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Sell NXP(PHILIPS) all series electronic components 1
  • Sell NXP(PHILIPS) all series electronic components 1

Sell NXP(PHILIPS) all series electronic components

Model:74 series
Category:Electronics & Electricity / Electronic Components / Integrated Circuit
Price: US $0.3 / pc
Min. Order:50 pc
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Excellent Integrated System LIMITED

Free MemberHong Kong
Live Chat:Last Online:28 Apr, 2013

Product Description

Excellent Integrated System LIMITED (EIS LIMITED), Established in 1991, is a professional independent stocking distributor of electronic components and specialize in buying the EXCESS STOCK from the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Contract equipment manufacturers (CEMs), and many other factories. EIS has gained good experiences in Excess Inventory Management through its development over 20 years and has become the reliable partner for the domestic and foreign OEM manufacturers.
EIS supply authentic active and passive components for Industry Resellers and Brokers since 1995 and give 90-360 days quality guarantee. Our OEM Excess Inventories enable us to offer Hard to Find & Obsolete Electronic Components throughout the world. We are the professional independent stocking distributor of XILINX, CYPRESS, ALTERA, ATMEL, JRC, MAXIM, NXP, HITACHI, RENESAS, NEC, IR, INFINEON, FREESCALE, MOTOROLA, PHILIPS, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS(TI), ANALOG DEVICES(ADI), NATIONAL SEMI(NS), ISSI, FAIRCHILD, SIEMENS, TOSHIBA, MITSUBISHI, MICRON, ST(SGS THOMSON), ON SEMI, WINBOND, VISHAY, POWER, LEANER TECH(LT), AVAGO, AGILENT, IXYS, INTERSIL, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC, SANYO, FUJISU, MICROCHIP, MICREL, MITSUMI, BROADCOM, ALLEGRO, AMD, ATI, NVIDIA, SONY, INTEL, SHINDENGEN, YAMAHA, ZETEX, ROHM, RAMTRON, QUALCOMM, PERICOM, SHARP, TOREX, OMRON, KEMET, OKI, RICOH, SEIKO, Richtek, SANKEN, AVX, TDK, EPSON, EPCOS and so on. Email: john(at)eis-ic.com 
Excellent Integrated System LIMITED is the distributor of MOTOROLA-FREESCALE, Integrated Circuits (ICs),Clock/Timing,Embedded - DSP (Digital Signal Processors),Embedded - Microcontroller, Microprocessor,Interface - Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers,PMIC - MOSFET, Bridge Drivers,PMIC - Voltage Regulators,RF/IF and RFID. We also buy/liquidate the excess stocks (surplus inventory) in the electronic components industry all over the world, especially the LED chips, please email us john(at)eis-ic.com if you have any excess stocks to sell. If you have any demands of electronic components, please feel free to send us email: john(at)eis-ic.com 
