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4620II Satellite Receiver  1
  • 4620II Satellite Receiver  1

4620II Satellite Receiver

Category:Electronics & Electricity / Telecommunication & Broadcasting / Radio TV Equipment
Label:STRONG 4620 II , satellite receiver , STRONG4620II
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Min. Order:1000 pc
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Company Information



Guang Dong - China
Business Nature:
0086 131 64789880
Mr.James Long (CEO)
Last Online:
23 Oct, 2014
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Product Description

This satellite receiver is designed for the reception of free-to-air channels.Depending on your location,enjoy the rich choice of up to 5,000 channels broadcasting a large range of programs:culture ,sports,cinema,news,events,etc.This receiver is assembled with highly qualified electronic parts.

Volume (mm): Weight (KG) Pcs in one container
Single machine: 310*280*90 Single machine: 1.248 20GP: 317CTNS/1902PCS

With color box: 260*240*50 with color box: 1.648 40GP:726CTNS/4356PCS

Carton: 460*350*555 All in a carton: 10.88 All in a carton:831CTNS/4986PCS

Main Features
1) MPEG-II digital & fully DVB compliant
2) On-Screen Display (OSD) with a 256-colors resolution
3) DISEqc control version 1.0,1.1,1.2 and USALS compatible
4) 8 renameable favorite channels groups
5) Poweful channel control by Favorites,Lock,Skip,Move and Delete
6) Channel sorting by Alphabet,Transponder and Conditionl Access System (CAS)
7) MultilinguallanguageOSD&menu:English,Italian,Turkish, Arabic,Parsi,German,French,Russian,Spanish,Portuauese
8) Extended Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and program reservation through EPG
9) Teletext by OSD/VBI (Vertical Blanking Inerval)
10) Last channel memory function
11) Total of 5,000 programmable channels
12) Advanced Channel List menu
13) Multi-satellite search
14) Games with stereo sound
15) Software & channels database via RS-232C:PC to STB/STB TO STB
16) Parental Lock/ Installation Lock /Receiver Lock / Lock Channel Confirm
17) Digital audio output (S/PDIF)
18) Multi-picture display
19) Zoom capabilities




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4620II Satellite Receiver  1
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Number 286-2,Sili Road,Dabuxiang Zone,GuangLan St.,BaoAn Dist.,Shenzhen,Guangdong,ChinaEmail:JamesLong1234@gmail.com

Mr.James Long (CEO)
0086 131 64789880

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