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This service is exclusive for Biz Member

"Hot Product Promotion"
is your best choice to promote product!

Hot Product Promotion is a priority listing service exclusive for member of DIYTrade. Product with Hot Product Promotion service has priority right to list on search results and showcase on "Hot Product" section. This service can attract buyer's first attention to your product and assist you to generate more valuable sales leads.

Display and Ranking Rules of Search Result:

  • Product with Hot Product Promotion service has priority listing right on search results.
  • More quantity of Hot Product Promotion service a product has, higher the ranking position it will be.

    * The number shown on the right-bottom corner of the picture 1 indicates the quantity of Hot Product Promotion service has applied to a product.
    * Ranking will be based on member's sign-in time if the number is the same.

Four Great Advantages of Hot Product Promotion:

  • Generate more sales leads

    Your product will priorly be shown on the search results to attract buyer's first attention, it enables you to generate more sales leads.

  • You decide your product listing position

    The more quantity of Hot Product Promotion a product has, the higher the ranking it will be. You can decide the listing position of your product.

  • Match your sales strategy

    To work more effectively with your promotion campaign, you can add or switch star unit to or between the promoted products anytime you want.

  • Fast update by Google

    Once your product with Hot Product Promotion service is updated, system will priorly notify Google about the change.

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