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Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 1Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 2Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 3Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 4Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 5
  • Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 1
  • Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 2
  • Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 3
  • Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 4
  • Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 5

Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance

Origin:Made In China
Category:Construction & Decoration / Kitchen Appliance
Label:gas stove , gas cooker , freestanding cooker
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Integral environmental-protection cooker   Our freestanding cookerRange hoods, sterilization cabinet and storage cabinet in styles and colours to suit every taste collection gives a choice of beautiful,high specification cookers to slot in any space.   It includes gas cooker, microwave, Range hoods, sterilization cabinet and storage cabinet in styles and colours to suit every taste Why do you select for our product: 1.Our patent: oil/smoke separation technology, air-purification technology, auto cleanup technology; 2. Rely upon exquisite manufacturing technique, present superior quality of product. 3.Most integrated after-sales service system make not worried after purchase.   Diyan Integral cooker is for easy clean up and routine maintenance and prevention from erosion for your face and caring for your skin and beautiful hair and from oil drip and leakage and from oil smoke pollution, so that you fully enjoy for pleasure of cooking in elegant and comfortable kitchen environment. ten abilities: integration, super cleanup, convenience, intelligence, safety,silence, quality, personality, service, high performance-price ratio. Relying upon micro-aerodynamic design principle, this applies for combination with one-time forced exhaust and second return air exhaust as working method,makes smoke pollutant resource fully isolated and removed. Superior suction and exhaust effect fully handle kitchen smoke pollution issue and truly meet air environmental demand for air environment of open kitchen and reach kitchen zero tolerance.

