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LTN097XL02 9.7" Apple Led panel 1024(RGB)×768 30pin 1
  • LTN097XL02 9.7" Apple Led panel 1024(RGB)×768 30pin 1

LTN097XL02 9.7" Apple Led panel 1024(RGB)×768 30pin

Origin:Made In China
Category:Computers & AV Digital / Digital Products / Digital Accessories
Label:LTN097XL02 , LP097X02 , 9.7" lcd panel
Price: US $50 / pc
Min. Order:20 pc
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Shengrui Hongkong Technology Co., Ltd.

Free MemberGuang Dong - China
Live Chat:点击这里给我发消息Last Online:31 Mar, 2015

Product Description

We supply all kinds of lcd panels from 3'' to 65'',

 1).size:3'',3.5'',7'',8'',8.9'',10'',10.1'',10.2'',11.1''......          15.6'',16'',16.4'',17'',17.1'',18.4''......65''......
 2).Resolutions:WSVGA, WXGA, WXGA HD, XGA, WXGA+,WXGA++, UXGA, WUXGA......
 3)Backlight technologies: LED, 1 CCFL, 2 CCFL 

MSN shengrui06 at hotmail dot com
skype aimee_luo

The following LCD panel are our main product,if you have any demand on these model ,pls feel free to contact us for more discussion. 

