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◎ 10KVA ~ 500KVA 3P3W + G 3P4W + G advanced pulse width modulation technology, high-efficiency DSP and IGBT advanced control components.
◎ real super isolation design, perfect to solve the power system noise, the impact of the surge and leakage current of the device.
◎ complex CPU design and hardware and software compatible with the technology to make the system more stable.
◎ plug-and-play modular design so that the dismantling of the board is more convenient, rapid maintenance and troubleshooting.
◎ three-phase converter design independently, allowing the system to connect 100% unbalanced load, and still ensure maximum efficiency.
◎ sound input filtering protection, phase failure protection to ensure that the UPS security, stable operation.
◎ Advanced Misoperation design, to prevent misuse and damage to the system.
◎ Intelligent charge and floating charge, effectively extending the battery life; selectable charging current can be fast for a large-capacity battery pack charging system provides a longer backup time.
◎ Intelligent the safety battery detection function of the battery pack failure detection, alarm, ensure that utility power is interrupted due to battery failure will not result interrupt output power outage, but also to ensure the safety of batteries.
◎ Intelligent fan speed control function, the fan speed according to the load conditions automatically adjusted to reduce the fan noise and extend fan life
The ◎ diversion cooling duct separation design. The control section and the power section is designed as a separate duct, timely long-term use in harsh environments, the control part is not easy to dust, so as to improve the reliability and service life of the UPS.
◎ cold start function: to ensure that the UPS system can rely on the battery pack in the case of mains input interrupt the start, and large inrush current when connecting the battery pack.
◎ Multi-function (optional) to meet the various requirements of the system: remote monitoring, phase control, automatic dialing, battery monitoring and SNMP network monitoring card, emergency stop function.
Design ◎ state-of-the-art microprocessor control.
◎ digital remote control panel (optional).
◎ multiple types of output interface, compatible with various types of loads connected.
◎ small size and light weight.
◎ have a regulator, waveform correction capabilities to adapt to a wider range of input power.
◎ mains input, automatic charging of the battery pack device.
◎ batteries the thermal switching function to ensure that users can replace the faulty battery in the case of uninterruptible power supply UPS systems.
◎ RS232 communication interface to achieve the UPS computer data exchange.
◎ inverter anti-the asthenosphere mining three-phase isolation design, completely isolated from the DC and surge interference.
◎ battery system, DC start function.
◎ green design.

    A high reliability: the converter to adopt the bridge structure, can absorb the surge of transformers, inductive load with the back EMF.
    2 full-range use with: can be used for general commercial use: such as banking, computer, communication ....
Military purposes: fire control systems, radar stations, navigation, satellite.
        Industrial use: motor, compressor, mercury vapor lamps, automatic control of machinery and equipment, exposure machine, etching machine.
    3 can be applied to the semi-waveform load, or three-phase unbalanced electrical environment.

     A high cost: the bridge links the use of 2 times the amount of power crystals, and isolation transformer absorb back EMF, the UPS and the load end isolation.
     UPS load end 2 transformer isolation, and therefore can withstand abnormal voltage feedback UPS capacity of the machine, so the volume is high frequency UPS large due to the capacity of the transformer equivalent.
How it works:
Low frequency UPS mains harmonics to improve with power after the upgrade, after the bridge rectifier (boost) DC capacitor C1, C2 charging capacitor stable DC voltage of 310 volts supply four power transistors combination bridge rectifier; made to produce the AC sine wave.
AC sine wave is half weeks by the S1 and S4 power crystal Forward PWM modulation.
Negative half cycle of AC sine wave power crystal by S3 and S2 do and negative PWM modulation.
Surge and counter-electromotive force by the S2 and S4 to 320 times per second to absorb the counter electromotive force.
So that L to zero due to Ldi / dt = dv / dt, S2 and S4, and thus dv / dt will be zero, so the UPS itself leakage or the counter electromotive force of the external transformer inductive load thus disappeared, especially when the load early inputs the current surge waves caused by the first half of the week, by S2, S4 doing hysteresis curve to zero in order to protect the load end and extend the service life.
Conclusion: The high reliability and protect the load equipment
     A rectifier DC voltage is approximately 310V, non-800V, the capacitor and the power transistor is exposed to lower operating voltage, and therefore the higher the reliability of the low frequency of the UPS.
     2 power transistors for four full-bridge connection, connection of non-two half-bridge, full bridge back-EMF absorption, half-bridge, you can not absorb the surge with back-EMF. When the counter electromotive force to charge the capacitor, if it exceeds the value of the upper limit thereof endure, capacitor or a power transistor may be damaged.
     3 assuming full-bridge power crystal fault, the fault current will not flow to the load side, half-bridge power transistors flowing into the stay to the load end device, the load end device caused damage, industrial instruments and production equipment use low frequency UPS, the market share of 95% or more, in fact, for security and reliability considerations.

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