  Qualification and honor 1.Oil-smoke purifier
 Developed product includes economic serial, classic serial, luxurious serial air purified equipment. As Chinese dietary habit is to like fried food, so kitchen disperses lots of oil smoke and make people seriously annoyed by oil smoke. Currently, market integral cooker only simply ducts smoke out from kitchen, and seldom handle it. Such integral cooker is not inherently environmental-protection integral cooker. After for some time for use, lots of oil dirt collects impeller for exhaust blower, load electric motor and reduce rotation rate, so this not only affects in draft but also greatly reduces life of use. Diyan environmental-protection integral cooker adds up self-developed oil/smoke purification equipment, which is pioneer in integral cooker industry. Diyan Oil/smoke purification equipment applies for advanced dynamic oil smoke screen technology and add such screen panel into volute casing (such panel is made of 150 sets of stainless steel wire), such oil-smoke screen panel rotates by 1400r/min after driven by motor, oil smoke particle rapidly condenses once impacting screen panel by hi-rate rotation, then throw it into oil sump under centrifugal action, at last flow into oil box. such air fed into impeller has had no oil smoke, impeller also keeps clean as before even for long time. Air after exhaust into air also excludes any oil smoke, assuring environmental protection. So, it shown that Diyan oil-smoke purification equipment needs to add up new energy but reach good effect, truly enter into energy save and environmental protection. 2. Air purifier     Meal frying creates lots of oil smoke and carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon and other physical harmful substance, including benzene and methanal (strong carcinogen), which may induce cancerization for liver tissue if inhalation for long time and seriously endanger physical health.Current kitchen ventilator and integral cooker only simply and directly exhaust oil smoke and hazardous gas into air, although this assures air cleanup for kitchen, yet this only converts pollution and still results in environmental pollution, so currently, oil smoke pollution has been to one complaint hotspot in ambient pollutions.
    Diyan integral cooker adds up unique air purifier, oil smoke air purifier sets with ion generator, it emits lots of little ion cluster under electric field, little ion impacts oxygen molecule in air and forms positive and negative oxygen ion. As they features strong activation and oxidizes and decomposes pollutant factor in oil smoke that not only reaches oil and smoke purification but also has air purification for well-purified exhaust air and finally and fully eliminate carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbon, methanal and benzene and strong carcinogen, inherently has their zero emission. In case if each family uses such environment-protection integral cooker for this project all over China, carbon dioxide in China may reduced by 5% to10%.
3. Automatic cleanup equipment
   After use of current integral cooker for some time, oil smoke collects into air duct, and after dirt solidifies for some time, it is very hard to clear up. However, it easily multiplies harzardou bacteria without no removal for dirt from air duct, so this affects physical health for user. Diyan enviornmental-protction integral cooker adds up automatic cleanup equipment. it may automatically start up after gas cooker extinguishes each time, air blower delays for rotation after extinguishing, at the same time it starts sprayer for automatic cleanup, and spray out cleaning liquid by automatic timing mode and assure that cleaning liquid one by one flows into hi-rotation oil-smoke shielding equipment, so hi-rotation oil-smoke shielding equipment evenly sprays well-painted Teflon shielder and air duct surface after atomization of well-spraed cleaning liquid, and then recycle dirt to oil sump box, air duct permanetly becomes sanitary and effectively control exhaust emission.
    Our kitchen become very clean and air also is very fresh and we have no worry about health only after we optimize product through three functions, of course, I think, our product also becomes certified.     Integral environmental-protection cooker introduces to fashionable element   Diyan Integral environmental-protection cooker introduces European fashionable element and dedicated to research, manufacture and develop environmental-protection cooker all over China and struggle to be the most professional manufacturer. We bring rational, superior, reliable and functional design idea from Germany into China, and integrate all functions in kitchen electric appliance, and facilitiate with extreme combination mode with harmony. Key elements presents as follows:
■Integration in several kinds of functions, integral function features more reasonability
■Professional manufacturing ,more personalized design.
■Safety quality, free from potential worry.
■Harmonious design, redoubling sense of beauty
Comparison Item Latest generation integral kitchen electric appliance First generation integral kitchen electric appliance
Gas collection Tank Slide-down design assures grease free sliding down to oil sump box. adhesive oil meets open fire and easily flame, foreign odor if it lasts for long time.
Exhaust inlet Cooking fire fails to reach air inlet and assure full use for energy. It closes up cooking fire and brings massive heat energy and wastes energy.
Maintenance mode Repair only after taking out of station screw, featuring easy repair for short time. Repair only after taking out of integral machine, repair become troublesome and lasts for long time.
Oil sump box built-in one-time oil absorption material, recycle after seal, free cleanup for oil sump box adhere to oil, oil sump box is hard to clean up.
Use for pot appliance Personalized design, free limit for size of pot Limited in size for pan
Air inlet gradually suck smoke from low part to upper one, 100% control smoke dispersion, it may be disassemble and easily clean up. Too lower, even if too wind force can not fully sucks up oil smoke, along with small air inlet.
Cover plate glass arc design, smoke may have backflow and suck it away and assure 100% smoke suction if any leakage. Straight line design, only for good-appearance and free actual action.
Safety Cooking head is far away from exhaust inlet, hard to suck flame into interior house, prevent it from firing. Cooking head closes to air inlet, easily sucks flame into interior house and results in some danager.
 Pleasure for frying dish Pot opening closes up air inlet as reasonable design, smoke reaches eqivalent effect even if frying dish. Pot opening too closes to air inlet, lots of smoke runs away if frying dishl
Good appearance for use Reasonable height design and right position for pot handle. Unreasonably place pot handle without elegance.
JZ2310-(I.O)- (S.R.B)-(R.Y.T) Gas stove、Range hood、Sterilizing cabinet、Storage cabinet、Lampblack purification、Battery furnace、Air purification Total Power(W) 500
Air Volume( m3/min) ≥18± 0.2
Smoking Absorption Rate 99.7%
Sterilizing Infrared
Dry Quartz Tube
Sterilizing Cabinet Volume 90
Storage Cabinet Volume 55
Induction Cooker Power    
Fuel Natural Gas/Coal Gas/Tank
Standard Color Black/Mirror/Red
weight 85kg
Size(mm) 800*1000*600
Package size(mm) 1130*770*1340

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Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 1
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Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 2
Img 2
Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 3
Img 3
Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 4
Img 4
Integral environmental-protection cooker,home appliance,kitchen appliance 5
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