AUO 7" HV070WSA-100  
LG 9.7" LP097X02 1024(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 9.7" LTN097XL02 1024(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 8.9" B089AW01 V.3 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
AUO 8.9" B089AW01 V.1 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
AUO 8.9" B089AW01 V.0 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
LG 8.9" LP089WS1 TLA1 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
LG 8.9" LP089WS1 TLA2 1024(RGB)×600 Matte
AUO 8.9" A089SW01 1024(RGB)×600 Matte
Chimei 8.9" N089L6-L01 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
Chimei 8.9" N089L6-L02 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
HannStar 8.9" HSD089IFW1 A00 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
HannStar 8.9" N089A1-L01 1280(RGB)×768 Glossy
BOE 8.9" HT089WX1-100 1280(RGB)×768 Glossy
HannStar 10" HSD100IFW1 A04 1024(RGB)×600 matte
HannStar 10" HSD100IFW1 A00 1024(RGB)×600 matte
HannStar 10" HSD100IFW4 A00 1024(RGB)×600 matte
HannStar 10" HSD100IFW1 F01 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
LG 10.1" LP101WSA-TLA1 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
LG 10.1" LP101WSA-TLN1 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
Samsung 10.1" LTN101NT02-B01 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy&matte
Samsung 10.1" LTN101NT06 1024(RGB)×600 matte
CMO 10.1" N101L6-L02 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
CMO 10.1" N101L6-L01 1024(RGB)×600 matte
CMO 10.1" N101LGE-L02 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
CMO 10.1" N101L6-LOB 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
CMO 10.1" N101L6-L0A 1024(RGB)×600 matte
HannStar 10.1“ HSD101PHW2 1024(RGB)×600 matte
CPT 10.1“ CLAA101NB01 1024(RGB)×600 matte
AUO 10.1“ B101AW03 V.0 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
AUO 10.1“ B101AW03 V.1 1024(RGB)×600 matte
LG 10.1“ LP101WS1-TLA1 1024(RGB)×576 Glossy
CMO 10.1“ N101N6-L01 1024(RGB)×576 Glossy
AUO 10.1“ B101AW01 V.0 1024(RGB)×576 Glossy
HannStar 10.1“ HSD101PFW1 1024(RGB)×576 Glossy
LG 10.1" LP101WSB-TLN1 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
AUO 10.1" B101AW02 V.0 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
AUO 10.1" B101AW06 V.1 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
CMO 10.1" N101L6-L0D 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
CMO 10.1" N101LGE-L21 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
Chimei 10.1" N101LGE-L41 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
Samsung 10.1" LTN101NT05 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
CPT 10.1" CLAA101NB03A 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
HannStar 10.1" HSD101PHW3 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
LG 10.1" LP101WH1 TLA1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 10.1" LP101WH1 TLB5 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 10.1" LP101WH1 TLP1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CPT 10.1" CLAA101WA01A 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 10.1" LTN101AT03 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 10.1" N101BGE-L21 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 10.1" LP101WH1 TLB1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 10.1" LP101WH1 TLA3 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 10.1" B101EW02 V.0 1280(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 10.1" B101EW05 V.1 1280(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 10.1" B101EW02 1280(RGB)×720 Glossy
AUO 10.1 B101EW05 V.0 1280(RGB)*800 Glossy
SHARP 10.1 LP101WX1 SLA1 1280(RGB)*800 Glossy
CPT 10.2" CLAA102NAOACW 1024(RGB)×600 matte
CPT 10.2" CLAA102NAOACG 1024(RGB)×600 matte
CPT 10.2" CLAA102NA1BCN 1024(RGB)×600 Glossy
SHARP 10.6" LQ106K1LA01B 1280(RGB)×768 Glossy
SHARP 10.6" LQ106K1LA01D 1280(RGB)×768 Glossy
SHARP 10.6" LQ106K1LA02 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
SHARP 10.6" LQ106K1LA03 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Toshiba 11.1" LTD111EXCZ 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Toshiba 11.1" LTD111EXCY 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Toshiba 11.1" LTD111EXCX 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Toshiba 11.1" LTD111EXCA 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Toshiba 11.1" LTD111EXCK 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Toshiba 11.1" LTD111EWAX 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Toshiba 11.1" LTD111EWAS 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 11.1" LP116WH4-TJA3  
  11.1" LTH116AT01 A04  
LG 11.6" LP116WH1 TLN1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 11.6" LP116WH1 TLA1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 11.6" LP116WH1 TLB1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 11.6" B116XW02 V.0 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 11.6" B116XW02 V.1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 11.6" LTN116AT01  1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 11.6" N116B6-L02 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CPT 11.6" CLAA116WA01A 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 11.6" LP116WH2 TLN1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 11.6" LP116WH2 TLA1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 11.6" LP116WH2 TLC1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 11.6" LP116WH2 TLB1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 11.6" B116XW01 V.1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 11.6" B116XW01 V.0 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 11.6" B116XW03 V.1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 11.6" N116B6-L04 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 11.6" N116BGE-L41 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 11.6" LTN116AT02 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 11.6" LTN116AT04 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CPT 11.6" CLAA116WA03A 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 12.1" LP121WX3 TLA1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 12.1" LP121WX3 TLC1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