below is some of the part number:
16215423 1PS302 1PS70SB46 115 1PS76SB10-115 1PS76SB21 1PS79SB30 2N7002,215 2PB709ART 2PD601ART 6509EL1/328/2A 74ABT16823ADL 74ABT374AD 74ABT541DB 74AHC04D 74AHC08D 74AHC123APW 74AHC132PW 74AHC138PW 74AHC1G00GW 74AHC1G08GW 74AHC1G126GW 74AHC1G32GW 74AHC1G66GW 74AHC1G79GV 74AHC1G79GW 74AHC1G86GW 74AHC1GU04GW 74AHC541PW 74AHC574D 74AHC86PW 74AHCT1G125GV 74AHCT1G126GW 74AHCT1G14GV 74AHCT1G14GW 74AHCT1G32GV 74AHCT2G125DC 74AHCU04D 74ALVT16601DGG 74AUP1G02GW 74AUP1G14GW 74AUP1G157GM 74AUP1G157GW 74AUP1G18GW 74AUP1G86GW 74AUP2G132DC 74CBT16212DGGR 74CBTLV1G125GV 74HC00D 74HC02D 74HC04D 74HC04PW 74HC08N 74HC126D 74HC132D 74HC138N 74HC147D 74HC14PW 74HC154PW 74HC165D 74HC165PW 74HC1G02GV 74HC1G04GV 74HC1G08GW 74HC1G125GV 74HC1G126GV 74HC1G126GW 74HC1G86GV 74HC237D 74HC244DT 74HC245N 74HC245PW 74HC251D 74HC259D 74HC273N 74HC2G14GW 74HC2G34GW 74HC32D 74HC373PW 74HC374D 74HC374N 74HC393PW 74HC4051D 74HC4051PW 74HC4052D 74HC4053D 74HC4053PW 74HC4066D 74HC4066PW 74HC4094D 74HC541PW 74HC564D 74HC573PW 74HC574D 74HC574PW 74HC58D 74HC590D 74HC595D 74HC595PW 74HC6323AD 74HC86D 74HCT00PW 74HCT132D 74HCT132PW 74HCT14DR 74HCT14PW 74HCT164PW 74HCT1G08GW 74HCT1G125GV 74HCT1G14GV 74HCT1G14GW 74HCT245D 74HCT2G125DP 74HCT2G34GW 74HCT373PW 74HCT4053D 74HCT573D 74HCT574PW 74HCU04DT 74LVC00AD 74LVC04AD 74LVC04ADT LEADFREE 74LVC04APW 74LVC138AD 74LVC14ADT 74LVC14APWR 74LVC16244ADGG 74LVC16245ADL 74LVC1G00GW 74LVC1G04GV 74LVC1G04GW 74LVC1G08GM 74LVC1G08GW 74LVC1G125GV 74LVC1G125GW 74LVC1G126GW 74LVC1G14GV 74LVC1G14GW 74LVC1G18GV 74LVC1G32GM 74LVC1G384GW 74LVC1G57GW 74LVC1G58GW 74LVC1G79GV 74LVC1GU04GW 74LVC1GX04GW 74LVC244ABQ 74LVC244ADB 74LVC245AD 74LVC245ADB 74LVC245APW 74LVC273PW 74LVC2G04GV 74LVC2G04GW 74LVC2G07GV 74LVC2G125DC 74LVC2G126DC 74LVC2G17GW 74LVC2G34GM 74LVC2G34GW 74LVC2G66DP 74LVC2G74DC 74LVC2G74DP 74LVC373APW 74LVC374APW 74LVC573ADB 74LVC574APW 74LVC74APW AER04206HN/1 AWT6279RM20P8 AWT6280M11P8 BAL99 BAP64-03 BAS16.215 BAS21 BAT54C BAT54S BAV70 BC368 BC369 BC547C BC557B BC557C BC640 BC807-25 BC807-40 BC807-40W BC807W BC817 BC817-25LT1 BC817-40 BC846AW BC846BS BC846S BC847BPN BC847CS BC847W BC848S BC849C BC856B BC857B BC857BT BC857BV BC860BW BC869 BC869-10 BC869-16 BCV46 BCV47 BF1108 BF1211R BF199 BFG325W/XR BFG520/X BFG540/X BFU725F BGY292G/03/N1 BLF6G10LS-160 BSP100 BSP105 BSP120 BSP122 BSP124 BSP126 BSP130 BSP16 BSP19 BSP225 BSP250 BSP318 BSP42 BSP60 BSP61 BSP62 BSP69 BSP75 BUK127-50DL BY329X-1500S BYV29-600 BYV42EB-200 BZV55-C5V6 BZX79-C27 BZX79-C5V1 BZX84C-33 CBT3125PW CBT3244APW CBT3257AD CP3236D DS21348G GTL2006PW HEF4001BT.653 HEF40106BT HEF4011BT HEF4013BT HEF4017BT HEF4024BT