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Supply of single crystal tourmaline  1Supply of single crystal tourmaline  2Supply of single crystal tourmaline  3
  • Supply of single crystal tourmaline  1
  • Supply of single crystal tourmaline  2
  • Supply of single crystal tourmaline  3

Supply of single crystal tourmaline

Origin:Made In China
Category:Metallurgy , Mining & Energy / Metallurgy & Mining / Non-metallic Mineral Deposit
Label:tourmaline , Ms tomalin , Crystal of tourmalin
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Product Description

Tourmaline rock is a kind of silicate minerals, its process name is "tourmaline", the middle-grade stones. Tourmaline crystal structure and morphology of trigonal system. After three Fang Chan cone crystal class. Crystal column. Different crystal faces on both ends of the crystal, cylinder often appear streaking, transverse section assumes the spherical triangle. Aggregation is rod-shaped, radial, needle beam, also into dense clumps or aphanitic block.

Tourmaline is usually produced in the jewel of rare metal pegmatite type lithium, sodium feldspar, mica, greisen type. Tourmaline with ribbon phenomenon, often striation vitreous luster, colorless, no cleavage. Hardness is 7.0 to 7.5. Brittleness. Specific gravity 3.03 3.25. With piezoelectricity and pyroelectricity. Fluorescent under uv light irradiation, not hair to hair weak fluorescence, such as red hair purple fluorescent. Under the light microscope, transmission pleochroism.


Physical properties: color vary with different ingredients: black tourmaline is rich in Fe, with Li, Mn and Cs of tourmaline are rose, pale blue, also rich in Mg of tourmaline are brown and yellow, tourmaline is dark green, rich in Cr. In addition, the tourmaline often has ribbon phenomenon, vertical shaft from center outward to form horizontal ribbon c, or c on both ends of the shaft  color different. Glass luster. No cleavage; Sometimes, can have vertical split of L3. Hardness of 7-7.5. Relative density of 3.03 ~ 3.25, with the composition of Fe, the increase of Mn content, the relative density also increases accordingly. Not only has a piezoelectric, and also with a pyroelectric (because the one-way axis L3 is the only polar axis).


Origin and occurrence: tourmaline compositions are rich in volatile components and H2O, B so much related to gas into effect, from granite pegmatite and pneumatolytic hydrothermal ore deposit. Black tourmaline commonly formed in high temperature, green, pink is generally formed at low temperature. The early formation of tourmaline as the long column, late for short column. In addition, also have tourmaline output in the metamorphic deposit.


The functions and characteristics of the tourmaline:

(1) generate negative ions

Negative ions, also known as "air vitamin", have adjust ion balance effect, can relax the body and mind, activate cells, improve natural cure rate, etc, and can inhibit the oxidation of body or aging, the modern environment has many positive ions generated by, the body often is in nervous condition, as a result, negative ions is indispensable to modern life, in addition, the negative ions also has a fresh, deodorant effect.


(2) radiation far infrared ray (4-14 microns of grow light)

Tourmaline with functions of far-infrared radiation red (4-14 microns of grow light) warm far infrared light can penetrate deeper part of the body cells, promote blood circulation, smooth of metabolism as nano powder of tourmaline could seep to the textile, used for bedding, can rise to purify indoor air, purify the blood, stable plant nerve, dilate blood vessels, stable blood pressure, can activate cells, enhance immunity, resist allergy, help restore fatigue, feel better.

Far-infrared can cure backache, arthritis, feet hurt, afraid of the cold syndrome, as well as raise hair, hair, the effect of the issue.


(3) electrolytic water, narrow the molecular beam

Water does not exist in single molecule, it can combine with hydrogen, molecule group. Referred to as a molecular beam. Activation of water molecules for five or six combined with molecular beam. In this state, the molecules of the activity the most exuberant. Once water containing chlorine or heavy metal impurity content, the impurity content will enter in the molecular beam, dozens of molecular group formation, inhibit the activities of the water molecules, make water to drink, but also can reduce cell penetration, is bad to drink tap water, chlorine is not, and is related to molecular beam's size also, general molecular beam of tap water for 12-16, usually around 35 and 36 of polluted water, the water molecular beam even through water purifier also won't produce change. 4-14 microns if using electromagnetic tourmaline role in molecular beam of high water, will become five or six ideal molecular beam. Tourmaline produced by electromagnetic waves can not only improve the physiological activity of the body, also can make water activation. After water electrolysis, can obtain interface active role, and it is also warm, sweet.


(4) containing the effective trace minerals

Tourmaline containing all kinds of natural minerals, many of which have the same as the minerals necessary for human health. Minerals through the role of the weak current, easy to absorb, is a good source of minerals.


Tourmaline of use:

(1) water purification, mineralization, with tourmaline treated water, contain a variety of mineral elements, and excellent taste.

(2) added to the fabric, used for textiles. Use this fabric to make all kinds of clothes, bedding, etc., both infrared physical therapy effect to human body, but also has antibacterial deodorization effect, etc., also can have the effect of radiation prevention.

(3) is added to the various kinds of paint, coating, using tourmaline can generate negative ions can adsorb organic volatile features, for all kinds of rubber, paint, water-based paint as the carrier, besmear to brush wall and roof, can be pure and fresh air for a long time, at the same time due to decorate houses such as formaldehyde, toluene adsorption organic volatile pollution, and can continuously produce anion, adjust the mood, to improve his health.

(4) is used to sweat stream room: steam bath in tourmaline khan steam room, can rise to dilate the capillaries, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, enhance the effect of lymph circulation. For tissue, can make the cell activation, so old cells discharge or giving regeneration ability, can enhance cell energy, enhance the vitality of cell function and etc. At the same time, can remove wrinkle, beautify skin.

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Supply of single crystal tourmaline  1
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