CMO 12.1" N121IB-L06 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 12.1" B121EW09 V.2 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 12.1" LTN121AT06 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
CMO 12.1" N121IB-L05 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 12.1" B121EW09 V.3 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Toshiba 12.1" LTD121EXSS 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Toshiba 12.1" LTD121EXSF 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Toshiba 12.1" LTD121EX9D 1280(RGB)×768 Glossy
Toshiba 12.1" LTD121EX1R 1280(RGB)×768 Glossy
Toshiba 12.1" LTD121EXFA 1280(RGB)×768 Glossy
Toshiba 12.1" LTD121EX1S 1280(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 12.1" B121EW01 V.0 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 12.1" B121EW01 V.1 1280(RGB)×800 matte
AUO 12.1" B121EW02 V.0 1280(RGB)×800 matte
AUO 12.1" B121EW03 V.1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 12.1" LTN121W1-L03 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 12.1" LTN121W1-L01 1280(RGB)×800 matte
CMO 12.1" N121I3-L01 1280(RGB)×800 matte
Samsung 12.1" LTN121XJ-L07 1024(RGB)×768 matte
CMO 12.1" N121X5-L04 1024(RGB)×768 matte
CMO 12.1" N121X5-L03 1024(RGB)×768 matte
Samsung 12.1" LTN121XJ-L02 1024(RGB)×768 matte
AUO 12.1" B121EW07 V0 1024(RGB)×800 glossy
Samsung 12.1" LTN121W3-L01 1024(RGB)×800 glossy
Chimei 12.1" N121I6-L01/L02 1024(RGB)×800 glossy
Toshiba 12.1" LTD121EW7V 1024(RGB)×800 glossy
LG 12.5" LP125WH2 TLB1 1366(RGB)×768 matte
LG 12.5" LP125WH2 SLB1 1366(RGB)×768 matte
AUO 12.5" B125XW01 V.0 1366(RGB)×768 matte
Samsung 12.5" LTN125AT01  1366(RGB)×768 matte
AUO 13.1" B131EW01 V.1 1280(RGB)×768 Glossy
  13.1" QD13WL01 1280(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WX1 TLA1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WX1 TLC1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WX1 TLN1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133EW01 V.1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 13.3" LTN133W1-L01 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 13.3" LTN133AT07 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 13.3" LTN133AT08 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
CMO 13.3" N133I1-L01 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
CMO 13.3" N133I7-L01 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WX1 TLB1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WX1 TLN2 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133EW01 V.4 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133EW01 V.7 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 13.3" LTN133AT01 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133EW03 V.0 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133EW03 V.1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133EW03 V.2 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133EW03 V.3 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WX3 TLA1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WX3 TLA4 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133EW04 V.1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 13.3" LTN133AT09 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133EW07 V.0 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
CMO 13.3" N133I6-L01 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH1 TLA1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH1 TLA2 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133XW02 V.0 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133XW04 V.1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 13.3" LTN133AT17 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 13.3" N133B6-L02 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 13.3" N133B6-L01 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 13.3" N133BGE-L21 REV:C1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLA1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLA2 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLL2 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLL3 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLB1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLM2 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLM3 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLN4 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133XW01 V.1 1366(RGB)×768 matte
AUO 13.3" B133XW01 V.0 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133XW03 V.4 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 13.3" N133BGE-L41 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 13.3" N133BGE-L11 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 13.3" N133BGE-L31 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLL1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLC1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLB2 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLM1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLA3 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WH2 TLA4 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133XW01 V.3 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133XW01 V.2 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 13.3" LTN133AT18  1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WP1-TPA1 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WX3-TLAA 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WX3-TLA5 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WP1-TPB1 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WP1-TJA1 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WX3-TLA6 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WX2 TLA1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133EW05 V.0 F/W :OA 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Toshiba 13.3" LTD133EV3D 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 13.3" LP133WX2 TLE1  1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 13.3" B133EW06 V.0 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 13.3" LTN133AT15 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Toshiba 13.1" LTD131EQ2X 1600(RGB)×900 Glossy