HEF4046BT HEF4051BT HEF4060BT HEF4071BT HEF4093BT HEF4521BT/S410 HEF4894BT ICM7555ID IP4047CX6/LF IP4054CX15/LF IP4220CZ6 IP4776CZ38 ISP1102BS ISP1183BS ISP1561BM ISP1563BMUM ISP1761ET KTY81/210 LPC2131FBD64/01 LPC2134FBD64 LPC2214FBD144 LPC2368FBD100 LPC2387FBD100 LTA201N LTA601N LTA602N LTA705S M74HC595RM13TR N74F273AN NE1617DS OM3750HN/N3 OM3750HN3UM OM6190HN/C2 OM6191HN/C1 OM6194HNC2UM OM6195HN/C1 OM6196HN/C1 OM6196HNCVUM OM6370EL1/247/5A OM6370EL12475AUM P80C562EBA P87C591VFA P87LPC764BD P89C51RD2FA P89C669FA/00 P89LPC901FD P89LPC915FDH P89LPC921FDH/CP3261 P89LPC922FDH P89V52X2FN PBLS1504V PBMT2907A PBSS4140U PBSS4160DPN PBSS4350T PBSS5140T PBSS5140U PBSS5330X PBSS5350T PBYR10100 PC8575CTS PCA82C250T/N4 PCA82C251T PCA8563T/4 PCA8581CT PCA9500PW PCA9507DP PCA9512ADP PCA9516APW PCA9517AD PCA9517D PCA9517DP PCA9517DP-T PCA9531BS+118 PCA9536D PCA9536TK PCA9540BDP PCA9542APW PCA9543APW PCA9544ABS PCA9544APW PCA9546AD PCA9546APW PCA9548A PCA9548ABS PCA9548APW PCA9550DP PCA9551BS PCA9552PW PCA9554AD PCA9554DH PCA9554PW PCA9555BS PCA9555PW PCA9557D PCA9557PW PCA9557PWR PCA9561PW PCA9564BS+118 PCA9564PW PCD80721EL/E PCF2113WU/2/F4 PCF50606HN/18B/N2 PCF50613HN PCF50633HN/05/N3 PCF5213EL1/065/3I PCF7991AT PCF85116-3D PCF8534AH/1 PCF8562TT/2 PCF8563P PCF8563T PCF8574AP PCF8574AT PCF8574P PCF8574T/3 PCF8574TDK-T PCF8574TS PCF8575TS/1 PCF8576CT PCF8576DT/2 PCF8576DU/2DA/2 PCF8578T/1, 118 PCF8578T-1 PCF8583P PCF8583T PCF8584P PDIUSBD12PW PDTA114EU PDTA114YE PDTA123ET PDTA124ET PDTA143EE PDTA143EU PDTA143ZU PDTA144EK PDTA413EE PDTC114EE PDTC114YE PDTC115EU PDTC144EK PDTC144EU PDZ10B PDZ12B PDZ15B PDZ5.1B PDZ5.6B PDZ6.2B PEMH1 PESD12VS1UB PESD15VL1BA PESD1CAN PESD24VS1UB/DG PESD24VS2UT PESD3V3L2UM PESD3V3L4UG PESD3V3V4UG PESD5V0L2UM PESD5V0S1BB PESD5V0S1BL PESD5V0S1UB/DG PESD5V0S2BT PESD5VOL6US PESD5Z3.3 PESD5Z7.0 PH3330L PH4830L PH8030L PH8230 PH8230E PH9930L PHD22NQ20T PHD55N03LTA PHD78NQ03LT PHK12NQ03LT PHK28NQ03LT PHKD6N02LT PHP101NQ04T PHP225 PHP29N08T PHP75NQ08T PIMH9 PLVA2656A PMBD7000 PMBF170 PMBT2222A PMBT2907A PMBT3904 PMBT3906 PMBT4401 PMBT8050D PMBT8550D PMBTA06 PMBTA42 PMBTA92 PMBZ5231B PMEG1020EA PMEG2010BEA PMEG3002AEB/DG PMEG3005AEA/DG PMEG3010B PMGD370XN PMGD780SN PMK35EP PMN38EN PMR280UN/DG PMST3906 PMV213APW PMV31XN PMV45EN PMV65XP PNX0103ET/01 PNX2018E/E03 PNX3000HL PNX5230EL/247/4A PNX7350E PNX7877E PNX8009DBHN/C00 PNX8009DHHN/C00 PNX8009DHHNC00 PNX8314HS/102 PNX8316HS/102 PNX8510HW/B1 PNX8540E1/200D PNX8540E1/M1/200D PNX8706ET/06 PNX8935E/M1A PSMN003-30P PSMN005-75P PSMN038-100K PSMN165-200K PTN3360BBS PUMB11 PUMB4 PUMD3 PUMD48 PUMD9 PUMF11 PUMH1 PUMH10 PUMH2 PUMH9 PUMT1 PXAG49KBA RB751S40 RB751V40 RB751V40+115 RC522 S10314V1 