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standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 1standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 2standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 3standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 4standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 5
  • standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 1
  • standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 2
  • standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 3
  • standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 4
  • standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 5

standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff SO4 BSO4

Origin:Made In China
Category:Industrial Supplies / Machine Hardware / Fastener & Fitting
Label:standoff , thru standoff , stainless standoff
Price: US $0.038 / pc
Min. Order:3000 pc
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Company Information



Guang Dong - China
Business Nature:
David Yan (manager)
Last Online:
20 Apr, 2015
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Product Description

standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4

Which use the proven self-cliching design,install with a squeeze in punched or drilled round holes and become permanently mounted in the thin sheet;Available with blind or thru threads
for stacking or spacing enclosures ,circuit boards,and components.also available unthreaded.Thread sizes #4 to #10''and M3 to M5.

SO4-440-4 SO4-632-4 SO4-832-4 SO4-M3-3 SO4-M4-3
SO4-440-6 SO4-632-6 SO4-832-6 SO4-M3-4 SO4-M4-4
SO4-440-8 SO4-632-8 SO4-832-8 SO4-M3-6 SO4-M4-6
SO4-440-10 SO4-632-10 SO4-832-10 SO4-M3-8 SO4-M4-8
SO4-440-12 SO4-632-12 SO4-832-12 SO4-M3-10 SO4-M4-10
SO4-440-14 SO4-632-14 SO4-832-14 SO4-M3-12 SO4-M4-12
SO4-440-16 SO4-632-16 SO4-832-16 SO4-M3-14 SO4-M4-14
SO4-440-18 SO4-632-18 SO4-832-18 SO4-M3-16 SO4-M4-16
SO4-440-20 SO4-632-20 SO4-832-20 SO4-M3-18 SO4-M4-18
SO4-440-22 SO4-632-22 SO4-832-22 SO4-3.5M3-3 SO4-M4-20
SO4-440-24 SO4-632-24 SO4-832-24 SO4-3.5M3-4 SO4-M4-22
SO4-6440-4 SO4-632-26 SO4-832-26 SO4-3.5M3-6 SO4-M4-25
SO4-6440-6 SO4-632-28 SO4-832-28 SO4-3.5M3-8 SO4-M5-3
SO4-6440-8 SO4-632-30 SO4-832-30 SO4-3.5M3-10 SO4-M5-4
SO4-6440-10 SO4-632-32 SO4-832-32 SO4-3.5M3-12 SO4-M5-6
SO4-6440-12 SO4-632-34 SO4-832-34 SO4-3.5M3-14 SO4-M5-8
SO4-6440-14 SO4-8632-4 SO4-032-4 SO4-3.5M3-16 SO4-M5-10
SO4-6440-16 SO4-8632-6 SO4-032-6 SO4-3.5M3-18 SO4-M5-12
SO4-6440-18 SO4-8632-8 SO4-032-8 SO4-M3.5-3 SO4-M5-14
SO4-6440-20 SO4-8632-10 SO4-032-10 SO4-M3.5-4 SO4-M5-16
SO4-6440-22 SO4-8632-12 SO4-032-12 SO4-M3.5-6 SO4-M5-18
SO4-6440-24 SO4-8632-14 SO4-032-14 SO4-M3.5-8 SO4-M5-20
  SO4-8632-16 SO4-032-16 SO4-M3.5-10 SO4-M5-22