Toshiba 13.1" LTD131EWSX 1366(RGB)×768 matte
Toshiba 13.1" LT131EE11000 1920(RGB)×1080 matte
Toshiba 13.1" LT131EE12000 1600(RGB)×900 Glossy
Toshiba 13.3" LTD133EXBX 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
13.3" LTD133EXBY 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
13.3" LTD133EWHK 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Toshiba 13.3" LTN133AT05 -S02 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
13.3" LTD133EWZX 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Toshiba 13.3" LTD133EQ1B 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 14.0" LP140WH1 TLA1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 14.0" LP140WH1 TLA2 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 14.0" LP140WH1 TLE3 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 14.0" LP140WH4 TLA1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 14.0" LTN140AT02  1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 14.0" LTN140AT05 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 14.0" LTN140AT07 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 14.0" LTN140AT16 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 14.0" B140XW01 V.0 / V.4 / V.5 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 14.0" B140XW01 V.6 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
HannStar 14.0" HSD140PHW1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 14.0" N140B6-L02 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 14.0" LP140WH2 TLA1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 14.0" LP140WH2 TLQ1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 14.0" LP140WH2 TLL1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 14.0" LP140WH2 TLM1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 14.0" LP140WH2 TLQ2 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 14.0" LTN140AT11 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 14.0" LTN140AT06 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 14.0" N140BGE-L31 REV:A2 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 14.0" N140BGE-L41 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 14.0" N140B6-L06 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 14.0" N140BGE-L24 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 14.0" B140XW03 V.0 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 14.0" B140XW02 V.1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 14.5" LP145WH1 TLA1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 14.5" LTN145AT01  1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 14.1" LP141WX3 TLN4  1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 14.1" LP141WX3-TLA1  1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 14.1" LP141WX1-TLE6 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 14.1" LP141WX1 TLN4 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 14.1" B141EW01  1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 14.1" LTN141W3-L01 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 14.1" LTN141W1-L04 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 14.1" LP141WX1 TLA1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 14.1" B141EW04  1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 14.1" LP141WP2 TLA1 1400(RGB)×900 Glossy
AUO 14.1" B141PW04 V.0 1400(RGB)×900 Glossy
Samsung 14.1" LTN141BT06 1400(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 14.1" LP141WP2 TLB1 1400(RGB)×900 Glossy
AUO 14.1" B141PW04 V.1 1400(RGB)×900 Glossy
Samsung 14.1" LTN141BT04 1400(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 14.1" LP141WX5 TPB1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 14.1" LTN141AT15 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 14.1" B141EW05 V.4 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 15" LP150X08 TLA1 1024(RGB)×768 matte
Samsung 15" LTN150XB-L02 1024(RGB)×768 matte
AUO 15" B150XG01 1024(RGB)×768 matte
AUO 15" B150XG05 1024(RGB)×768 matte
LG 15.4" LP154WX4 TLA1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 15.4" LP154W01  1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 15.4" LP154WX3 TLA1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 15.4" B154EW05 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 15.4" B154EW08 V.1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 15.4" B154EW02 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 15.4" LTN154X3-L09 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 15.4" LTN154AT07 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
CMO 15.4" N154I3-L02 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
CMO 15.4" N154I2-L03 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 15.4" LP154WP1-TLA1 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
AUO 15.4" B154PW01 V.1 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
Samsung 15.4" LTN154P1-L04 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
CMO 15.4" N154C1-L02 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 15.4" LP154WU1 1920(RGB)×1200 Glossy
Samsung 15.4" LTN154U1-L03 1920(RGB)×1200 Glossy
Samsung 15.4" LTN154U1-L05 1920(RGB)×1200 Glossy
LG 15.4" LP154WX7 TLA1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