S20293V2 SA5254UK SA56004ED SA58670BS SA612AN/01 SA616DK/02 SA9521HN/C1 SAA4848PS/V1031 SAA4848PS/V1047 SAA4848PS/V1063 SAA4848PS/V1064 SAA4848PS/V1065 SAA4848PS/V1070 SAA4848PS/V1076 SAA4848PS/V1078 SAA4849PS SAA4910H/N3/C01 SAA5361HL/M1/1651 SAA6581T/V1 SAA6588T/V2 SAA7117AE/V2/G SAA7117AH SAA7137DHS/1 SAA7137DHS/V101 SAA7138FHL SAA7146AH/V4 SAA7706H/N108Y SAA7708H/203 SAA7709H/103 SAA7709H/109 SAA7709H/N106 SAA7709H/N107 SAA7750EL SAA7818HL SAA7818HL/MOC SAF7118H SAF7730HV/312 SAF7730HV/N336 SC16C2550BIB48 SC16C550IB48 SC16C652BIBS SCC2691AC1A28 SE95DP SJA1000 SJA1000  K SJA1000T SJA1000T/N1 SN74AHC74PWR SN74AHCT1G126GW SSL2101T/N1 SSL2102T/N1 TD1316AF/IVP-3 TD1316AL/IHP TDA10023HT TDA10046A TDA10048HN/C200 TDA10086HT/C2 TDA10093HT/B2 TDA1072AT/V4 TDA11020H1/N1F00 TDA12000H1/N1F00 TDA12001H/N1F4B TDA12009H/N1C7F0LD TDA12010H/N1F00 TDA12011H/N1F4B TDA12020H/N1D01 TDA12020H1/N1F01 TDA12060H/N1F00 TDA12062H1/N1F00 TDA12063H/N1F0B TDA12070H/N1F00 TDA12072H/N1F01 TDA12073H/N1F0B TDA1308T/N2 TDA15011H/N1CD0 TDA15011H1/N1C00 TDA15021H/N1C00 TDA15400E/N1C00 TDA15401E/N1C00 TDA15420E/N1C00 TDA15421E/N1C00 TDA15441E/N1C00 TDA15450E/N1C00 TDA15451/N1C00 TDA15460E/N1C00 TDA15461E/N1C00 TDA15481E/N1C00 TDA15511E/N1HC0 TDA15511E/N1HC0. TDA15521E/N1F80 TDA15521E/N1H81 TDA15633E/N1B00 TDA15634E/N1B10 TDA1575T/V2 TDA1593T/V3 TDA18271HD/C2, 557 TDA2616 TDA3681J/N2 TDA3683J TDA6107JF/N3 TDA6500TT/C4 TDA7050/N3, 118 TDA7050/N3/S6, 115 TDA7050T/N3, 112 TDA7050T/N3, 115 TDA7050T/N3, S6, 112 TDA7050T/N3, S6, 115 TDA7052/N2, 112 TDA7057AQ TDA8007BHL/C2 TDA8024AT/C1 TDA8024T/C1 TDA8551T/N1 TDA8552T TDA8754HL/14 TDA8759HV/8. TDA8819H1/N18 TDA8890H1/N1B TDA8925J/N1 TDA8931T/N1 TDA8932BTW/N2 TDA8932T TDA8932T/N1 TDA8933BTW/N2 TDA9830/V1 TDA9881TS/V2 TDA9882TS/V1 TDA9885T/V3 TDA9885TS/V5 TDA9886TS/V4 TDA9898HL TDA9935HW/C1 TDA9975EL/8/C6 TDA9983AHW/8/C101 TDA9984AHW TDA9996HL/C1 TEA1501T/N1 TEA1506T TEA1521T/N2 TEA1532CT/N1 TEA1610T/N5 TEA1623P/N1 TEA1655T/N1 TEA1750N1H TEA1751LT TEA1751T/N1 TEA1782T/N1 TEA5760UK TEA5760UK/N1/S21 TEA5764HN TEA5764HN/N2 TEA5766UK TEA6848H/V1S TEF6601T/V2 TEF6621T/V1 TEF6730HW TEF6730HW/V1 TFA9810T TFA9810T/N1 TFF1004HN/N1 TJA1020T TJA1050T/N1 TJA1054AT TJA1054T/N1 TJA1054T/S900 TSA5060ATS/C1 UAA3220TS UAA3537LHN/C1 UAA3587EHN/C2 UAA3595HN UBA2008TK/N2 UBA2010T/N4 UBA2012T/L2 UBA2013T/N3 UBA2013T/N5 UBA2014T/N1 UBA2024P/N1 UBA2028T/N1 UCB1200BE UDA1330A UDA1334ATS/N2 UDA1334BTS UDA1334BTS/N2 UDA1341TS UDA1355H UDA1361TS/N1 UDA1380HN/N2 VT22030A3 VT22499-5 VY22549A6

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Sell NXP(PHILIPS) all series electronic components 1
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