  SO4-8632-18 SO4-032-18 SO4-M3.5-12 SO4-M5-25
  SO4-8632-20 SO4-032-20 SO4-M3.5-14  
  SO4-8632-22 SO4-032-22 SO4-M3.5-16  
  SO4-8632-24 SO4-032-24 SO4-M3.5-18  
  SO4-8632-26 SO4-032-26 SO4-M3.5-20  
  SO4-8632-28 SO4-032-28 SO4-M3.5-22  
  SO4-8632-30 SO4-032-30 SO4-M3.5-25  
  SO4-8632-32 SO4-032-32    
BSO4-440-4 BSO4-632-4 BSO4-832-4 BSO4-M3-3 BSO4-M4-3
BSO4-440-6 BSO4-632-6 BSO4-832-6 BSO4-M3-4 BSO4-M4-4
BSO4-440-8 BSO4-632-8 BSO4-832-8 BSO4-M3-6 BSO4-M4-6
BSO4-440-10 BSO4-632-10 BSO4-832-10 BSO4-M3-8 BSO4-M4-8
BSO4-440-12 BSO4-632-12 BSO4-832-12 BSO4-M3-10 BSO4-M4-10
BSO4-440-14 BSO4-632-14 BSO4-832-14 BSO4-M3-12 BSO4-M4-12
BSO4-440-16 BSO4-632-16 BSO4-832-16 BSO4-M3-14 BSO4-M4-14
BSO4-440-18 BSO4-632-18 BSO4-832-18 BSO4-M3-16 BSO4-M4-16
BSO4-440-20 BSO4-632-20 BSO4-832-20 BSO4-M3-18 BSO4-M4-18
BSO4-440-22 BSO4-632-22 BSO4-832-22 BSO4-3.5M3-3 BSO4-M4-20
BSO4-440-24 BSO4-632-24 BSO4-832-24 BSO4-3.5M3-4 BSO4-M4-22
BSO4-6440-4 BSO4-632-26 BSO4-832-26 BSO4-3.5M3-6 BSO4-M4-25
BSO4-6440-6 BSO4-632-28 BSO4-832-28 BSO4-3.5M3-8 BSO4-M5-3
BSO4-6440-8 BSO4-632-30 BSO4-832-30 BSO4-3.5M3-10 BSO4-M5-4
BSO4-6440-10 BSO4-632-32 BSO4-832-32 BSO4-3.5M3-12 BSO4-M5-6
BSO4-6440-12 BSO4-632-34 BSO4-832-34 BSO4-3.5M3-14 BSO4-M5-8
BSO4-6440-14 BSO4-8632-4 BSO4-032-4 BSO4-3.5M3-16 BSO4-M5-10
BSO4-6440-16 BSO4-8632-6 BSO4-032-6 BSO4-3.5M3-18 BSO4-M5-12
BSO4-6440-18 BSO4-8632-8 BSO4-032-8 BSO4-M3.5-3 BSO4-M5-14
BSO4-6440-20 BSO4-8632-10 BSO4-032-10 BSO4-M3.5-4 BSO4-M5-16
BSO4-6440-22 BSO4-8632-12 BSO4-032-12 BSO4-M3.5-6 BSO4-M5-18
BSO4-6440-24 BSO4-8632-14 BSO4-032-14 BSO4-M3.5-8 BSO4-M5-20
  BSO4-8632-16 BSO4-032-16 BSO4-M3.5-10 BSO4-M5-22
  BSO4-8632-18 BSO4-032-18 BSO4-M3.5-12 BSO4-M5-25
  BSO4-8632-20 BSO4-032-20 BSO4-M3.5-14  
  BSO4-8632-22 BSO4-032-22 BSO4-M3.5-16  
  BSO4-8632-24 BSO4-032-24 BSO4-M3.5-18  
  BSO4-8632-26 BSO4-032-26 BSO4-M3.5-20  
  BSO4-8632-28 BSO4-032-28 BSO4-M3.5-22  
  BSO4-8632-30 BSO4-032-30 BSO4-M3.5-25  
  BSO4-8632-32 BSO4-032-32    

Contact Us:

Cell phone: 86-13480147669 David Yan (General Manager) Telephone:86-0755-29840511 Fax: 86-0755-29840327 E-mail:market2@fotsbon.com URL:www.fotsbon.com msn:fotsbon@live.cn

Payment Terms:Cash

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standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 1
Img 1
standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 2
Img 2
standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 3
Img 3
standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 4
Img 4
standoff,stainless standoff,steel standoff  SO4  BSO4 5
Img 5

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Back of the mountain Industria Park,Niudipu Street,Longhua Town,Bao'an District,Shenzhen,china.

David Yan (manager)

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