15.4" LP154WX7 TLP1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
CMO 15.4" N154I6-L02 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 15.4" LTN154AT12 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
AUO 15.4" B154EW09 V.2 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 15.4" LP154WX7 TLB1 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 15.4“ LP154WX7 TLP2 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
Samsung 15.4“ LTN154AT14 1280(RGB)×800 Glossy
LG 15.4" LP154WP2 TLA1 1280(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 15.4" LP154WP2 TLA3 1280(RGB)×900 Glossy
AUO 15.4" B154PW04 V.4 1280(RGB)×900 Glossy
AUO 15.4" B154PW04 V.6 1280(RGB)×900 Glossy
Samsung 15.4" LTN154BT02 1280(RGB)×900 Glossy
CMO 15.4" N154C6-L02 1280(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 15.4“ LP154WP3 TLA1 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 15.4" LP154WP4 TLA1 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
Samsung 15.6" LTN156AT18 1366(RGB)×768  Glossy
Samsung 15.6" LTN156AT19 1366(RGB)×768  Glossy
Chimei 15.6" N156BGE-L52 1366(RGB)×768  Glossy
Chimei 15.6" N156BGE-L51 1366(RGB)×768  Glossy
Chimei 15.6" N156BGE-L62 1366(RGB)×768  Glossy
LG 15.6" LP156WH3 TLQ1 1366(RGB)×768  Glossy
LG 15.6" LP156WH1 TLA1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 15.6" LP156WH1 TLC6 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 15.6" LP156WH1 TLC1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 15.6" B156XW01 V.1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 15.6" LTN156AT01 W01 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 15.6" N156B3-L02 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 15.6" N156B3-LOB 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 15.6" N156B3-L01 1366(RGB)×768 matte
CPT 15.6” CLAA156WA01A 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 15.6" LP156WH2 TLA1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 15.6" LP156WH2 TLQ2 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 15.6" LP156WH2 TLQ1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 15.6" LP156WH2 TLF2 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 15.6" B156XW02 V.2 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy 3D
AUO 15.6" B156XW02 V.6 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 15.6" LP156WH4 TLA1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 15.6" LP156WH4 TLQ1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 15.6" LTN156AT02  1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 15.6" LTN156AT05 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 15.6" LTN156AT15 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 15.6" LTN156AT17 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 15.6" N156L6-L02 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 15.6" N156L6-L04 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 15.6" N156BGE-L21 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CPT 15.6" CLAA156WB11A 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CPT 15.6" CLAA156WA11A 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 15.6" LTN156AT03  1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 15.6" LP156WH2 TLC1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 15.6" LP156WH2 TLC2 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 15.6“ LP156WH3 TLA1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 15.6“ B156WX04 V.0 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
AUO 15.6“ B156XW03 V.1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
CMO 15.6“ N156B6-L0D 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 16.0" LTN160AT06 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
HannStar 16.0" HSD160PHW1 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 16.0" LTN160AT01 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
Samsung 16.0" LTN160AT02 1366(RGB)×768 Glossy
LG 16.4” LP164WD1 TLA1 1600(RGB)×900 Glossy
AUO 16.4” B164RW01 V.1 1600(RGB)×900 Glossy
SHARP 16.4” LQ164D1LD4A 1600(RGB)×900 Glossy
SHARP 16.4" LQ164M1LA4A 1920(RGB)×1080 Glossy
Chimei 17.0" N170C3-L02 1600(RGB)*900 Glossy
LG 17" LP170WP4 TLA1 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 17" LP170WP4 TLN2 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 17" LP170WX2 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
AUO 17" B170PW06 V.1 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
CMO 17" N170C2-L02 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
Samsung 17" LTN170X2-L02 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
AUO 17" B170PW01 V.1 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 17.1" LP171WP7 TLA1 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
AUO 17.1" B170PW04 V.1 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
AUO 17.1" B170PW07  1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 17.1" LP171WE2-TLA1 1680(RGB)×1050 Glossy
Samsung 17.1" LTN170P2-L02 1680(RGB)×1050 Glossy
LG 17.1" LP171WU1 TLA1 1920(RGB)×1200 Glossy
Samsung 17.1" LTN170WU1 1920(RGB)×1200 Glossy
Samsung 17.1" LTN170CT01 1920(RGB)×1200 Glossy
LG 17.1" LP171WU5 TLA1 1920(RGB)×1200 Glossy
Samsung 17.1" LTN170CT08 1920(RGB)×1200 Glossy
LG 17.1" LP171WU6 TLA1 1920(RGB)×1200 Glossy
LG 17.1" LP171WP7-TLB1 1440(RGB)×900 Glossy
LG 17.3" LP173WD1 TLA1 1600(RGB)×900 Glossy
CMO 17.3" N173O6-L02 1600(RGB)×900 Glossy
AUO 17.3" B173RW01 1600(RGB)×900 Glossy
Samsung 17.3" LTN173KT01 1600(RGB)×900 Glossy
Samsung 18.4" LTN184KT01 1680(RGB)×945 Glossy
CMO 18.4" N184H3-L02 1680(RGB)×945 Glossy
Samsung 18.4" LTN184KT02 1680(RGB)×945 Glossy
Samsung 18.4" LTN184HT01 1920(RGB)×1080 Glossy
Samsung 18.4" LTN184HT03 1920(RGB)×1080 Glossy
CMO 18.4" N184H4-L02 1920(RGB)×1080 Glossy

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LTN097XL02 9.7" Apple Led panel 1024(RGB)×768 30pin 1
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