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PA66 U.S. DuPont 101F / 101F-NC010 1
  • PA66 U.S. DuPont 101F / 101F-NC010 1

PA66 U.S. DuPont 101F / 101F-NC010

Brand:American DuPont
Origin:Made In United States
Category:Chemicals / Plastic Materials
Label:American DuPont , PA66 , Nylon 66
Price: ¥30 / KG
Min. Order:25 KG
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Supply PA66 plastic materials
(1) PA66, liquid nitrogen R1000, HS, RA-1004, to RAL-4022, RAL 4023, 4 026
, 4046, RB1008, RC1003, 4536, RF10010HS, RF1007, RFL4026, RFL-4036
, RL4010, RL-4040, PDX-R-02038, VF1002, AG6, 25GF
(2) the PA66 America's first promise 21SPC, 21X-the NC 22C, 50BWFS, EC0315, M344 BK, M344-V0-BK, R513, R513H, R533, R533H, R543, R543H the NC
(3) PA66, the United States DuPont: 101F, 101L, 103FHS, 103HSL, 10B, 10B40, 11C40-BK, 153HSL-NC010, 3426,35 L, and 408HS, 409AHS-BK010, NC, of ​​5514,70 G13HS1-L 70G13HS1L NC010 45SHB 70G13L , 70G13SH1L BK, 70G20HSL, 70G25HSL, 70G25HSLR-BK099, 70G30HSLR, 70G33HSIL (BK), 70G33HSIL (NC), 70G33L, 70G35HSL, 70G35HSLC BK099, 70G43L, 70G43L-NC010, 70G60L, 72G13HS1L, 72G33W NC010, 73G30HSL, 74G20HSL BK, 74G33J , 79G13HSL-NC, 8018,8018 HS, 8061,80 G14AHS-BK099, 84G33, 70G33HS1L-BK, 80G33L-NC010, A73G15L BK083, AFE-9021-BK010, CFE8005HS BK, DMX65G30AH, EFE4068B BK, EFE7390 BK, FE130004-BK153J, FE13050 , FE15004, FE15033, FE170007-BK031, FE5313 BK, FE5382, FE5514 NC010, FR15, FR50, FR52G20LX, FR52G30BL, FR52G30LX, FR52G35BL, FR52G45BL, FR53G50HSLR, FR7025, FR7025V0F NC010, FR7026V0F NC010, FR72G25V0 NC010, HTN 54G50HSL BK, HTN51G35HSL, HTN52G30NH, HTN52G45 BK, HTN53G35HSLR, HTN53G50HSLR, HTN53G50RHF, HTNFR52G30LX, ST801, ST-801, ST-801HS, ST801NC, ZYTA197
PA66, Japan's Asahi Kasei 1300G, 1300G BK, 1330G, 1402S, 14G25, 14G33, 1532S, 54G43 the NC, 90G60, CR103, FR370-the NC, TR161, WG143, 54G33, 1300S-BK, 1300S, 1402G-BK, 90G55 CR301, FG172 BK, FG172X61, FG173X31, FR200, FR370, XN-T102, 1300GT, 93G33 X01 BK NC
(5) PA66 Japan Mitsubishi N252D.3010N.3010GN15.3021GH,-30
(6) PA66, Italy, Radici A45L1
(7) the PA66 Germany's BASF A3EG10, A3WG5 NC, A3WG5-BK, A3WG6 the, A3WG6-BK, the A44, A4K, A3WG8 (BK), A3X2G5 BK, A3Z ,1403-2 (GF13), 8233G ,1310-11, 1403-2,8231 GHS, A3EG10 NC, A3EG3, A3EG6, A3EG7, A3HG6, A3K, A3WG10, A3WG7, A3WU NC Q601, A3X2G5, A3X2G7, B40L, C4, C3U
(8) PA66, Taiwan's Nanya 6401G6.FR10.6210GC.
(9) PA66, Italy Walker Phil 66G30H, 66SN, 66ST-Z
(10) PA66 LNP *: QL4540.UFL4036.RL 4010.RAL-4022
(11) PA66 Toray Japan CM3004.CM3511G-50.CM3006, CM3014, CM3001G, UTN320
(12) PA66 Korean DuPont 70G13HSL
(13) PA66, Taiwan the Knight MG1014NM.MS-0100
(14) the PA66 Italian Radici A45L, A, of RV 330L.A of RV 430
(15) PA66, French Rhodia A205F, A216V30, 27AE, 27AE1, A218V30, A221, A30H2V25-BK V30 A338 WIT2, B50H1, A20-V0 PSA244N, A205F, A216V30 A216V30-NC, A30H2V, C216
(16) PA66, China Toray CM3004
(17) PA66, Taiwan Jin Lun A0050FN,
(18) PA66, Switzerland, the EMS 6093,6093 AS V0, BK A28FR, AG-20/10 V0, AG-30, AS/10 the VO BK, AS / VO ATG33/10H BGZ-50 FE5750, G3MV-4H- 11 BK, PVN-3H, RD2509, RD2510, TSS, TSS-4, TSV0, TV-3H, T300NZ

