pc
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Meg nets, also known as burglar mesh, in the shandong area was known as the net cost, production technology for double stigma commonly welding machine (manual arc welding has been eliminated).Each grid for side aperture 6.5 cm generally - 14 cm.Use wire roughness generally from 3.5 mm to 6 mm.Wire material is Q235 low carbon wire commonly.After crimped wire flower welded together Meg black wire.The shape of the mesh size general specifications for the 1.5 meters X4 meters, 2 meters X4 meters, 2 meters X3 meters.
General surface treatment for the cold (electric) galvanized processing.There is also a hot dip galvanized, plastic, plastic spraying.But, overall, ninety-nine percent of cold (electric) galvanized processing.Meg nets have the following several points need to pay attention to
1. Wire diameter
Meg is required of the smaller mesh, silk by the thinner, the bigger the mesh and wire required by the more thick.Such as 6.5 cm mesh aperture to iron diameter of 3.5 mm to 4 mm.Fine a weld is broken again, again thick and heavy, workers can't afford to.
2. The overall size
Meg nets oad width is generally not more than 2 meters.Length is generally not more than 4 m.More than 2 meters one is a worker, the other is the zinc plating is not good.Also can reach 6 meters in length, but no more than 6 meters.Generally more than four meters after the price will be increased significantly.
3. Whether the solder joints welded firmly.
Meg spot welding, is generally quite strong, but if the worker is a novice, adjust machine technology is not high, can appear open solder joints.Once appear this kind of situation, will bring great losses to the customer and works.
4. Galvanized process
Galvanized is Meg vulnerable link, many workers are irresponsible, the boss is a bit not careful, workers are probably will shorten the time of galvanized, soon enough on zinc is caused.The results also can make factories and dealers by heavy losses.
Materials: high quality low carbon steel wire.
Mesh: 3 cm * 3 cm -- 18 cm * 18 cm silk by: 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm long: 1.0 m - 4 m width: 1 m - 2.2 m
Weaving: after bending welded together. The surface can be galvanized. Hot dip galvanized. Jinsu.
Stainless steel material
Meg net production material of stainless steel production technology has a long development process, with the speeding up of the modernization process in recent years, the sharp increase in demand of the stainless steel standard parts, stainless steel standard parts in Meg web almost entirely replace the galvanized carbon steel chrome plated or standard parts.Stainless steel standard parts demand has increased dramatically, and so did the technical progress of stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire steel grade is commonly used in China and with international general steel grade, therefore, has formulated and revised the two version of the standard for metallurgical industry, the technological progress in order to move the stainless steel wire, but to little effect.Until the mid 1990 s, as the change of standard parts industry structure, many places have sprung up a group of foreign capital and private wire drawing and standard parts production enterprise, fundamentally changed the stainless steel wire production and use of the pattern of international derailment, stainless steel production technology is already very advanced now, stainless steel Meg network technology is very advanced.
Meg nets production material is very much, different materials, the characteristic is different, effect is also different.Package plastic wire, PVC wire is surface with corrosion resistant, anti cracking, operation time is long, etc;Stainless steel wire is to use wire rod under the effect of drawing force produced by pull out, corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, high temperature and other characteristics;Low carbon steel wire Meg mesh is made of low carbon steel pull a wire, contains a lot of elements, low carbon steel wire galvanized and smooth;Galvanized wire Meg network has the characteristic such as corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, generally USES two cold galvanized and hot dip galvanizing process.Meg nets material selects the high quality low carbon steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, titanium plate, aluminum foil board, lead board, nickel plate.Production process: punching and shearing stretch forming, pass generally for diamond, hexagon, can be customized shaped hole.Surface treatment: smooth, leveling;The lacquer that bake, jinsu, plastic coated, plastic spraying, plastic coated, galvanized, electric galvanized, etc.Strong and durable, beautiful shape and easy.Applied to the filter, speaker net, child seats, decoration, and crafts basket, basket of production;Filtering in papermaking industry, packaging;Battery, farming, machinery, electronics protection.
Meg nets used in buildings, ships, Bridges and boiler, building stairs, condole top, platform aisle of antiskid, the reinforcement of lightweight building materials, civil engineering batch of cement, the setting of concrete, and used in a variety of automotive tools and air compressor tank, also can be used as a safety equipment of various kinds of machine gears.
Meg nets this grid structure concise, beautiful and practical, easy to transport and install relief without limit, for mountain, slope, bending area adaptability strong, gelizha incomparable advantages with other structure.Highway guardrail net specifications: (1). Jinsu silk by 4.5 -- 5.5 mm Meg net mesh wire around 60 mm X 60 mm bilateral maximum size: 2300 mm X 3000 mm column: 60 mm / 2 mm steel pipe jinsu processing frame: no attachment: rainhat connected card anti-theft bolt connection mode: clamping <
Meg net grid structure concise, beautiful and practical;Easy to transport, installation is not restricted by the terrain ups and downs;Especially for the mountain, slope, bending zone more strong adaptability;Medium to low prices, suitable for large area USES.
Meg nets can be used for breeding chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits and zoo fence.Machinery and equipment protection, highway guardrail, sports venues fence, the road green belts fence.The screen to make into a container of a box shape, fill the cages with stones and so on, can be used to protect and support seawall, slope, road and bridge, reservoirs and other civil engineering.The superior material is flood control and flood fighting.Can also be used for handicrafts manufacturing, machinery and equipment of transmission networks.

Is mainly used for doors and Windows or roads, railways, Bridges, walls, zoo, family, buildings, shopping malls stores and other protective has high strength, easy installation, anti-aging, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.
The characteristics of
Aluminum Meg nets can also be known as the "fence", is mainly used for highway Bridges on both sides of the protection of a Meg web product.
High strength, good rigidity, beautiful appearance, a broad field of vision, easy installation, bright feeling relaxed mesh fence is mainly used in highway, railway, airport, station, service area, bonded zone, open-air CangChuChang fence, port and other fields.
Its product has beautification environment, strong and durable, not easy fade, deformation, etc
Aluminum Meg web specifications are: 4 mm thickness, hole: 7 * 7 4 * 4, 5 * 5 width: 1-1.8 m length: 6 meters per piece
Weaving: after bending welded together. The surface can be galvanized. Hot dip galvanized. Plastic, aluminum alloy.
In JuMinFang, commercial, industrial buildings, elevated line or ShiGongChu of mine, because is on high construction, thus to staff and passers-by could do a lot of threat, because wood, wood, brick, cement, strengthening,
Scaffolding, tingyi, support from more than 3 m, pylon and chimney falling can cause a lot of risk.Such as the use of warp knitted protective otherwise ShiGongChu visor, tools, stone, wood. Even when people fall, warp knitting fence can be safe to catch.
Different from the traditional fence, it won't produce the effect of acrobatics in the trampoline, objects once the nets won't bounce off the air, because the energy of the falling object has been absorbed by warp knitting fabrics;Most industrial countries, law must make very high working environment
With nets, such as security degree is not up to par. It immediately closed construction location: in addition, in the place such as transportation, sports venues, often also add Meg nets and other safety net, fence, to ensure safety.
2 purpose:
Anti-theft Meg nets: mainly used in highway, railway, airport, station, service area, bonded zone, open-air CangChuChang fence, port and other fields.Its product has beautification environment, strong and durable, not easy fade, deformation, etc.
Galvanized Meg nets: galvanized Meg mesh fence is widely used in residential window, development zone, also can be used in highway, railway, airport, residential area, port dock, garden, breeding, animal husbandry, such as barrier protection

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