PA66 polyamide, high melting point. It is a semi-crystalline - crystalline materials. At higher temperatures but also to maintain a strong strength and stiffness. PA66 is still forming after moisture absorption, and its extent depends on the composition of the material, wall thickness, and environmental conditions. GM, Ford, Chryster, Delphi, Valeo Automotive recognize the enhanced strength and rigidity, the glass fiber content of 33%. Used to require rigid and dimensionally stable mechanical components and shields. Used for automobile parts, mechanical components, mechanical and electrical parts, such as micro-motor, auto parts, such as the radiator tank, variable speed. In product design, we must consider the impact of moisture absorption on the geometric stability. In order to improve the PA66, mechanical properties, often adding a variety of modifiers. Glass is the most common additives, sometimes in order to improve impact resistance, also joined the synthetic rubber such as EPDM and SBR. PA66 lower the viscosity, so liquidity is very good (but not as good as PA6). This property can be used to the processing of thin components. Its viscosity is very sensitive to temperature change. PA66 contraction rate between 1% to 2%, the glass fiber additives can be the contraction rate reduced to 0.2% to 1%. Shrinkage in the flow direction and flow direction perpendicular to the direction of differences is larger. PA66 many so ents, the anti-insoluble, resistant to weak acid and some other chlorinating agent. Injection molding conditions: dried: If the processing of the material is sealed, then there is no need to dry. However, if the storage container is opened, it is recommended that in the 85 ° C hot air drying process. If the humidity is greater than 0.2%, also need to be 105 ° C, 12 hours of vacuum drying. Melting temperature: 260 ~ 290 ℃. Additives to the glass product is 275 ~ 280 ℃. The melting temperature should be avoided higher than 300 ℃. The mold temperature: 80 ℃ recommended. The mold temperature will affect the degree of crystallinity, degree of crystallinity will affect the physical properties of the product. For thin-walled plastic parts, use less than 40 ° C mold temperature, the degree of crystallinity of the plastic parts will change over time, in order to maintain the geometric stability of the plastic parts need to be annealed. Injection pressure: usually 750 ~ 1250bar, depending on material and product design. Injection speed: high speed (for enhanced material should be slightly lower). Runners and Gates: PA66, solidification time is very short, the gate location is very important. The gate aperture not less than 0.5 * t (here t is the thickness of the plastic parts). If you use the hot runner, gate size should be smaller than the use of conventional flow, because of the hot runner can help to prevent the material from premature solidification. Submerged gate, the gate of the minimum diameter should be 0.75mm
PA66 is mainly used in the automotive industry, machinery, electrical installations, instrument shell, and the need for impact resistance and high strength requirements of production machinery and electrical devices.
PA66 brand DuPont, Solutia, USA, Japan, Asahi Kasei, Toray, Japan's Mitsubishi, BASF, Germany, South Asia, Taiwan, Rhodia, the EMS, Switzerland, China Shenma (polyamide)

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PA66 U.S. DuPont 101F / 101F-NC010 1
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